Introducing: Marlowe – The Alban Collection

We’re thrilled to bring you Marlowe – The Alban Collection.

This season’s Marlowe comes in two different varieties, the variegated Marlowe you know and love already, and a collection of Jeweltones. As you’ll see in the patterns, they pair well together, but can also stand on their own. Marlowe is a 50% wool, 50% silk blend in a worsted-to-aran weight yarn. The silk content makes the yarn just glow and it has a wonderful drape.


Like the Herriot Heather patterns, these patterns are printed leaflets, available at your LYS.

All of these patterns were named after words in Scottish poetry; they might be named after an author or a word in a title, or just a word discovered while reading poems written by Scottish authors both contemporary and classic. All these patterns are quick-knit accessories, perfect for gift giving.

They are paired with a fun recipe from the farm, space permitting. Check the back of the pattern to see if we had room to include one. The recipes are some of our farm-favorites, sure to please your family or friends!


Forsyth scarf and hat
A fun color-block hat and scarf set that is perfect for knitting in front of the TV or in a social setting, Forsyth is named after William Forsyth, a Scottish poet.

Knitters: Beverly Katz & Lori Perrine
Modeled by: Laurel Gann
Yarn: Marlowe
#104 Glacier
#17 Abalon


Torridon hat and cowl
The easily memorized chevron pattern with contrasting stripes used in this quick-to-knit set evokes the mountains and the sea as described in Algernon Charles Swinburne’s poem “Torridon Loch”.

Knitters: Brenda Beaudoin & Marci Lavine Bloch
Modeled by: Alison Green
Yarn: Marlowe
#110 Bondi
#18 Peacock Feather

GEAN hero

Gean hat and wrist warmers
A fun set of fingerless mitts and hat featuring a twisted stitch leaf pattern that works up very quickly. The clever twisted stitch pattern is reminiscent of the leaves of the Gean tree.

Knitters: Jody Strine, Julie Sprague, & Debbie Palmer
Modeled by: Laurel Gann
Yarn: Marlowe
#12 Spring Pasture


Brekken shawl
Named after a poem by Christine De Luca, Brekken is a triangular stockinette shawl with eyelet rows for interest. This simple shawl is easy to memorize and the perfect accessory to grab on your way out the door.

Knitters: Lindsay Berdan & Sheeri Cabral
Modeled by: Lauria Kincaid
Yarn: Marlowe
#103 Key Lime Pie


Triermain scarf and hat
Triermain is named after a poem by Sir Walter Scott about a knight seeking to rescue a maiden in a deep enchanted sleep. This slouchy hat and generously-sized scarf feature a Celtic cable and can be worn by either a man or a woman.

Knitters: Rose Lane & Erin Lucido
Modeled by: Jeanne Lucas
Yarn: Marlowe
#108 Maple Leaf

TAM LIN hero

Tam Lin wrap
This wrap is named after the ballad in which an elf is returned to human form by a maiden who must wrap herself around him while the Queen of the Fairies turns him into many different creatures before he’s finally returned to himself. The lacy motif reminds of the forest where Tam Lin lived.

Knitters: Gwen Keith & Cris Ferguson
Modeled by: Alexis Di Gregorio
Yarn: Marlowe
#16 Summer Fields


Virmonda shawl
This triangular shawl features a striking geometric lace pattern. Keep it in the over air-conditioned office or save it for a special night out, either way you’ll love being able to wear Virmonda.

Knitters: Lorna De Bono & Helen Elston
Modeled by: Alison Green
Yarn: Marlowe
#109 Purple Taffy

SPENS hero

Spens cowl, hat and arm warmer set
Named after the popular Scottish ballad “Sir Patrick Spens” about Queen Margaret returning home across the North Sea, this accessory set features a lovely cable detail around the edges symbolizing the two coasts and a “sea” of stockinette.

Knitters: Lori Veteto
Modeled by: Janelle Mills
Yarn: Marlowe
#105 Passion Swirl

You can find these patterns and yarn by visiting a LYS that carries Juniper Moon Farm products. Click on the pictures to be taken to the Ravelry page to favorite or queue the patterns, or find the whole collection here.

Giveaway Details!
We want to share this fantastic yarn with you! So we’re giving away two prizes. The first is 3 balls of #13 – Pacific Rim. That’s enough to make a number of the above patterns.DSC_0028

The second is 6 balls of #107 – Nougat, which is more than enough to make any of the above patterns!


Both winners will get a digital copy of one of the above patterns of their choosing.

Here’s how to enter. First, hop on over to Ravelry and favorite or at least one of the new Marlowe patterns here. Then, come back here and let us know which pattern you favorited. (Be sure to leave your Ravelry name so we can check!)

Winners will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, September 11th. Be sure to check back to see if you won!


