Introducing: The Viroqua Collection – Moonshine

Well, despite our talk of Zooey and cravings for summer last week, we’ve still got plenty of snow on the ground. I’ll keep holding out hope for springtime, though. And maybe I’ll work on something out of Moonshine. It’s a great transitional weather yarn and now is the perfect time to knit something. Flarkin’s Blackberry cardigan is terribly tempting with all those delicious cables, but Moonshine’s glowing colors also lends itself well to simpler patterns. The sweater you want to grab every day, the perfected cropped top to cover up your sleeves over a sundress, or the pillow that brightens up even these gloomy not-spring-yet days.

And I’ve been absorbed in Moonshine the past couple of weeks, so it’s no wonder that when deciding which yarn to introduce this week that I was instantly pulled to tell you about Moonshine!

The Yarn

Moonshine is a 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca, 20% Silk single-spun yarn and it is just a dream to knit with. You’ll love the depth of color and subtle variation the differing blend lends Moonshine.

Moonshine is back in 8 solid colorways…


…and a line of 10 variegated colorways – Moonshine Trios, which features three different colors in each hank.

Moonshine Trios

Our sample knitters were enthusiastic with their praise of the yarn:

[Moonshine] was super soft and pretty to knit with. I would knit with it again.

The new colors are stunning.


The yarn is soft, drapey, and shiny!

Yarn was very nice to work with. So, so soft but still substantial and the color is just beautiful.

Yarn is fantastic, I like the feel of it on my fingers/needles.

It feels soft and sturdy at the same time. I really love this yarn!

The Designer

edie hero

Pamela Wynne Butler is an internationally-recognized designer of handknitting and crochet patterns, known for her whimsical children’s knits and her fashion-forward designs for women of all shapes and sizes. Her work has appeared in knitting and crochet magazines, books, and websites, including Crochet Today, Knitty, Knitalong, and Knitting it Old School. Above, Pam is modeling Edie trompe l’oeil pullover, which she designed for us in Herriot.

The Collection

The Viroqua Collection epitomizes Pamela Wynne’s easy-to-wear style. Patterns range from the Minty shrug which uses just two balls of yarn to a matching pillow and blanket that features Moonshine Trios rainbow colors with delightful gems like the scooped-neck Heathers and the boat-necked Bailey with striped sleeves. The collection is named after Viroqua, Wisconsin, where Pam and her friends spent a weekend at a knitting retreat at an idyllic flower and goat farm. Each of the patterns is named after the friend it most suited.

Moonshine 1-2

Bailey boatneck pullover | Heathers pullover

Moonshine 3-4

Loren waistcoat | Minty short-sleeved cropped cardigan

Moonshine 5-6

Sammy scarf & Rex cowl | Smith blanket

Moonshine 7-8Specs v-neck mini-sweater | Whistler pillow

To see more information about the patterns please take a peak at our look book.

Where to Get It

You can find the patterns and yarn at retailers across the US by visiting our distributor Knitting Fever and using their store locator for a store near you. Those in Canada can visit our Canadian distributor Diamond Yarn. The patterns are sold as leaflets with as many pictures as we could cram in the limited space, schematics and charts (where applicable), as well as written directions.

We have a number of our older collection of Moonshine patterns available as digital downloads in our shop.

Giveaway Details

Whistler hero

We’re so excited about our new patterns and yarn colors, that I thought we’d put together a little kit for you. We’re giving away the yarn to make the Whistler pillow. Two hanks of Moonshine in color #25 Iced Coffee and 8 colors of Moonshine Trio. To enter, please go to Ravelry and favorite or queue at least one of the Moonshine Viroqua patterns, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which one your favorite is. If you post about this on facebook, tweet the contest link, or pin a pattern, you can comment again for an additional entry. Entries open through Tuesday the 4th with the winner announced on Wednesday the 5th here on the blog.


If you’re not into pillows, you could make a number of the cowls or a really funky scrap scarf or with just #25 Iced Coffee you could make Minty in the smallest size!

Thank You

We wouldn’t be able to produce these patterns and yarn lines without the tireless efforts of those who support us.

