Hot Pattern Alert!

by Susan on April 17, 2014

This week, I found two new indie patterns that use JMF’s Herriot yarn, and they are just too lovely not to share with y’all.


The first is this jaw dropping afghan by my long-time friend Deb Boyken, The Paralleloghan


You can find the pattern for this wonder on Ravelry. I’m calling this one “a giant cowl you can wrap up in and watch t.v.”.


At the opposite end of the size spectrum is the Salt Creek Cowl by Cory Ellen Boberg.


Herriot is so soft and warm– it’s perfect for wearing next to your skin. It’s sort of an afghan you can wear out of the house.

Have you come across any awesome patterns that use JMF yarns? Or maybe designed one yourself? We’d love to see them.

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This Week in Darwin

by Susan on April 17, 2014

We are having a bit of a rough week here so I thought a few cheering pictures of Darwin were in order. Enjoy!









It’s time to name some lambs, y’all!

by Susan on April 14, 2014



HOLY SMOKES! Lambing season is nearly upon us and it has completely snuck up on me this year. My dear friend Sarah VV reminded me this weekend that we haven’t come up with a naming convention of this year’s forthcoming lambs yet.

Every year, we chose a category from whence the lamb names will come.  In the past we have used candy bars, herbs and spices, islands, U.S. presidents, Jane Austen characters, Muppets, Downton Abbey characters and fonts. Here’s the cool part: you get to help us pick the convention!

[My friend and former business manager Jenny says that I never write about naming conventions without including this link. I was going to leave it out but I didn't want her to be disappointed.]

As I said last year (and the year before that, and the year before that) the category needs to be something with lots of naming possibilities. Candy was great cause there are umpteen jillion kinds. Think broad. Characters from fiction? Good. Characters from Dickens? Fine.  Characters from Salinger? Not so much.

Put your nominations for this year’s convention in the comments of this thread.  Amy and I will narrow down the choices and then y’all can vote on which one you would like us to use.

The first person to nominate the particular category that ends up winning gets to name the first lamb and -BONUS!!! – will win a bag full of JMF swag. In fact, the first person to nominate any of the conventions that make it to the voting will win a yarny prize. [I have an insane amount of yarn in my office, y'all, and some of it has got to go to a new home where is can run around of leash.]

So nominate away!

In other news, shares in our 2015 Yarn and Fiber CSA went on sale today. This shares will include the fleece grown on the very lambs that are currently snuggling up inside their mamas, waiting to make their grand entrance next month.* I’m not sure that we will keep doing the CSA forever, but I’ve decided to go ahead with one more year, at least.

I may be accused of burying my headline a bit here, but there is one more bit of news about the 2015 CSA Shares. I’ve lowered the price this year to make the shares more affordable to everyone.  Why? Good question. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this over the past few months. See, the entire point of the CSA when I started it back in 2007 was to give knitters a more personal connection to their yarn. To give the yarn a little context, if you will.  Back then, CSA Shares were JMF’s only source of income and we had to pay all the bills associated with raising the sheep and running the farm from that income stream.

Since then, due to the hard work of a lot of people who believed in what we were doing, and the very generous support of our shareholders (both moral and financial), Juniper Moon Farm has grown and expanded beyond my wildest dreams. The sheep no longer have to shoulder the entire burden of supporting several people’s livelihoods. I am more grateful for that than you will ever know.

I wanted to pass that good fortune on to the people who have supported us along the way, even if it’s only in a small way. I’m not sure if all that rambling will make sense to anyone else or not, but it makes sense in my head. And it lowering the price of shares by $50 lets more people participate who couldn’t before, well, that’s just a bonus.

You will find the Cormo Shares here and the Colored Flock Shares here.

* Don’t worry– the lambcam WILL be back in time for lambing.


One of the biggest challenges for me in knitting this sweater has been keeping track of where I am in the pattern.  The pattern for the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan is extremely well written and accommodates a variety of bust sizes.   The front and back body pieces have  a good deal of side and waist shaping, which give the sweater its amazing curve hugging shape, and the cable pattern pattern runs throughout.

This means that while I am knitting, I am trying to keep track of the number of stitches I should have on the needle based upon the size I am knitting, how many more rows between increases and decreases, and where I am in both the cable repeat and the blackberry stitch.  For me, this involves a lot of counting and detailed notes.

Now,  I generally consider myself to be a sort of tech savvy person.  My day job essentially entails sitting in front of a computer.  I use mobile apps to manage my grocery list, prescription refills, my daily to do lists, my calendar, and my email. My phone and / or tablet are very rarely out of arms reach.  But, when it comes to my knitting, I am a Luddite. I cling to my paper pattern and my pencil, and, with a complicated pattern such as this one, every single page of the printed pattern is filled with notes.

Notes to help me keep track of when I started increasing or decreasing.


Notes to help me remember when to start shaping, and little circles to point out how many stitches I need to have on the needles.


Notes to remind me how many rows I put between the increases and decreases.


And literally hundreds of little hash marks to help me keep track of the number of rows and repeats I have stitched.




I swear, the hash marks are everywhere.  If I had to go back and duplicate this sweater based upon my paper pattern and the notes?  Well, I think we can all agree that it would nigh unto impossible.   Also, my dependence upon a paper pattern makes that much more for me to carry around when I am knitting on the go.

Please, please, please help me.   Do you use a knitting app?  If so, which one?  What do you like about it?  What don’t you like?  I am willing to spend a little money to find an app or a system to help me break out of my paper pattern trap.

Oh, yeah.  Pictures of the sweater.


Look!  Seaming!  More on that next time.


Cris lives in bucolic western Kentucky with her husband, two children, and a menagerie of assorted four-legged creatures.  She spends her days as a librarian and her nights dreaming of a small plot of land where she could raise a few chickens.  She can be found on Ravelry as Flarkin.


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