Movin’ To The Country…

…gonna feed the pigs lotsa peaches.

Our awesome friend Trina works for the big local orchard and today brought two big bushels of fallen peaches and apples for the pigs and chickens.

Brace yourselves for lots of pictures, because there’s nothing I like better than pictures of happy pigs!


Churchill tried to nose into the box as soon as she set it down, but I wanted to keep track of how many peaches (and peach pits) they were eating.








Even Bertie got in on some apple action.


As did the chickens.


Agnes (who we are now fairly certain is actually a male) partook of a few figs.

I just love seeing them all share in summer’s bounty!


  1. Love it! What a happy treat all around!!

  2. Love that John Prine song!

  3. So nice to wake up and see these wonderful pictures. Wish I was closer so to visit your lovely farm~ Thank you~ :)

  4. Just happened upon your website recently and I just love your blog. I daydream about having my own farm animals one day and I love seeing all your photos and learning about the happenings on your farm. I look forward to your posts – thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Rebecca Adcock

    June 24, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I Love the pics Churchill and Charley have got to be the happiest pigs I have ever met.
    I love their smiles. Good to see that Agnes like figs as well as pumpkin.

  6. I am enjoying your farm & animals so much! The lambing & live viewing was WONDERFUL. I am here for the future;my family lives in Norfolk & is enjoying my e-mail up-dates & are looking toward to visiting your farm sometime in the future. This visiting could lead to a small business venture for you all, like a petting zoo & a wool gift shop, you know. Best of everything for you all & farm. Dianna H.

  7. Cutest piggy pictures ever!

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