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A month or so ago, my friend Dragan and I went on a grand adventure – to get Ikea shelves! Many adventurous moments (and a second trip to Ikea the next day) later, I had shelves! I quickly shoved all the yarn I could fit on them and was happy to have some floor space back, since almost all the yarn on the shelves had been living in the brown boxes it was shipped to me in. You see, The Ikea shelves were completely necessary as I get a lot of yarn from our distributor. Most of it goes out for our sample knits and some for giveaways or designers looking to work with our yarn.

But I took some time this weekend (pacing myself, since I still get tired very easily) to put the yarn up on the shelves in a more orderly fashion. It definitely gives me piece of mind to look and see some order back there.

Yarn Storage05

You might notice that my shelves are holding yarn that’s in a different form that just skeins. That’s right, I also have a bunch of finished samples on the shelves, waiting to be tagged and then to travel with me to Virginia for the photo shoot. That will free up some additional room on my shelves, which is really good since I’m already receiving yarn for Fall / Winter 2014!

Yarn Storage03

Not everything on my shelves is yarn, though. One shelf (okay, really they’re cubbies, but that makes me feel like I’m in Kindergarten!) is devoted to patterns, both ours and others, and buttons.

Yarn Storage01

And of course these little guys, which were a surprise from Anna Branner of Cloth n Clay.

Yarn Storage02

I could easily use more shelves, as much of my personal stash is not on the shelves. (Only some of my personal JMF stash fit in the two shelves I had leftover). But I’m outgrowing the wall space for this room. Really I’ve outgrown this room because in addition to being my office / craft room, it’s also my husband’s book and musical instrument room. But moving isn’t in the cards right at the moment, so I have to make do with what I’ve got!

It looks like by tidying everything up, I might have just created some room for my spinning wheel to be able to be permanently out instead of permanently stored, which would be great since I really haven’t had the drive to set up the wheel in our cramped living room and then put it away as soon as I was done. And out of site, out of mind. So I haven’t been doing much spinning. But since the 2013 Spinner’s Shares arrived and then quickly went back out the door, I’ve had a hankering for spinning up some yarn. And there happens to be a bit of wool leftover, calling my name!

Yarn Storage07

Yarn Storage08

Next up, doing something with the blank patch of poorly painted wall that I face when at my computer, which is a lot. I’ve got some ideas for this. I can’t wait to show you!

Yarn Storage06

How do you store your yarn? What keeps you energized and focused in your work / craft space?


  1. This looks great! I love getting organized, once there is a plan that is. :) I’m glad you love your sheepys!

  2. When we moved from one state to the next I was ready to come out of the unfinished basement with my yarn, looms and wheels. Now I have an extra bedroom that is all mine and is my studio. To corral the yarn I purchased several boxes of the wire cubes from Target, snapped them all together and lined them up along the longest wall of my studio. Voila!! I have 48 cubes of yarn that I can see at all times and because I also spin a lot I even have room for new yarn!! Happiness is organized yarn, wool and equipment. My wool-to-be-spun rests in the big blue bins under my work table and are always at the ready.

  3. Love the cubbies! I do not have near the stash that you do, though I have almost a dozen fleeces that I acquired from some shepherds that are being processed and will need space. My husband bought me a plastic trash bin for the washed fleece (waiting for carding, etc.). The rest I have in rectangular plastic bins in the closet–one for yarn, one for spinning fiber, one for breed study fiber that I still need to spin up. We will be re-doing my office/studio space, and I think cubbies are the way to go–serve as book shelves as well as fiber storage.

  4. I use the same kind of cubbies from IKEA but they are black in color. I love seeing all my yarn! I have a very sweet 6 year old guy (daughter-in-law’s cousin) who told his mother that I have cubbie yarn! He said that he likes the yarn in the cubbies so he can see the orange yarn he loves me to knit things for him with! I actually need another group of cubbies because somehow my yarn keeps growing!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. I love the cubbies/shelves! And being able to recognize some of the yarns, too :)

    My yarn is all stored in my bedroom closet, because it needs to be behind a door that is closed all the time to protect it from feline abuse 😉 Luckily my closet has some built in shelving. There’s also spinning fiber in a sturdy box in the closet, and yarn that’s needed for in-progress projects on a bookshelf in my living room. The bookshelf is supposed to be just books, but… yarn is encroaching :)

  6. Well, as a quilter in addition to being a knitter, I have way more fabric and yarn than the law allows, if there were such laws… I currently am storing 95% of my fabric, yarn, books and notions… in a 10×10 air conditioned storage unit about 1/4 mile from my home!! (And no, it is not packed from floor to ceiling, side to side, front to back, it’s just maybe 1/3 to 1/2 full but I needed to move it becuase I needed the spare bedroom as a bedroom…) They are in plastic bins of various sizes… I know, I know, but if I EVER get to retire I will NEVER have to buy any more fabric/yarn/batting/books/patterns again. Or until I go to the next LYS and see all the NEW stuff…

  7. Aloha,

    Nice to see everything so organized! I luv IKEA, but don’t have the space in my current rental. Right now the yarn is generally wound into cakes and stored in plastic project bags (https://www.patternworks.com/productdetail/300139.htm).

    I recently learned how to use a drop spindle, so my roving is stored in one of those luvely plastic tubs.

    Looking forward to having a space that allows me to see my stash!


  8. My workspace is a third of our kitchen and my storage varies as my needs change. I use fabric bowls, baskets, sturdy boxes of various sizes, milk crates turned on their side to provide open front storage that allows for good air circulation. I have used milk crates for most of my life as storage containers. They work well in a checkerboard pattern screwed directly into the wall. Love milk crates.

  9. It looks great! My stash is also on Ikea shelves–two Expedit units. It makes such a difference to be able to have things organized, and it looks pretty, too!

  10. I love reading about others storage ideas. I love to organize and re-organize mine! Maybe you could do something like Tell Me Something Good Tuesday, but have people send pictures of their studio/storage areas. And isn’t it interesting that so many of us turn to IKEA.

  11. Looks great, I absolutly love the purple yarn in your shelf, what a beautiful sweater it would make

  12. You have inspired me to work on organizing my studio! Isn’t it great to see all the potential of the new things coming up for you in the new year. Rest up this is gonna be a big one for JMF!

  13. In the basement, I have a big Rubbermaid closet-type thing. It is full of GIANT Ziploc bags, which are in turn full of normal-sized ziplocs with yarn in them. Everything is at least double-bagged and has silica gel packets because our basement is damp. It’s not ideal, but it’s what there’s space for. (Of course, there’s also a lot of yarn upstairs in various boxes and bags. I need to keep some of it accessible for easy fondling.

    My dream house has either a third-story attic or an over-garage “bonus room” — something with sloping ceilings — that could be my yarn room/craft studio. A girl can dream…

  14. I love the Rav stash feature.

    Use Yarma to upload photos.

    Single skeins in the handing shoe pockets on the door of the den. Large lots in the two deep drawers in the map chest (in plastic bags, of course).

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