Susan and Colored Angora GoatNot so long ago, I left my job as a network news producer in New York City in search of a “more authentic life.” I was pretentious enough to actually use those words. Out loud. To strangers.

A few months later, a chance encounter with Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep in a California bookstore changed my life in one amazing moment- I was born to be a shepherd. One year and many, many books later, I purchased a farm, five sheep and my first livestock guardian dog. Every day since has been an adventure.

When I’m not working sheep, I can be found dyeing yarn, directing my commercial yarn lines, and photographing my flock.  Spare time is kind of at a premium right now, but when I have some, I like to spend it reading, cooking for the people I love and playing with my dogs.

Juniper Moon Farm  is  home to a flock of lovely Cormo sheep, some fat, spoiled angora goats, three Maremma livestock guardian dogs, and the world’s first yarn CSA.

Photograph taken by the incredibly talented Jen Fariello. I’ve never had so many good photos of me taken in my life as I’ve had in this photo shoot!

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