Our models: Rachel Policare, Emily Karasz, Alexis Di Gregorio, and yours truly
Our photography support crew: Tanya Brooks, Cris Ferguson, Amy Karasz and family, Lisa Richey
Jen Fariello for allowing us to use her studio during the polar vortex 2014
Our one-of-a-kind tech editor: Alison Green
Pattern Leaflets Graphic Designer: Jonas Estevan
Look Book Graphic Designer: Michelle Lukezic
The staff at our yarn distributor Knitting Fever Inc
Our patient and detail-oriented sample knitters: Mona Montraix, Patrice Safarik, Lisa Stockebrand, Sarah Lebel Van Vugt, Marie Godin, Alanna Fotherby, Cris Ferguson, Jennifer Cox, Marika Cowan, Julie Sprague

Whistler detail

And a final thank you to YOU! By purchasing these patterns and yarn from your local yarn store, you’re “voting with your wallet.” We want to continue to bring you high quality luxury yarn and by purchasing our yarn you’re letting us know what you want us to make! So thank you for knitting with Juniper Moon Farm yarn! Keep up the good work!


  1. I add to my favorites both the Whistler pillow (so beautiful!) and the Bailey boatneck pullover (love the fun pocket detail). Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Already a huge fan of Moonshine and the trios colorways just slay me! The Whistler pillow is FAB and the Bailey boat neck is so in my wheel house, it’s perfect! Queued, Favorited! Love!

  3. Also shared on FB 😀

  4. I think my absolute favorite is the Whistler pillow. Favorited. Second is the Smith blanket.

  5. I like the Minty short-sleeved cropped cardi. Would be perfect when the air is on this summer and it gets to cold at work.

  6. I shared on FB

  7. The Smith blanket is my favourite – it is STUNNING!!! The Whistler pillow is a close second, and I really like Specs too :)

  8. I facebooked and tweeted the post!

    (Also, I have to say, all of the models are looking lovely in these photos – especially you Lauria!! :) )

  9. I love the look of Bailey boatneck pullover

  10. Ooh! I love the pillow and blanket!

  11. My favorite is the Minty short-sleeved cropped cardigan. Added to queue. :)

  12. I queued up that absolutely perfect Smith blanket!

  13. I favorited the cowl, blanket and pillow. I didn’t know about your giveaway until I went searching for the yarn. No one near me is carrying it at all and I haven’t found anyone online that is carrying the Trios. Such sadness! I hope this yarn gets picked up by more stores.

  14. It’s been so cold here this week, I’m picking the Smith Blanket as my favorite of the collection. It looks so cozy!!

  15. favorited the pillow, though I see it becoming a blanket (Smith is lovely, but whistler …Whistled :)…might need more yarn….sigh…..

  16. I favorited the Sammy scarf on Ravelry. Love it!

  17. Melissa S (SheCrochets)

    February 27, 2014 at 8:36 am

    I favorited the Whistler pillow because…GORGEOUS!!

  18. Melissa S (SheCrochets)

    February 27, 2014 at 8:36 am

    I also pinned the pillow here:

  19. I think my favorite is the Smith Blanket! Wow – that’s pretty!!!

  20. I love a good splash of color so I favorite the Whistler Pillow. Gorgeous

  21. Smith blanket, Rex cowl, Whistler pillow – fave’d all of them on Rav!
    the entire collection is well done!
    kmhs on Ravelry. thanks for giveaway opportunity!

  22. The blanket and the pillow are awesome, and I favorited them!

    I have to say, I am very anti-throw pillow – they just end up being thrown around as nobody wants to sit with those pillows – but I absolutely MUST make 2 of the Whistler pillows, as they’ll coordinate perfectly with my couch. Since I’m going to have to make the blanket too, I’ll probably have to make 3 pillows, to balance out the yarn (contrast colors need 1/2 a hank each for the pillows and the blanket, so if I make 2 blankets and 1 pillow, I still have a series of half-skeins left over).

    Moonshine is my favorite JMF yarn that I’ve tried to date! I would love to win!

  23. Maltese parakeet

    February 27, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Lovely! That pillow is stunning! Favorited on rav immediately!

  24. Maltese parakeet

    February 27, 2014 at 9:45 am

    And just posted to facebook. :)

  25. I am in love with the Bailey Boatneck. In. Love. I’m all about sweaters these days!!

  26. I love the Pillow. I was just thinking I needed to add color to my couch and this is it!

  27. I love the Whistler pillow, so cute!

  28. I also pinned the Smith blanket, I think I will have to knit one of those pretty babies up soon!

  29. The Whistler pillow is actually my favorite! I’m excited about the chance to win. I looked and it doesn’t look like any of my lys carry the patterns. Thanks for giving me a chance to get it this way!

