Introducing: Sabine – The Touch of Lace Collection

UPDATE: These patterns are now available online! Find them in our shop.

We know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting the next collection release and we just couldn’t wait a minute longer to be able to tell you about the new patterns that Anniken Allis has thought up for Sabine. But first, a recap on the yarn in case you’ve forgotten what it is, or are new to JMF.

The Yarn


We love Sabine so much, because it feels so nice to knit with (due it its blend of Royal Llama, Merino and Cotton). Because of its subtle tweediness. Because it is really a year round yarn in most of the world. And, last but not least, because it’s named after Susan’s sweet dog, Sabine. This season we’re introduction five new colors to the palate.

Sabine 2014 Color Card

The Designer

Designer Photo

Anniken Allis is a Norwegian designer who has lived in England for the last 23 years. She has been regularly published in several British magazines as well as Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Debbie Bliss Magazine, Verena (German magazine) and She’s regularly published patterns for other yarn companies and has contributed to two books, Classic Elite: Shawls, Wraps, & Scarves and the Scrumptious Collection Volume 2. Anniken’s passion is lace knitting and she is considered one of the UK’s leading lace designers, although her designs also feature a variety of techniques including cables, and fair isle.

The Collection

The Touch of Lace Collection features four designs which celebrate the summer heat. Each pattern features a different lace motif combined with classic stockinette sections. Knitters everywhere will love the combination of the soft, subtly tweedy Sabine yarn with Anniken’s on-trend designs.

Sabine CollagePlease take a peak at our look book!

Where to Get It

You can find the patterns and yarn at retailers across the US by visiting our distributor Knitting Fever and using their store locator for a store near you. Those in Canada can visit our Canadian distributor Diamond Yarn. The patterns are sold as leaflets with as many pictures as we could cram in the limited space, schematics and charts (where applicable), as well as written directions.

We have a number of our older collection of Sabine patterns available as digital downloads in our shop.


To celebrate the pattern launch, we’re giving away two hanks of Sabine in color #19 Biscuit.

Sabine Vert

To enter, please go to Ravelry and favorite or queue at least one of The Touch of Lace Collection patterns, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which one your favorite is. If you post about this on facebook, tweet the contest link, or pin a pattern, you can comment again for an additional entry. Entries open through Tuesday the 11th with the winner announced on Wednesday the 12th here on the blog.

Thank You

We wouldn’t be able to produce these patterns and yarn lines without the tireless efforts of those who support us.

Our models: Emily Karasz, Maddie Dreher, and Gabrielle Cruz
Our photography support crew: Tanya Brooks, Cris Ferguson, Amy Karasz and family, Ann McClure, Lisa Richey
Jen Fariello for allowing us to use her studio during the polar vortex 2014
Our one-of-a-kind tech editor: Alison Green
Pattern Leaflets Graphic Designer: Jonas Estevan
Look Book Graphic Designer: Michelle Lukezic
The staff at our yarn distributor Knitting Fever Inc
Our patient and detail-oriented sample knitters: Carolyn Cardenas, Nancy Lewis, Christina Williamson, Jennie Bowling


  1. I like the Camille Lace Cardigan. Just beautiful!

    JKnits51 on Ravelry

  2. I pinned the Camille Lace Cardigan.

    JKnits51 on Ravelry

  3. Stunning! I never thought I would ever want to knit a lace dress until I saw the Savannah pattern. Just beautiful!

  4. Oh, beautiful!

  5. Catinka (I think that’s how it is spelled) was marked as a favorite!! And if I was younger, would have to knit the Savannah…

  6. I could see the Catinka pullover being very versatile – dressy enough for work, casual enough for the weekends!

  7. Karilyn Drago

    March 5, 2014 at 7:29 am

    I liked the Cantika lace sweater

  8. Cybil is my favorite although I am not sure I spelled it correctly. My daughter would love this.

  9. Catinka and I love that biscuit color.

  10. I like the Cybil cropped sweater! My DIL would love it!

    JMass1018 on ravelry

  11. I favorite Camille lace cardigan – love the all-over lace patterns! I think it would look lovely in Biscuit – hint, hint!!!

  12. Ardell Parkin

    March 5, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I like Catinka lace sweater. I can see it flattering several body types, mine included!

  13. I’m crazy about the purple front button sweater. Now I just need to learn about doing lace :)


  14. I favorited the Catinka lace sweater.

  15. I pinned the Catinka sweater.

  16. Catinka lace sweater. I can see it now on my needles so anxious to wear it this summer.

  17. I favorited the Catinka lace sweater – gorgeous!

  18. wow! This designer is so good!

  19. They are all great but if I have to choose one it is Cybil, the cropped one. My daughters would love it!

  20. I pinned the Cybil pattern

  21. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  22. What beautiful yarn, I would like to knit Cybil for my daughter she is tiny and it would be cute on her.

  23. I have knit with Sabine before and it is a lovely yarn to knit with! I am in love with both the Camille Lace Cardi and the Cantinka lace sweater . . . I would make either one for myself in a heart beat.

