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This Evening in Pictures















Happy Birthday, Gitty!

I was in New Jersey last week at a lovely yarn shop called Chelsea Yarns. While I was there, I met a very special little girl named Gitty.

Gitty is six and one of her favorite things to do is look at pictures of the Juniper Moon Flock on this blog and today is her birthday. I rounded up some of the animals to wish her a very happy birthday!The Ducks






Piper and Basil




Gitty, we all hope your year is filled with laughter, magic and wonder.

The Afternoon in Pictures

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon that with the animals you love?

Nope. There is not.

Sabine & Neve

 Charley Pig

Churchill & Charley

Churchill & Charley



Roquefort & Neve



Basil & Neve




Yard Birds!


Behind the Scenes at the Spring Summer 2013 Photo Shoot

Lauria here again with a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot we just wrapped up this weekend. I’m at my boarding gate for my flight back home. Unfortunately the internet at the farm is still down so I couldn’t share these with you earlier. We’ve all been working very hard to shoot as many of the Spring 2013 garments as possible.

Thursday Shirra and I came down early and spent the day with Susan sewing on buttons, styling garments, and (my favorite) working on spreadsheets!

Friday we shot 16 garments! Our goal was 13 and we worked very fast and even after shooting all 16, we had sunlight to spare, but not any energy! In between garments, we got to chat with friends that came to help and admired a brand new baby.


I spent the entire day in full makeup and alternately in gorgeous outfits and in Susan’s sweats (I took only photoshoot-ready clothes to save room in my luggage). I alternated between readying hair and makeup, setting up locations and props, being on detail patrol for the shoot, modeling, and holding the reflector. And I was one of many alternating!


Poor Emily warmed herself by the fire between shots. It was nippy, but nothing compared to Boston weather, or even last year’s cold!

Lucy (Gnocci’s mom) always wanted to be a part of the show – until the exact moment in which we wanted her to! Then she’d get up and wander off!

Cris took tons of behind the scenes photos herself, as well as some fantastic shots that will end up in the books! (Here she’s modeling her Beaded Cowl, which was designed in Willa and beaded and buttoned from many of the “Aunties” in the JMF Ravelry Group!)


This was an AMAZING weekend and I’m so proud to have been part of it, but it couldn’t have been done without the good friends that came and joined us and worked their butts off! I might just have been a bossy-pants in order to ensure that we would complete the shoot on time (which we did!), but the ladies that followed my lead were sweet, caring, quick and considerate every minute of the long several days. Thank you Amy, Muffin, Cris, Shirra, Tanya, Erin, Maddie, Emily, Erin, Lisa, and of course, Susie. We also couldn’t have done it without Amy’s husband Paul! He was a rockstar and got to be in the books too. And when Susie’s Aunt Ann pitched in, too, we were an unstoppable force!

All these photos are from Susan and we have plenty more to show you! I expect that you’ll get another behind the scenes look with more photos when Susan has some time. Right now she has to get those photos edited so we can get the book to the printer! (Which means that I have to finish up the proofing the patterns project!)

a blog post about someone else’s blog posts

I had planned today’s post for this blog as well as one for the BY HAND blog, but then I went to doctor’s office and got my first round of injections for the myriad of autoimmune diseases I’ve been carting around, and the rest of the day kind of fell apart. Right now, I feel like I fell out of the nausea tree and hit every branch on my way down.

While I sip on flat ginger ale and wish for death, y’all should head over to my friend Joel’s blog. He just got back from a photography trip to Africa. Joel’s photos are amazing when he’s just hanging out in his backyard, so you know he’s going to have amazing stuff from Africa.

Be sure to keep checking back in on his blog, ’cause he is adding new pictures from his trip every day.


Homesick, in Pictures

I don’t think I’ve ever been away from the farm for this long, and, even though I know it’s a necessary evil, I am quite lonesome for my animals, my barn, and my own bed.

I am feeling pretty terrible today. It’s almost as if my immune system got the memo that I’m starting treatment next week and is trying to kill me before then. Mostly I’m just weak and tired, but looking at these old pictures of the farm made me feel a little better. It’s amazing how healing lambs can be.

One last Stella post

Can you stand one more All Stella post? She is just the loveliest, sweetest thing we’ve ever seen and we can’t seem to get enough of her around her! Even the other animals have fallen under her spell.

We’ll get back to regular programming tomorrow, I promise!

Forgotten Photos

I was looking through my hard drive for some photos I took this Spring and stumbled on a whole cache of pictures that somehow never got posted.

These are from a trip to our friends Lisa and Will’s farm.

These piglets were just a few weeks old when I took these pics.

This is New Dog. That’s not a description; that’s his name.

I’ll post more of these forgotten pics over the weekend.

Today in pictures

After a crazy hot weekend and our lack of power the animals are all enjoying the slightly cooler weather (low 90’s are feeling great right now). All of the animals are handling it really well and keeping super cool how ever they can.

Pigs have different to solutions to beating the heat. The mud works really well.

The shade is also a good solution.

Our first sun flower fully opened this morning.

Baby goats were hanging out in the barn but came to see if I had any food.

Our black eyed susan’s are flowering in full force.

Chanticleer is keeping an eye on the entire farm.

Everyone knows to be hanging out in the shade.

Our bees are also keeping super busy with all of the flowering going on.


Today in Pictures

Today was restful and so lovely. I even managed a 3-hour nap! How was your holiday weekend?


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