  30. I also pinned the Whistler pillow on Pinterest.

  31. I love so many of these, I don’t know where to start. I favorited the blanket (duh) and Whistler and the Heathers sweater, which I love to death and want to make for myself.

  32. My favorite is the pillow!

  33. I pinned the pillow pattern on pinterest.

  34. I also posted about the collection on Facebook. Mostly so I could show off my blanket :)

  35. I love moonshine and am so excited about the new colors! I favorited several but queued the Smith blanket. I have to make it! it looks so cozy and colorful.

  36. Shared on facebook

  37. Lori V. (hooknneedler)

    February 27, 2014 at 10:35 am

    Ooh! I snapped up this yarn as soon as I saw it in my LYS and I’ve queued Minty. I have enough in my stash to make it! Yippee!!! :) Love all the patterns and would really enjoy making the pillow, should I win the kit.

  38. That pillow is divine! Even though I need another blanket like I need another hole in my head, I’m thinking that blanket and that pillow are going to happen. There’s just no other option.

  39. I put the lovely Smith Blanket in my queu on Ravelry. Also I love the Whistler pillow which I put in my queu as well. It might very well be my next project!

  40. I also pinned the Whistler pillow and Smith blanket to my knitting board. A wonderful addition!!!!

  41. I love, love, love Whistler pillow so I favorited that. I also like the Bailey pullover and favorited that too.

  42. Love the blanket (favorite) and pillow!

  43. I am not into the pillow, but think of all the sammy scarves I could make! LOVE! A crochet version would look fantastic as well… =)

  44. I love the colors and design of the Whistler pillow and Smith blanket!

  45. My favorites are the pillow and the blanket – lovely colors! The Minty cardi, Rex Cowl and Heathers pullover I also added to my favorites.

  46. My absolute favorite is the Whistler Pillow, which makes this giveaway perfect!

  47. My favorite is the Whistler pillow…..the colors are gorgeous. I faved it and added to my queue on Ravelry !
    Sure would look great on my sofa :)
    I also love the blanket and now I am thinking I may go and fave that one too !

  48. I’m in love with both the Smith blanket and the Whistler pillow. Those will be a beautiful addition to my next home! Both patterns favorited on Ravelry.

  49. I queued up the Specs cardi – love this and love the color!

    RachelKnits on Ravelry

  50. I also pinned Specs here:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  51. I like the cardigans – Specs and Minty. Both are great simple, classic pieces that can be worn with many different outfits.

  52. lindaran (on Rav)

    February 27, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    I favorited the Whistler Pillow. Love the color combo; it would look great in my family room.

  53. lindaran (on Rav)

    February 27, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    Pinned the Whister Pillow on Pinterest

  54. Gina Marie Lunsford

    February 27, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I really like the Heathers pullover-so pretty! Thanks so much for a chance to win all that beautiful yarn! :)

  55. Wow, do I have to pick just one? I added ALL of these to my favorites list, and in order of preference (i.e. what I’ll likely knit first):

    Loren waistcoat (I love that it’s in larger sizes)
    Rex cowl (I lurv cowls!)
    Smith blanket (I can always use another snuggly)
    Whistler pillow (What’s a snuggly without something to snuggle?)

  56. Gina Marie Lunsford

    February 27, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Shared on Facebook!

  57. Hi dearmy favourite is the Whistler pillow!

  58. I have added to my favorites the Whistler pillow and the Smith blanket. The colors are awesome and I would love to make both of them.

  59. I really like the Smith blanket. I could knit that for my son. Thanks for the chance to win the pillow kit.

  60. I LOVE the Bailey, since as a woman ‘of a certain age’ I like a more boxy line in a design, love the stripes on the sleeves, and a POCKET!! thrills me. I adore the shorter, tighter, cute patterns, but I knit mostly for me as my daughter lives in a tropical climate and cannot wear wool most of the time.

    A boatneck is flattering on most body types, and I imagine one could knit it with less ease, but I prefer to hide the flaws at this stage of my life. Beautiful yarn and great designs.

  61. Leslie Kolkmeier

    February 27, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    I was going to ask where you got the name ‘Viroqua’ when I saw your post on FB. When I read the article and found it was Viroqua, Wisconsin I was really tickled! Lived nearby for 13 years, raised some sheep, made wonderful friends, went to the monthly gatherings of knitters and spinners and miss it all terribly. The Driftless area is one of the most beautiful in the country. Thank you for the memories and the beautiful knits.

