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  1. Hello, We are working on a model for our store from the Findley Book. Pattern Name: Three Lace Cardigan. Would you please explain on page 25, under the BODY, you cast on 135 and on the next row you increase 10 stitches to 145 stitches. Since you then switch to the Lace Pattern A, and it is divisible by 10, the lace pattern doesn’t work out. Are we missing something? I would appreciate your prompt reply since we are working towards teaching a class using this pattern. Thank you!

    • Jenny

      September 10, 2011 at 12:30 pm

      Hi BethAnne,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! The Errata has been updated for the Three Lace Sweater- but to answer your question here (and I’ll email you directly as well), there are two changes we’re making to this pattern. One is a note that addresses your exact question: “Note: When working Lace Pattern A, work to the last 5 stitches of the row, then work the first 5 stitches of Lace Pattern A.” The second is that the pattern says you should knit Lace Pattern A, then B, then C. In reality you should knit A, then C, then B. All the numbers are correct, but the letters B and C were reversed.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      Thank you!

  2. Hello, I am trying to interpret the pattern for the Eleventh Hour Cardigan in the Findley book. I have been back to the shop where I purchased the book and yarn and have had their knitting instructor try to work this out with me. She agrees, that there must be a mistake in the pattern. Specifically, if one is to start with the sleeve, cast on 45 stitches, increase 4 stitches to 49 stitches, purl 2, and begin with stitch 15 in the chart, WS, working left to right, we both end up with four stitches at the end of the row, not enough to finish the pattern and end up with two stitches to purl. AND, we also tried increasing the total stitches to 50, begin with stitch 15, etc. but it still ended in the middle of the repeat pattern. AND, where to begin after that row? Please help! Thank you.

  3. I have knit the sleeve and there is no issue with the first row of the lace chart. I have cast on 45 stitches, increased the stitches to 49, did the purl 2, and then began with stitch 15 of the lace chart. The set-up row works stitch 11-2 four times, THEN stitch 1 (WHICH IS PURL 2 STITCHES TOGETHER), then purl 2 sts for border. You need the four stitches to finish the chart as written.

    The only time we encountered an issue was in Row 5:
    In order to balance out the yo on st 12 of the chart we need to borrow a “st 16″ from the border and make it into a k2tog (p2tog since it’s a WS row).
    What we did was:
    Row 5 (WS): p1, p2tog (“st 16″), work chart across (starting on st 15) to last 2 sts, p2
    Row 6 (RS increase row): K2, m1, work chart to 2 from end (ending st 15 of chart, which includes one extra yo that’s not balanced by a decrease), k2.
    Once you’re past that first increase, the “st 16″ stitch is now two sts in from the end and it makes a lot more sense from there on up.

    Now that I’ve started the sleeve I might as well make my own 11th Hour Cardigan…

  4. Cindy Reinertsen

    July 8, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Hi, I was at a store that carries your items in Florida, Four Purls in Winter Haven and I see they are not listed in your Florida section of shops. I love the ideas you are fulfilling on. My neighbor spins and I can’t wait to tell her of your shares. I bought the book for Sabine but cannot find info in the book or on the site here as to the yardage, etc. I would appreciate that information as I consider the patterns. We loved the yarn and may purchase some after considering our “stash”.
    Thank so much, Cindy

  5. Trying it interpret the pattern. Very spare for someone fairly new to charts. On the body, row 8. Do I start on stitch 21 of row 2? Or do I start on stitch 15 and work backwards from row 7 ( eg start 15, start 15, start 21)?

  6. HI, I also am in progress with the Three Lace Cardigan. The yarn is beautiful and I am really enjoying it! I just want to make sure I am making adjustments correctly. I am knitting the second size and the stitch numbers don’t seem to be working out. After lace pattern A, the instructions say to decrease 4sts to 161. 161 isn’t divisible by 3 (lace Pattern (C) I only decreased 3 stitches so the pattern worked. The instruction then say to increase 2 sts but that isn’t divisible by 7 (Lace Pattern B). I only decreased 1. ? Is it me or are the numbers a bit off?
    thank you very much!

  7. I am interested in your Sheep to Sheppard hoody kits. Do you have any?

  8. I just bought the new Marlowe pattern booklet with Marie Grace Smith patterns and yarn to knit Terra. Cowl. I’m not a new knitter. But for some reason I’m having difficulty with the number of stitches in the first two rounds. Am I being dense or is there errata?

  9. Errata information for Pattern Ida Mae:
    C2, #5 Walnut, should be #4 for Walnut, #5 is Ghost Fern a dramatically different shade.

    I purchased 2 skeins of #5 according to the pattern, wound them and then discovered that the colour number was wrong and had to buy 2 more skeins in the correct colour. At this price point It is a costly error that the colour is wrong.

    The metric needle size is also wrong, 6US is 4mm not 6mm.

    Sandra Dunkin

  10. Is there correction on El Seyf multi wrap cardigan? On raglan section. I have the 341 st then is shows increases for row 5and 6 done 4 time . Then the count is 50 st less then what I have right now should I be decreasing instead ?
    Please help

  11. Evening! I’m working on the Amari shawl and the lace edgings are not working out as per pattern and/or picture. Should it look like Old Shale/feather and fan? Or offset? The center point doesn’t look anything at all like the images, either. Is there any clarification on this?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Candace. We done have any known errant for this pattern and it has been knit many many times, so if there was an error, we almost surely would have heard about it by now. (It’s a three year old pattern.) The designer who wrote that pattern is on Ravelry and you can get in touch with her there if your having problems. Marie Grace Smith.

  12. I am knitting the merrick hooded cardigan. For the body in ‘shape raglan’ it says to repeat from * once more, yet there is no *
    Also for the sleeves it says to start with WS yet when you finish the cuff you are knitting not purling. Should I start row one RS? Then in ‘shape raglan’ it only decreases on one side.
    I haven’t read the rest yet but I hope that is all that I don’t understand!

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