We are living in uncertain times. The economy isn’t in great shape. The evening news is full of chaos and instability. The world that we have known suddenly feels unfamiliar and unpredictable. No one likes change, and it seems that change is the only constant right now.

But we can tell you one thing to a dead certainty: we are going to be just fine. How do we know that? Because we can make things.

Things like food. And clothing. And maybe even shelter. We can cook and garden and knit and sew and build. We can read recipes and patterns and plans.

We can turn nothing into something.

In our hands, raw materials become finished products. Yarn and fabric become clothing. A tiny seed becomes a vine. Wood becomes furniture. Ground grain becomes a Lady Baltimore cake.

It’s a kind of magic, really.

We created By Hand for people who make. This magazine is a love letter to sock knitters and chicken stock makers. Tomato growers and home brewers. How you inspire us!

–Susan Gibbs & Jeanine Bloch, Editors

Issue 1: Fall/Winter 2012

Issue 2: Spring/Summer 2013

BY HAND Magazine (Video)