  24. warbler01 on Ravelry

    March 5, 2014 at 11:27 am

    The Savannah Lace Dress in denim is taking shape in my mind, and hopefully on the needles!

  25. I “favorited” the Cybil Cropped Sweater, although all the patterns would be lovely in Sabine!

  26. Carolyn L. Daniels

    March 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    I favorited Catinka Lace sweater and Camille lace cardigan – would love to knit one or both in the near future.

  27. I queued the Savannah dress – it looks SO flattering and awesome!

  28. Camille lace cardigan – now added to my faves – may just make me pluck up enough courage to try more than a scarf in lace…

  29. I facebooked and tweeted, too :)

  30. I put the pattern for the Savannah Lace Dress in my queu on ravelry. I love it! May be making it sooner than later. It’s just my style.

  31. Camille is sincerely beautiful–favorite on ravelry as of now!

  32. I love the Camille lace cardigan. I am a sucker for scoop necks.

  33. The Catinka lace sweater looks perfect for summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. knittingdancer on Ravelry

    March 5, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    I faved the Catrinka Lace Sweater pattern.

  35. Rachel ravelry 100Creations

    March 5, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    love Catinka lace sweater fun of lace, and ease of stockinette.

  36. I faved the Savannah lace dress! It’s gorgeous! :)

  37. I like the Catinka sweater.

  38. Savannah Lace Dress is my favourite. I favourited it on Ravelry.

  39. The Savannah lace dress is definitely my favourite! Thank your for being so generous to do a giveaway! :)

  40. I Favorited the Savannah lace dress on ravelry

  41. I love the Camille lace cardigan. I faved it on Rav.

  42. Savannah is my dress!
    Elegant, casual, lace and lovely drape – what more do you need/knit?

  43. Camille lace cardi is something I would wear.

  44. The catinka pattern is gorgeous! What a great giveaway!

  45. I love the Cybil cropped sweater – it’s now added to my favorites.

    greyowl (ravelry id)

  46. I favorited Catinka – love the lace on the back!!!

  47. I ♥ the Cybil cropped sweater. Can picture this on my granddaughter. I am too old for such a thing 😉

  48. I favorited the Savannah dress!

  49. I went with Catinka. And a big thank you for providing it in extended sizes!

  50. I also added the Savannah dress to my Pinterest board:

  51. I queued the Catinka sweater.

  52. I pinned the Catinka sweater.

  53. Martine101 (on Ravelry)

    March 5, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    I really love Catinka lace sweater!

  54. Love Cybil cropped sweater

  55. Oooh. Hard for me to decide between the Catinka Lace Sweater and Savannah Lace Dress. I guess I’ll have to favorite them both!

  56. I love Camille Lace Cardigan!!! and the colors are gorgeous – I think I might need a treat at The Yarn Spot in Wheaton, MD!! :)

  57. The Catinka lace sweater is sooo pretty!

  58. I love the Savannah Dress and Cybil Cropped Sweater. I wish they were available for purchase on Ravelry or your website.

  59. Loved the Katinka sweater!

  60. Oops, Catinka. Pinned it too!

  61. My favorite is the Cybil cropped sweater.

  62. i favourited Catnika lace sweater. Its gorgeous!!

  63. i like your patterns and this is my favourite : Savannah lace dress

  64. I actually faved two Cybil cropped sweater and Savannah lace dress

  65. I love the lace back on Catinka! Stunning!

  66. I love and favorited the Cardigan and the Lace dress, beautiful.

  67. Melissa S (SheCrochets)

    March 6, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Favorited the Camille Lace Cardigan. It’s stunning! And in that color (my favorite)?? Perfection!

  68. Melissa S (SheCrochets)

    March 6, 2014 at 8:49 am

    I pinned the Camille Lace Cardigan. Again – beautiful and absolutely worth sharing!

  69. Merry (wahoomerryf on Rav)

    March 6, 2014 at 9:36 am

    I faved Catinka lace sweater. I love that it goes to plus sizes and the lace on the body would keep it interesting. Knitting a plus size stockinette sweater is too boring for words!

  70. I love the Cybil sweater! I’d make it longer, tho, as I’m old and chunky

  71. I love the Catinka lace sweater ……I faved it !
    I really love the dress too, but don’t have the body shape…… :)

  72. The Savannah Lace Dress is my favorite, really beautiful!
    knittylucia on Ravelry

  73. Camille lace cardigan is my FAV.

  74. I faved Catinka. It looks like the perfect Spring/Fall sweater.

    RAV ID: SaraMCrafts

  75. I like the Camille lace cardigan and faved it on Rav.

  76. I pinned the pattern collection

  77. I faved the Catinka lace sweater! Beautiful!

  78. I faved Cybil cropped sweater, I think it is very cool, and would like to make it for me!

  79. thanks for the giveaway!

    they’re all lovely, but my favorite is the Savannah lace dress.

    Pagecsa on Rav :)

  80. I love the Catinka lace sweater!

  81. Laura Bartlett

    March 6, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I love the Savannah lace dress! It would look amazing with some black leggings and/or skinny jeans!!!