  62. KittenWithAWhiplash

    February 27, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    I faved Whistler and Smith, they are a great combo, and I’d been playing with the idea of making a blanket that is sort of quilt-like, but not really. Smith fits the bill perfectly. Loren is just so classic, I faved it as well, This is a lovely collection, although I wish there’d have been a(some) pattern(s) for us guys. . BTW, the link to the rav page for Moonshine isn’t working. You misspelled library as libary in the link.

  63. Love the Smith blanket! It’s in my Favorites. :-)

  64. knittingdancer on Ravelry

    February 27, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    I added the Smith’s Blanket to my favorites.

  65. I fav’ed the Whistler pillow. I love bright cheerful pillows! I have way too many both on my bed and on my couch.
    greyowl (ravelry id)

  66. NanaMamah on Rav

    February 27, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    Oh my goodness. So much loveliness.
    I would love to make the pillow and blanket.
    A treat to make and enjoy.


  67. I favorited the Smith blanket, the Whistler pillow, and the Heathers pullover! I like the puff shoulders on the pullover. I’ve always liked puff shoulders, wonder how it’s done.

  68. Charlotte Keinick

    February 27, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    The Smith blanket made my eyes light up! How beautiful!

  69. I love it! I was born in Viroqua Wisconsin! :) (does that give me another entry? haha) I favorited a couple of the patterns including the Heathers pullover

  70. I added the whistler pillow and the smith blanket to my favorites. Love them both individually and together, and the yarn is just gorgeous!

  71. Oh, I would make that Minty short-sleeved sweater for work–it is so cold in the office in the summer, and that would be just perfect.

  72. Favorited Specs v-neck mini-sweater. Love it

  73. I faved the Rex Cowl – I love it! Thanks for the entry :)

  74. I faved the Smith Blanket and the Whistler Pillow. Great projects. Thanks for the chance to win. lindajm on Ravelry

  75. I faved the Smith Blanket along with the Whistler Pillow ~ like a few others have done. Figure even though my son said no more afhgans/blankets, this one is fitting as his last name is Smith (in addition to loving the colors used and think they would compliment each other nicely)

  76. I absolutely love the Whistler pillow!

  77. I love vests and black/white is a favorite color combo so naturally my favorite is Loren. But the Whistler pillow is terrific and would make a lovely addition to my new apartment, esp. on my new bed with my new JMF black/natural blanket.


  78. My favorite is Sammy’s scarf.

  79. My favourite is the cropped cardi ‘Minty’ – classic simplicity that showcases the yarn itself.

  80. I have faved specs. I love v-necks.
    The yarn is beautiful.

  81. I love the smith blanket and whistler! I’m still working up to making garments!

  82. I added the Whistler pillow to my favorites. I love the colors and would love to make it!

  83. Love the Loren Waistcoat. Sometimes in Florida a vest is all I need to be warm. Too cute!

  84. My absolute favorite is the Heathers pullover, but I also like the Sammy scarf and the Rex cowl.

  85. And I like it so much I pinned it too!

  86. Favorited Bailey, it looks so perfect for a spring day!

  87. Pinned Bailey, and also Smith. Love the geometrics.

  88. I absolutely LOVE the Whistler Pillow pattern the most out of the whole collection, so to win it would be a dream! My lys just got in the Moonshine line and it is absolutely stunning–not just color-wise but the feel of it is divine! I can’t wait to snag some up to add to my ever-growing stash! Juniper Moon Farm really does have some of the best yarns!!!!

  89. Brenda aka blendab1

    February 27, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    WOW!!! I love Moonshine yarn but the Trio’s take it beyond love!!! I can not wait to work with it. I adore the Smith Blanket, it took my breath away when I saw first saw it and then I saw Whistler, so hard to choose but I adding them both to my queue and favorites.

  90. Brenda aka blendab1

    February 27, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    Shared on Facebook too!

  91. I’ve favorites the Whistler pillow on Ravelry – love it!

  92. I queued Minty — so cute!

  93. I pinned the Smith blanket.

  94. There are lots of lovely patterns, and the colours you shoe I. The pillow are wonderful! I’m thinking the Loren waistcoat in multiple colours would be great! Faved and queued!

