We’re thrilled to bring you Marlowe – The Alban Collection.

This season’s Marlowe comes in two different varieties, the variegated Marlowe you know and love already, and a collection of Jeweltones. As you’ll see in the patterns, they pair well together, but can also stand on their own. Marlowe is a 50% wool, 50% silk blend in a worsted-to-aran weight yarn. The silk content makes the yarn just glow and it has a wonderful drape.


Like the Herriot Heather patterns, these patterns are printed leaflets, available at your LYS.

All of these patterns were named after words in Scottish poetry; they might be named after an author or a word in a title, or just a word discovered while reading poems written by Scottish authors both contemporary and classic. All these patterns are quick-knit accessories, perfect for gift giving.

They are paired with a fun recipe from the farm, space permitting. Check the back of the pattern to see if we had room to include one. The recipes are some of our farm-favorites, sure to please your family or friends!


Forsyth scarf and hat
A fun color-block hat and scarf set that is perfect for knitting in front of the TV or in a social setting, Forsyth is named after William Forsyth, a Scottish poet.

Knitters: Beverly Katz & Lori Perrine
Modeled by: Laurel Gann
Yarn: Marlowe
#104 Glacier
#17 Abalon


Torridon hat and cowl
The easily memorized chevron pattern with contrasting stripes used in this quick-to-knit set evokes the mountains and the sea as described in Algernon Charles Swinburne’s poem “Torridon Loch”.

Knitters: Brenda Beaudoin & Marci Lavine Bloch
Modeled by: Alison Green
Yarn: Marlowe
#110 Bondi
#18 Peacock Feather

GEAN hero

Gean hat and wrist warmers
A fun set of fingerless mitts and hat featuring a twisted stitch leaf pattern that works up very quickly. The clever twisted stitch pattern is reminiscent of the leaves of the Gean tree.

Knitters: Jody Strine, Julie Sprague, & Debbie Palmer
Modeled by: Laurel Gann
Yarn: Marlowe
#12 Spring Pasture


Brekken shawl
Named after a poem by Christine De Luca, Brekken is a triangular stockinette shawl with eyelet rows for interest. This simple shawl is easy to memorize and the perfect accessory to grab on your way out the door.

Knitters: Lindsay Berdan & Sheeri Cabral
Modeled by: Lauria Kincaid
Yarn: Marlowe
#103 Key Lime Pie


Triermain scarf and hat
Triermain is named after a poem by Sir Walter Scott about a knight seeking to rescue a maiden in a deep enchanted sleep. This slouchy hat and generously-sized scarf feature a Celtic cable and can be worn by either a man or a woman.

Knitters: Rose Lane & Erin Lucido
Modeled by: Jeanne Lucas
Yarn: Marlowe
#108 Maple Leaf

TAM LIN hero

Tam Lin wrap
This wrap is named after the ballad in which an elf is returned to human form by a maiden who must wrap herself around him while the Queen of the Fairies turns him into many different creatures before he’s finally returned to himself. The lacy motif reminds of the forest where Tam Lin lived.

Knitters: Gwen Keith & Cris Ferguson
Modeled by: Alexis Di Gregorio
Yarn: Marlowe
#16 Summer Fields


Virmonda shawl
This triangular shawl features a striking geometric lace pattern. Keep it in the over air-conditioned office or save it for a special night out, either way you’ll love being able to wear Virmonda.

Knitters: Lorna De Bono & Helen Elston
Modeled by: Alison Green
Yarn: Marlowe
#109 Purple Taffy

SPENS hero

Spens cowl, hat and arm warmer set
Named after the popular Scottish ballad “Sir Patrick Spens” about Queen Margaret returning home across the North Sea, this accessory set features a lovely cable detail around the edges symbolizing the two coasts and a “sea” of stockinette.

Knitters: Lori Veteto
Modeled by: Janelle Mills
Yarn: Marlowe
#105 Passion Swirl

You can find these patterns and yarn by visiting a LYS that carries Juniper Moon Farm products. Click on the pictures to be taken to the Ravelry page to favorite or queue the patterns, or find the whole collection here.

Giveaway Details!
We want to share this fantastic yarn with you! So we’re giving away two prizes. The first is 3 balls of #13 – Pacific Rim. That’s enough to make a number of the above patterns.DSC_0028

The second is 6 balls of #107 – Nougat, which is more than enough to make any of the above patterns!


Both winners will get a digital copy of one of the above patterns of their choosing.

Here’s how to enter. First, hop on over to Ravelry and favorite or at least one of the new Marlowe patterns here. Then, come back here and let us know which pattern you favorited. (Be sure to leave your Ravelry name so we can check!)

Winners will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, September 11th. Be sure to check back to see if you won!