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I don’t know if I have ever needed a “Tell Me Something Good Tuesday” as much as I do today! My sister is having not one but THREE spots of skin cancer removed from her face today. Darwin, our pup, is going in to be neutered again tomorrow after nearly dying during the last attempt to neuter him (he had a reaction to the pre-anestisia sedative). And we are in the bi-annual mad rush to get our next season’s patterns to the printer. I. am. stressed.

So, today, more than ever, I need you to tell me something good!


  1. Just finished running and now starting on a new knitted shawl.

  2. Our Nigerian Dwarf doe goat may be moments away from giving birth….our first experience with goat delivery. We’re EXCITED!!
    – Katie and Mark

  3. Jane from Maryland

    June 24, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    I painted my mailbox purple today. It’s gorgeous!

  4. I spent a perfect morning sitting in the swing on the porch of my craft shed, in the shade with a slight cool wind blowing, knitting. It was Heaven! I hope your day turns itself around and ends with all good news.

  5. Karen Lauterwasser

    June 24, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Had a chance to drop in at my childrens’ elementary school (the youngest of whom hasn’t gone there in 4 years). I had a chance to talk with three people who are retiring (one teacher, the front office secretary and the school nurse). It was a real treat to chat with them, both catch them up on my kids and find out what their future plans are. All three are recent grandmothers, so enjoying the new babies is high on all of their lists.

  6. Am in the mist of honey harvesting – it is divine!!! Moved two hives last night to a new yard, will check on them – add a box – tomorrow. This is my first expansion of my apiary!! Dear friend’s son had abdominal surgery yesterday and all is well – as soon as he ‘passes gas’ he will be discharged (THAT cracked me up when she told me this morning!!) My kittens forgive me every time I do not let them out into the yard, they seem to understand that mom’s going to work and since they are bad and don’t come when called…. ha!! Luck to sis and pup!

  7. It is Tuesday, June 24th, and I have 251 working days until I can retire and devote myself to my fiber business! (Not that I’m counting the days, or anything!)

    AND – tonight my knitting buddies are taking me out to dinner for my birthday! It really doesn’t get much better than that!

  8. I too am trying hard to find positive things this week. The house purchase isn’t dead and we aren’t back to house shopping. My first summer session class is finishing and the class average is looking pretty good. And my next group of students seems pretty good!
    So I guess that’s all something!

  9. your daily posting s are something I look forward every morning. No matter what you post I enjoy reading..Thank you for taking time to keep us in touch. Since I have never met you,but feel like I know you,it gives me something to look forward to in the future–on the bucket list–Wishing the best to your sister and tomorrow we need a report on Darwin. His eyes are full of love and his paws look like they are itching to get into mischief!!! Love at first sight when I saw him.
    Remember –you are something GOOD in our lives!

  10. I was up to see the sunrise this morning and it was beautiful!

  11. I had a colonoscopy today and everything was good!

  12. It is 11 years since my melanoma diagnosis! It is always scary, but know that your sister is getting the care she needs. Wishing her well! Totally appreciated your sunscreen post!!! Thank you!
    Wishing Darwin well too, sweet boy :)
    For my something good – I am off for the next 5 days and meeting nurses in NYC that I worked with 30 years ago when we all were in NYC! How time flies. Wondering if I should alert NY’s finest that several crazy but “mature” nurses are arriving tomorrow!

  13. Resting up after a wonderful weekend in Syracuse for my niece’s baby shower, sent Matt across the street to make a donation to the neighborhood food drive, and tomorrow we’re going to an Il Volo concert with good friends.

  14. I’m receiving an amazing response to my crochet health survey proving that crafting really helps to heal people in so many ways!!

    Sending hugs and care to you and yours …

  15. Having amuch needed visit in Md with friends and family, gathered the last of my stuff from the house I am selling there. Ate Peruvian sandwiches and had a lovely late evening swim.

  16. A day late with this but…..6 months till Christmas. A great reason to be knitting in the summer.

  17. linda bierlein

    June 25, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    I’ve been having a two month visit with my daughter and youngest grandson ( 7 yrs ) and it is great!!!

  18. I had my 6 week check-up with the surgeon of my reverse shoulder replacement. He was telling me what my schedule for the next 6 weeks would be: daily passive PT where the therapist would gently (painfully) lift my arm forward, aiming eventually for 90 degree range of motion. He then demonstrated, raising his arm in front of him to shoulder height, and asked me to do the same, which I did. He asked me to lower it then raise it again, said, “Huh”, opened the door and yelled down the hall to his PA, “Ray, come here! Remember I told you 99% of patients will require 6-12 weeks of (painful) therapy to lift the arm to 90 degrees? Meet the other 1%.”

    I should say “we”, because I do have an exceptional surgeon.

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