  95. Lovely colors!! :) I just queue’ed my favorite pattern, Heather’s Pullover!

    Thank you for the contest!
    Purlescence from Ravelry

  96. Well, I just love the look of that Smith blanket, although budget constraints might enter into that decision. And the Whistler pillow. And the Sammy carf. Oh, and all the rest of them too.

  97. Whistler is my fav!

  98. Actually, the Whistler pillow is my favorite. I favorited it on Ravelry. And the yarn looks lovely.

  99. I favorited the Rex cowl, because I like the chevron design, and it looks fun/cute!

  100. I also pinned the Rex cowl on pinterest.

  101. I love the whistler pillow! It would look so good in my room!

  102. My favorite is the Whistler pillow! It’s in my queue on Ravelry!

  103. Loren waistcoat is my favorite and added to favs in Ravelry

  104. Rachel ravelry 100Creations

    February 28, 2014 at 8:34 am

    Love the smith blanket! great colors, cuddly product

  105. I favorited Minty short-sleeved cropped cardigan and Whistler!

  106. I pinned Whistler.

  107. I favorited the Sammy Scarf but may very well be adding a few more to my queue.

  108. I have the Whistler pillow and the Smith blanket both in my favorites and my queue. The colors are fantastic and would be great to work with this time of the year. I’m Ellisknitstoo on Ravelry. Po on Pinterest too!

  109. Danielle R Jennett

    February 28, 2014 at 11:51 am

    My favorite is the Specs v-neck mini-sweater! Stinkin cute! I love this pillow too!! Yell737 on rav

  110. Oooh, I love the Loren waistcoat! Talk about lines!

  111. Carolyn L. Daniels

    February 28, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Favorited several of the patterns, but think the Whistler Pillow and Smith Blanket are my favorites due to the color saturation

  112. Carolyn L. Daniels

    February 28, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Favorited several of the patterns, but think the Whistler Pillow and Smith Blanket are my favorites. The colors are wonderful.

  113. I favorited the Whistler pillow. Love it!
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  114. Oh, love that Rex cowl, because I’m all about chevrons lately and that’s just classic

  115. I really like the Smith blanket pattern. Looking for a blanket to make my sister, and that one could be a good choice.

  116. Love love love this pillow! So beautiful. Favorites and in my queue on ravelry

  117. Pinned the pillow! Now I can lust for it 😉

  118. I favorited the Smith blanket (my ravelry name is aetherie) – I love how the neutral background sets off all the different colors!

  119. I also pinned the Whistler pillow here:

  120. I favorited heather’s pullover , it’s so pretty! I love the lace detail.

  121. Love the Whistler Pillow!

  122. I love the Smith Blanket and will have to go searching fir the yarn and pattern.

  123. Indulgence on Rav

    March 1, 2014 at 5:53 am

    I faved on rav the Whistler Pillow. I really like the effect.

  124. Love love love! I queued both the blanket and pillow (reminds me a bit of the exuberant yet sophisticated work of Kaffe Fasset) and I would love to knit/wear the Heathers sweater.

  125. My favorite is the Whistler Pillow (followed very quickly by the Smith Blanket, then the boatneck pullover!) This is the first time that I ever wanted to knit a pillow! I am in love with single ply yarn and want to knit something with Moonshine, it sounds D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L!

  126. Love (and favorited) the Smith blanket — and Whistler is great, as well. The yarn looks scrumptious :)

  127. The pillow and Smith blanket are definitely my favorites but I’m also eyeing that little cropped cardigan. Fingers crossed!

  128. I favorited 3 of the projects and consider them MUST-Knit items. My favorite has to be the pillow though. Then the blanket. Followed by Heathers Pullover.

  129. I also just posted to my FB page. Can you tell I want this?? ;o)

  130. I really like the pillow! Love the honeycomb pattern with the different colors.

  131. I pinned it on my needle work pinterest board!

  132. I love this pillow!

  133. The Whistler Pillow is so colorful, now in my favorites.

  134. I just added Heathers pullover to my queue

  135. I really like the smith blanket. I haven’t seen Moonshine yet, but will look for it.

  136. LOVE Heather’s pullover – so sweet and versatile – but also the Whistler pillow

  137. Whistler popped up in my “recommendations” list on Ravelry the other day and I immediately added it to my favorites. I’m in love! When I went to see who was behind the loveliness, I was thrilled to see it was JMF. I couldn’t resist putting Smith in my list as well; they’re both gorgeous (and fun!) on their own but are an irresistible pair.