  82. I’ve queued the Savannah lace dress. It’s beautiful!
    nidhikansal on rav

  83. I have queued both Lady Grey Tunic and the Catinka Lace Sweater. Absolutely lovely.

    sherryglover1 on RAV

  84. Camille lace cardigan is just lovely!

  85. The Catinka lace sweater is in my queue now – beautiful

  86. Michelle Duford

    March 7, 2014 at 10:03 am

    I really like them all, but I picked the Savannah lace dress as my favorite.

  87. The Savannah Lace dress is my favorite……I’m dreaming of wearing it to Georgia…..

    tktl on Ravelry

  88. Cybil is fabulous as is Camille! both fav’ed in Ravelry.
    kmhs on Rav

  89. I queued the Camille lace cardigan – lovely!

  90. I favorited Savannah Lace Dress. How stunning and my daughter’s name happens to be Savannah! I also pinned it on my pinteresr!

    rav name: classicalmom3

  91. Catinka lace sweater is my favorite.
    My email: lvjesse @ yahoo. com (remove spaces.)

  92. Love the Catinka lace sweater !

  93. I love catinka. And found the yarn at 30 minute drove lys. Yes! Thanks for such a great pattern.

  94. I favorited them all except the dress which is just too warm for Southern California. My most likely choice is Camille.

  95. I love the beautiful lace work in the Cybil cropped sweater, so pretty and the zig-zag is too cute!

  96. Just posted about the Touch of Lace collection, and the Biscuit colored Sabine yarn give away on Face book!

  97. I favorited Catinka and Savannah. I like dresses and Catinka’s surprising design with the pretty lace on the back! :)
    Sabine’s new colorways look great, I like especially Hidecote and Dusty Rose. :) And Biscuit is one of my favorite shades, too! Thank you for the giveaway :)
    Berrycah on Ravelry

  98. I really like the Camille lace cardigan for my wife. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. I love the Catinka Lace Sweater!

    jordyndunaway on Ravelry

  100. I adore the Catinka lace sweater. Just gorgeous!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  101. I love the Cantinka . Beautiful.

  102. Susan Sanders

    March 8, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Cybil for sure!

  103. Love the Catinka. Favorite for sure.

  104. shelly easton

    March 8, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Catinka is my favorite!

  105. shelly easton

    March 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    I shared on facebook

  106. shelly easton

    March 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    I pinned this on pintrrst
    wormlynn is my pintrest name

  107. I favorited Savannah! It’s gorgeous and, when I work up the nerves, I’ll DEFINITELY be trying it! (LuvChylde at Ravelry)
    I pinned a picture of it and I pinned the All in a Row Cardigan as I want to try my hand at more than blankets and scarves!
    I also posted on facebook AND tweeted it! :)
    Everything is so gorgeous!

  108. Allison Jones

    March 8, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Savannah lace dress! I’ve never knit a dress but no time like the present to start.

  109. I like the Cybil cropped sweater…looks like something I would wear in summer….and be able to actually make:)

  110. I like them all, but my favorite is the dress

  111. Jacqueline Easter

    March 8, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Catinka lace sweater LOVE IT!

  112. I pinned the Cybil Cropped Sweater because I think it looks really nifty.

  113. Cybil Cropped Sweater – perfect for my daughter in law.

  114. I love all these designs! But I favorited Catinka as the one I’d most likely knit for me. When I was younger the cropped sweater would have definitely interested me and if I had the figure for it I’d love the dress. :)

  115. I love Cybil Cropped sweater. ..wanna make

  116. Savannah lace dress! :)

  117. Cybil cropped sweater and Camille lace cardigan are my favorites.

  118. Shared on Facebook!

  119. I would love to make the Savannah lace dress!

  120. I favorited The Savannah Lace dress on Ravelry. It looks lovely

  121. I love the Catinka lace sweater! (asimplehomestd on Rav)

  122. I love Sabine yarn! I made the Amari shawl with it. It is my favorite shawl to wear in the Spring/Summer months. My favorite pattern in the Touch of Lace Collection is the Catinka Lace Sweater.

  123. I “favorite” the Catinka lace sweater.

  124. I can see the Catinka lace sweater in my wardrobe. So pretty.

  125. I love the Cybil cropped sweater. very cute.

    canuckeh on ravelry

  126. I love the Catinka lace sweater. It would be beautiful in the rose color.

  127. I added Camille to my favorites.
    Lindaran on Rav

  128. I favorited the Savannah Lace Dress. I love knitted dresses like that and I think it would be infinitely comfortable and flattering!
    I also love knitting my own dresses because I’m super short!

  129. I LOVE the Cybil cropped sweater!

  130. Joylynne Harris

    March 11, 2014 at 12:59 am

    Wondering when you might offer the new colors? Loving the purple for sure! I need to find something to make for spring with my JMF yarn!

  131. Following on Pinterest

  132. Liked on FB

    sherryglover1 on Rav

  133. I love the Catinka lace sweater

  134. Camille! I would purchase the booklet if I could find it somewhere.

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