Yarned By You: Shawl Edition

As I was browsing Ravelry projects made with JMF yarn this week, I decided to see what people were making the most using JMF yarn. I’m not surprised to learn that shawls top the list as the most-made object in our yarn. It seems that no one can get enough of making shawls.

Shawls are forgiving on minor gauge differences, and don’t require trying them on for size.

StardustSoul's Brazos Valley Shawl

Many of them are made starting with the smallest point (whether it’s the center of a circle shawl or the point of a triangle) and then worked to the largest.

katyazag's White Snows of Winter

So if you get bored you can bind off early or continue the pattern until you run out of yarn.

MeEllaneous' Rooshed

Shawls can be mindless,

librarysarie's Amari

incredibly intricate,

mswolpe's Aegeum

or have characteristics of both.

Demetria's tendrils

Shawls can be worn scrunched up like a scarf

TheKnittyGritty's Benitoite

or artfully draped to give warmth and elegance.

SupaSteph's Leaves of Grass

It’s no wonder that shawls are so popular! I did show off a lot of Findley shawls up there, but people are definitely making shawls with Moonshine, Herriot, and Sabine too. What are your favorite shawl patterns?


  1. I am always in awe of people who can patiently knit gorgeous, lacy shawls without becoming bald from ripping their hair out from frustration! It seems to take a very special person to sit and knit all this intricacy with tiny needles and lace weight yarn. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, but I admire those who can! Kuddos to you!

  2. What a gorgeous post! I am very keen to get some lace on my needles, it’s been too long! I’m planning a big, bright stole in Findley when I finish my current sweater project :)

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