  138. I love Loren – it is exactly what my daughter has been asking for – looking forward to trying Moonshine.

  139. I like the Loren waistcoat. I am wearing my vests a lot this winter, especially as a layer under my coats.

  140. Tough call to choose a favourite, but I can’t stop looking at the Whistler pillow. I guess that says it all. Thanks for giving us the chance to win this kit – what a treat!

  141. I love the colours! I really like both the Whistler Pillow and the Smith Blanket. They look beautiful together like in the pictures on the Smith Blanket pattern page.

  142. LOVE the Whistler Pillow, and the Smith blanket. I have a B&B, and am getting into knitting cushion covers for some of the decorative pillows we use in the common rooms, and throws for the bedrooms. Whistler would be great in one of the sitting rooms.

  143. I love the Specs V-Neck Mini Sweater!

  144. I favorited 3! Loren Waistcoat, Sammy Scarf and Whistler Pillow. Thanks!

  145. My favorite is the Rex cowl.

  146. The Whistler pillow hands down!

  147. Also pinned Whistler.

  148. Lora Bourgeois

    March 2, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    I love the Smith Blanket!

  149. Jeannie Zeller

    March 2, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    The Smith Blanket!

  150. I like the smith blanket and the Rex cowl.

  151. Love the Smith blanket, such happy colors!

  152. I love the pillow but gosh heathers sweater is gorgeous. Those sleeves are just a fabulous detail touch

  153. roxanne stevens

    March 2, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    I added whistles pillow to my favorites on ravelry.

  154. I love both Smith and Specs, the entire collection is great! But Smith is the one I added to my favorites.

  155. And after that I pinned Whistler. They are both beautiful!

  156. Then I shared it on Facebook:)

  157. The Loren Waistcoat is adorable!!

  158. favorite is the Whistler pillow….made an afghan with a similar pattern years ago. Also like the Smith blanket.

  159. Favorite is definitely the Whistler pillow!
    Would love to make this pillow and blanket. Would look great in my home and look so warm and cozy!! Thanks

  160. Claudia James

    March 3, 2014 at 6:41 am

    I queued Minty! But I added the entire collection to my library as well!

  161. Claudia James

    March 3, 2014 at 6:42 am

    I pinned it!

  162. The whistler pillow is simply awesome!

  163. Can’t choose just one…my 2 favorites are the Heathers Pullover and Smith Blanket.

  164. sophiashinies

    March 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    The Smith blanket is my favorite, and I added it on Ravelry. (Now to stalk eat.sleep.knit until the new Moonshine colorways come in…)

  165. sophiashinies

    March 3, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    I pinned the Whistler and Smith combo (SO GORGEOUS TOGETHER, I might makeover my whole living room O.o ) here:

  166. What a beautiful yarn! And cute patterns. The Bailey boatneck would be my first on-the-needles, but the pillow and throw are fantastic, too! Such modern colors colors and so cozy on this wintry day :-)

  167. Love the Whistler Pillow. The colours are gorgeous. B.

  168. Michelle Kroll

    March 3, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    I am liking the Sammy scarf. It’s a lot of cast-on but I like it.

  169. The Smith blanket and the Whistler pillow are definitely the ones winning my heart :) I love the colors!

  170. I have tweeted the contest :)

  171. And I’ve pinned the contest! :) I don’t usually do more than the initial entry item, but I really like that pillow, LOL!

  172. The Smith Blanket is what caught my eye.

  173. I favorited the blanket and the mini cardigan, so cute!

  174. I actually love the Whistler pillow. I really like the honeycomb pattern and the colors just make me feel happy!

  175. I love the vest, blanket and pillow. As I’m just learning to knit in my old age (76) I stick with beginners patterns only. I got a half share for Christmas and have a lovely easy vest picked out to use that wool. I love the farm and hope to see it this spring.

  176. Love the blanket and pillow both! I really love how the pillow makes use of the new Trios colors in such a fantastic way, can’t wait to get them on my needles!

  177. I knit a sweater out of Moonshine last year — I love it! My favorite garment from the collection is the Specs mini-sweater. I’ve never knit a pillow but that one is gorgeous!

  178. I favorited the Bailey Boatneck pullover. I really loved wearing it for the shoot and I totally want to make it now!

  179. My favorite is the whistler pillow!

  180. I also pinned a photo of the whistler pillow

  181. I queued the pillow and the mini sweater the minute I saw them come up on “Hot Right Now.” LOVE them!

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