If you knit, crochet, or spin you have almost certainly dreamed of owning your very own flock of sheep or goats. Unfortunately, living in the City (or even the suburbs) makes it very hard to get in touch with your inner Little Bo Peep. What’s a would-be shepherd to do?

Our Yarn CSA can make your dream a reality! You can purchase a share of our clip and we’ll take care of all the tedious details (like trimming hoofs, feeding during snowstorms and cleaning all the poopy hay out of the barn.)

Here’s How it Works:

When you purchase a share in our CSA you are investing our “yarn harvest”. You’ll receive an shareholders certificate, discounts on items in the shop, regular blog updates on what’s going on around the farm, and an invitation to our Shearing Day Celebration. (And if you get the urge to shovel poopy hay while you’re here, we’ll lend you a shovel.)

After shearing, we’ll let our friends at the mill work their magic and in several months you’ll receive your share of the harvest. The number of skeins, yardage, etc., will depend on the size of the clip but we do limit the number of shareholders so that everyone gets a bountiful supply.

We’ve priced our Spring CSA at $175 per share.  We offer Double Shares as well. If you’re a spinner, you can purchase a  “spinner’s share” in the form of roving.  The Spring shares are comprised of pure Cormo wool from our sheep.

Our farm practices humane animal husbandry, we are “predator friendly” and none of our animals are ever sold for meat. The sheep and goats graze on organic pasture 9 months out of the year. We supplement with quality hay and a custom-made whole grain ration.

Thanks so much for considering participating in our  Yarn and Fiber CSA. Juniper Moon Farm is the home of the very first Fiber CSA in the country and we’ve built a loyal following. More than 80% of our shareholders re-subscribe every year. You can purchase your share from us with confidence.

Here’s what our shareholders have to say about the Juniper Moon Farm CSA:

JMFF CSA has been awesome for so many reasons, but mostly the joy of feeling like you are really doing something good for the world in which we live…and the friends you make, and the incredible harvest (ie the sheepy goodness of wool).  Having a personal connection to the Shepherds and their world, the sheep and their world… what better gift could there be?
Totally looking forward to my next share.

Cheryl Griset – VA

I would feel like I had gotten my money’s worth, even if no yarn ever arrived.  I have met some of the most wonderful people through the Juniper Moon Fiber Farm.  I am happy to call them my “farm-ily.”
-Kate Burke

I’ve been a proud member of Susan Gibb’s fiber-CSA brainstorm since the first year she offered it. The idea of paying for a share of a wool crop and getting to enjoy the process of raising and adoring the sheep and goats while waiting was such a brilliant idea–how could I resist? (The fact that, at the time, the farm was located in my favorite spot in the world didn’t hurt, either.) There were so many brilliant innovations. Not only are all the shareholders–past and present–welcomed at the farm at any time, but there’s a Shearing Day festival when the sheep get their haircuts. There was the Lambcam, a stroke of brilliance, so that all of us eager farm aficionados could watch the lambing/kidding process as the new babies were born.

And then there’s the finished product–the actual fiber. You can get a Knitter’s Share or, if you’d rather make your own yarn, a Spinner’s Share, and oh, this is lovely stuff. Soft, environmentally friendly, and all the more special because you know the names of the sheep and goats who grew it. You know the effort that went into each skein. Shepherding is not about sitting on an idyllic hillside with a crook as you dreamily watch the sheep–it’s hard, occasionally brutal work and as much as I delight in the process, I’m just as glad to have someone else do it for me. The fact that it’s someone as friendly and hard-working as Susan, Erin, and the rest of the crew just makes it that much more meaningful. Every time I’ve seen them, I’m greeted like an old friend–which is exactly the way it feels. Susan’s CSA isn’t just about yarn, it’s about family.

–Deb Boyken, www.knittingscholar.com

Initially, I signed up as a member of Juniper Farm Fiber Farm as a lark because I’m a knitter and love surprises that come in the mail. I had NO idea how this one action would impact my life.

Watching baby goats and lambs being born. Whoa! That’s not likely to be in my day-to-day routine, but thanks to the internet and LambCam, I was right there. Through the blog and the Ravelry group, I got to know the various animals, their personalities, their problems, and the joy they bring. Stoic, maternal, wonderful Linda getting to become a mother one last time. Silly Arno jumping up on anything that would hold him. Alabama, the surprise lamb that seemed to be born half grown. The chickens that hid under buckets. Lazy Daisy. The irrepresible Dimples..who could resist her. And all the others.

But perhaps even more important, are the people I’ve met because of this. As we sat at our computers waiting for the next babe to come into our world, we got to know each other. Funny, talented Lisa. Talkative Suzy. Lori with her dreams. Deb and her alter ego Chappy. Too many to name but all so important. Much laughter, joking, and quips kept me entertained, as Linda stood there being pregnant for what seemed forever.

It all wasn’t ‘good times’. We grieved for the O girl that just couldn’t make it in this world. We worried when the rains just kept coming. We were so saddened when some were taken so early in their lives. And it wasn’t just the animals. We shared troubles and sadness, and health problems, money problems.  We became family in the truest sense of the word.

And then, I actually got to meet some of the ‘aunties’ including Susie and Erin. My dear friend Suzy. Lori from the west coast and Mary and Cindy just south of me. Jen and Megan in DC. Sweet and incredibly strong Helen. And all are such unique individuals. So many different paths being followed. Some (to me) very young. Some (me) of a certain age. And amazingly, it all fits together. We meld and grow and are inspired by each other. We are there for one another when times get rough and help when we can. We celebrate each other’s joys. We secretly prepare gifts for Susie and Erin. We gather together to buy some hay for ‘our’ animals.

Finally, thanks to Susie’s kind invitation, I even got to meet these animals that I had followed so closely over the months. There was nothing to compare to finally see my beloved Miss Linda. To snuggle with Roquefort and Ernie. To lift the fence for lazy Daisy. To be amazed at the cuteness of Dimples and Feenat and Wills. To feel their soft lips picking up feed nuggets from my hand. To see the dogs Sabine and Cini doing their job as protectors. And to be amazed at the group of people who had traveled from all parts of the country (and Canada) so that they, like me, could rejoice in our friendships built upon the back of this CSA.

All this, and I’ve yet to receive my share. I won’t get it until next year as the shearing for the fall share was just recently completed. And even if, heaven forbid, I never got it, I would feel entirely satisfied. For this CSA has become even more than a chance to get some amazing yarn or incredible spinnig fiber (I got to help prepare the spring share for shipping). It’s become a family, and one I am so honored to be a member.

Thank you Susie and Erin and now Paige, for all of your hard work. And most of all, thanks for letting me come along for the ride.

–Susan Sam, Oklahoma

Shares in our 2014 Yarn and Fiber CSA are now on sale!