Missed Connection: Flight 57

We were on JetBlue Flight 57 Boston to Dulles at 6:27am Monday, January 6th. Bleary-eyed, I sat with my knitting, trying to keep calm while we took off. By the time I noticed you, half of our 1 hour 30 minute flight was over, you had headphones in and there was a sleeping man and an aisle between us. You were wearing black, had your ipad out and were knitting on what looked like a shawl made of a blue variegated Kid Silk Haze, using a bamboo circular. I was knitting on metal Quicksilver needles with black Juniper Moon Farm Sabine yarn, wearing a hand-knit sweater and bags under my eyes.

Had the fates not been against us I would have loved to talk knitting, pattern, and yarns. But alas, by the time my seatmate removed himself from his chair, you were long gone, nor did I see you by baggage claim. (Although to be fair, I was focusing on getting my checked bag which contained some of the samples for our upcoming photo shoot, anxious that it wouldn’t come around the carousel. I needn’t have worried; it was the fourth bag out.)

May the knitting gods with be with you, lady in black.


PS – Something is up with the sock club yarn inventory. I’ll need to check it out and see if we’re out of stock or not yet. So if you’ve emailed me in the last few days, I’ll get back to you later today. Yesterday was a doozy of a day!


  1. I love this story SO much :) It always makes me really happy when I see other knitters while traveling, but I’m never brave enough to approach them!

  2. “Yesterday was a doozy of a day” – please tell me you have seen the movie Tucker and Dale vs Evil. That movie has provided our family with SO MANY new phrases.

    Officer, we are having a doozy of a day.


  3. I’m familiar with the challenges of the 6:30am flight… there isn’t enough coffee to make me “with it” at that time of day. Be glad you got out early though! JetBlue shut down out of Logan from 5pm last night until 10am this morning. With the snow last week and this shutdown, they’re saying it may take until at least the end of the week to get everyone where they’re going. Good luck with the photo shoot!

  4. Lauria, you crack me up.

  5. I hope your lady in black reads this blog and so could at least make that connection in cyberspace! That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

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