The 2014 Blanket Block-A-Long

When I saw Cris’ fantastic first blanket square, I implored her to share her progress on the blog. Despite that she’s already sharing the progress of her Moonshine sweater, she agreed. I think that you’ll like what you see. And if you check out the thread on Ravelry specifically for knitting blankets, I think you’ll be just as impressed! We’ve got some great blankets being made! I would love to see someone knit blocks out of the sock club yarn. Wouldn’t that be amazing?- Lauria

I am not so much for New Years resolutions.  In most cases, I find that my enthusiasm for whatever resolution I have set for myself peters out some time around Valentine’s Day (hello chocolate, my old friend).  Instead, this year I set myself some goals.  The goals should be a challenge, things I have to put effort into, but at the same time tangible and attainable.

One of my goals for 2014 is to design and knit an afghan block each month, which I will then stitch together at the end of the year into one snuggly blanket.  The design aspect of this is the real challenge for me. I have improvised a few small knit and crochet items, but I have never officially designed anything.  Especially not anything as large as a blanket.

After perusing my stash (another one of my goals is to knit from stash as much as possible), I decided to knit my blocks in Yearling.  It is super soft and squishy, and the bulky weight yarn knits up quickly.  Primarily, I’ll be using the Hot Chocolate, Chili Pepper, Mermaid, and Butternut colorways, with a few other colors sprinkled in  as accents here and there.

I am aiming for a patchwork sort of look. Some of my blocks will be solid color blocks with stitch patterns.  Others will be colorwork designs of some sort. The only hard and fast rules are that the blocks should be 12 inches square (for easy seaming), and no two blocks will be exactly alike.  For my January block, I used the Chili Pepper colorway to knit a block that I consider to be a scaled up version of the cabled owl motif featured in Kate Daviesowls sweater.  I have always loved the little owls and the way they are created by an ingenious use of simple cables.  My block also uses cables, but on a much larger scale, to create the owl design.  Later, I’ll add eyes and a beak using duplicate stitch.

Each month, I’ll be sharing my progress and pictures of the new block here on the blog and in the JMF group on Ravelry.  There are several of us in the JMF group knitting blankets of assorted designs this year, and we would love to have you join us in the blanket block-a-long.  (If you are interested in knitting up one of my block designs, I’ll be sharing the designs on Ravelry.)  If you have your own blanket in progress or would like to start a blanket for the new year, please stop by the group and share your blanket ambitions with us.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Absolutely beautiful and I LOVE your choice of yarn.

  2. I love the owl! The colors are beautiful, too.

  3. how cool is that? Your block is stunning on all levels!!

  4. Your block is gorgeous. I did this one year with my LYS I loved the portability of the blocks and how each block was different a lovely way to try out lots of different stitch patterns. I think I should try it again. Thanks for enabling!

  5. I love your plan to work on a new square each month. It seems like a challenging goal that you’ve set for yourself but one that’s do-able. Happy, happy new year!

  6. Great idea! And I just finished the Kate Davies OWLS sweater!! :-)

  7. Are there patterns for the blanket blocks or we just doing our own thing?!!

    • Either way! Cris is sharing her blanket block pattern if you PM her on Ravelry with your email address. Her user name there is flarkin. They haven’t been tested; it’s just a fun thing that she’s graciously sharing with folks!

    • Hi Elaine! Just to echo what Lauria said, if you send me a personal message on Ravelry with your email address, I am happy to share my pattern with you. I would love to see this owl knit up be other folks!

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