A month or so ago, my friend Dragan and I went on a grand adventure – to get Ikea shelves! Many adventurous moments (and a second trip to Ikea the next day) later, I had shelves! I quickly shoved all the yarn I could fit on them and was happy to have some floor space back, since almost all the yarn on the shelves had been living in the brown boxes it was shipped to me in. You see, The Ikea shelves were completely necessary as I get a lot of yarn from our distributor. Most of it goes out for our sample knits and some for giveaways or designers looking to work with our yarn.

But I took some time this weekend (pacing myself, since I still get tired very easily) to put the yarn up on the shelves in a more orderly fashion. It definitely gives me piece of mind to look and see some order back there.

Yarn Storage05

You might notice that my shelves are holding yarn that’s in a different form that just skeins. That’s right, I also have a bunch of finished samples on the shelves, waiting to be tagged and then to travel with me to Virginia for the photo shoot. That will free up some additional room on my shelves, which is really good since I’m already receiving yarn for Fall / Winter 2014!

Yarn Storage03

Not everything on my shelves is yarn, though. One shelf (okay, really they’re cubbies, but that makes me feel like I’m in Kindergarten!) is devoted to patterns, both ours and others, and buttons.

Yarn Storage01

And of course these little guys, which were a surprise from Anna Branner of Cloth n Clay.

Yarn Storage02

I could easily use more shelves, as much of my personal stash is not on the shelves. (Only some of my personal JMF stash fit in the two shelves I had leftover). But I’m outgrowing the wall space for this room. Really I’ve outgrown this room because in addition to being my office / craft room, it’s also my husband’s book and musical instrument room. But moving isn’t in the cards right at the moment, so I have to make do with what I’ve got!

It looks like by tidying everything up, I might have just created some room for my spinning wheel to be able to be permanently out instead of permanently stored, which would be great since I really haven’t had the drive to set up the wheel in our cramped living room and then put it away as soon as I was done. And out of site, out of mind. So I haven’t been doing much spinning. But since the 2013 Spinner’s Shares arrived and then quickly went back out the door, I’ve had a hankering for spinning up some yarn. And there happens to be a bit of wool leftover, calling my name!

Yarn Storage07

Yarn Storage08

Next up, doing something with the blank patch of poorly painted wall that I face when at my computer, which is a lot. I’ve got some ideas for this. I can’t wait to show you!

Yarn Storage06

How do you store your yarn? What keeps you energized and focused in your work / craft space?