Calling All Would-Be Shearers!


As part of our The Shepherd and The Shearer project, Juniper Moon Farm is super-excited to be in the position of accepting applications for scholarships to go to women who are interested in learning how to shear sheep!

Here’s how it will work:

1. Applicants should submit a proposal for funding that includes the shearing school you would like to attend, the dates and location of the school, and the expenses involved in attending, including tuition, hotels, travel, etc.. Please be sure that space is available in the shearing school you plan to attend before applying. Additionally, please attach a short essay telling us why you want to learn to shear sheep. All applications must be submitted by 6:00 a.m. Monday, March 17th. Please put “Shearing School Scholarship Application” in the subject line.

2. We will sort through the applications and figure out how many of them we can fund. Once we’ve made our decisions, we will get in touch with the lucky winners.

3. The winners will learn to shear, take lots of pictures and come back here to share their experience with us in a blog post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Successful candidates will be required to write the blog post referenced above and provide us with pictures.

Choosing our winners is going to be super-tough! That said, our decision will be final. Those who don’t get lucky this year will be strongly encouraged to apply again.

If you’re looking for a shearing school in your area, Sheep Industry News maintains a a running list of them nation-wide. Emily teaches at the Maryland-Delaware Shearing School, scheduled for  Friday and Saturday, April 18-19, 2014, and I have sent several employees there, but there are lots of great workshops across the country.

So find a shearing school and get your application in ASAP. We want to see what you can do!

**Applications can be emailed to susie at fiber farm dot com.**




  1. Oh, how I wish… Good luck to all who apply!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I have attended the shearing school in KY and it was great. I even went back and second year and made my mom come with me.

  3. I’ve spread the word to all the lady shepherds in my area!

  4. What a lovely idea! Best wishes to all the applicants.

  5. Could you please send me an application for the scholarship. I will get busy getting the information required. Thanks

    • Hi Ronda,

      You just need to include the information listed in step one with your proposal. There isn’t a form for you to fill out!

  6. I wish I was several decades younger!! :)

  7. Oops lol blonde moment lol. I can’t wait to find out who won the scholarship now. My hubby says I need to grow more patience lol.

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