  1. I absolutely love MARLOWE and all of these patterns. I favorited them all on Ravelry but my most favorite is the Brekken shawl. I must tell you that I’m partial to the yarn because my maiden name is Marlowe and my youngest son is Marlowe McCann. We will wear the yarn proudly!

  2. Well I faved 2! Virmonda and Terra.
    Ravelry name is issythomas.

  3. I favorited Tam Lin! (Mbm on rav) The lace pattern is gorgeous and I can’t wait to try the new Marlowe.

  4. I just discovered Marlowe over the summer. I love the new colors! Triermain is my “favorite” pattern!

  5. Excellent, excellent stuff here. I just fave’d Tam Lin because the ‘here’ link wasn’t working. Knitkats is me! Thanks for the opportunity. I am hoping for the 3 balls of pacific rim, just loving that colorway (and the colorway of Tam Lin, and….) :-)

  6. Jessica from Asheville

    September 3, 2013 at 8:01 am

    I might have just gone and favorited them all, but Virmonda is my absolute favorite of these. I love shawls in general and the geometric pattern of this one specifically. I could imagine one of these in my office, one for nice evenings out, one for… (jdunsmore)

  7. Out of this collection of patterns, Virmonda is my favourite as I’m a big fan of shawls.

  8. Virmonda and Spens (the whole collection) are on my to do list! Love, Grandmatutu. xoxo

  9. Well I just favorited Torridon, which I would have done anyways. I feel it is perfect to make for a friend who moved to Scotland for a year yesterday. Sending far away friends warm things shows you love them, right?! (genesneaky on Rav)

  10. Loving the Spens Collection so that’s been added to my favorites at elephantsknit on Rav.

  11. Mary (Marybelle)

    September 3, 2013 at 9:18 am

    I just favorite the Tam Lin Wrap – it is exactly what I have been looking for! Not too big, not too small – just right!

  12. I favored the Torridon. I knit a lot of hats and scarves for Christmas and this looks like a pattern people would like.

  13. I love Virmonda….but I think Brekken is more within my skill set!!

    • Do NOT be intimidated Anna….Virmonda looks a lot more complicated than it is. It is a really fun pattern to knit up!

  14. I faved the Triermain hat and scarf. Love the cables! (rav name gidgettm)

  15. I favorited the Spens hat
    rosebob on ravelry

  16. I loved Virmonda and Spens. Favorited both of them.

  17. I love the Torridon and Spens and will add them to my queue.

  18. I absolutely love the tam lin wrap

    I’m squiggi on ravelry

  19. I faved the Torridon cowl and hat and the Virmonda shawl (ravelry name: aliciakhess).

  20. Beautiful yarn. I favorited all of Spenser.

  21. Grr. IPad correcting me. That is Spens

  22. I favorited the Spens trio, although I am also in love with the Tam Lim wrap. I know just the recipient for the Spens trio in the Pacific Rim colorway, although I might have to knit the Tam Lim wrap for myself in the Nougat! On Ravelry, I’m known as gnarlyyarn!

  23. Favorited all three Spens patterns!! You know I love me some cowl action…and throw in mitts and a hat and I am one happy warm winter camper!! :)

    The Marlowe collection of patterns is full of great things on my list.

  24. Triermain scarf is the one with the all over stitch pattern (well, sort of) I really like and which I think can be used on several items – not necessarily a scarf.
    That is why I added that one to my list of favorites on RAV!

    And those skeins of yarn in blue look amazing, but then… eeeuhm… well… I am a sucker for blue *_*

    Have a nice day all and happy knitting of course! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  25. I faved Spens hat.
    nidhikansal on ravelry

  26. Melissa Savoy (SheCrochets)

    September 3, 2013 at 10:35 am

    So many beautiful patterns. In my favorites are the Torridon cowl and the Triermain scarf. Love, love, LOVE the cables in the scarf! Gorgeous collection, beautiful yarn.

  27. Wow…lovely patterns! I couldn’t choose one so I added a couple to my favorites. The entire Spens collection because I adore matching sets…thank you for designing them that way!!! Also, Tam Lin because lace is my favorite stuff to knit! (I am kmcschmidt over on Ravelry.)

  28. lindaran (on Rav)

    September 3, 2013 at 10:43 am

    I favorited Torridon cowl (love the color and pattern stitch combo), Triermain scarf (celtic cables gone sideways? Yes!), and Tam Lin wrap (one of my favorite stories and great lace stitch)

  29. Ooh, I favorited the Spens cowl, the Torridon hat, and the Tam Lin wrap. Loving this season’s Marlowe!

  30. I faved Torridon cowl and Virmonda shawl.
    Ohlalalaine on Rav

  31. Really loving the Brekken shawl! jayellesea on Rav

  32. My favorite….Virmonda shawl! Love it!

    BrazenKnitWit on Ravelry :)

  33. I like Viramonde shawl
    Ravelry name: luvdawool

  34. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap – beautiful! My ravelry name is kari1276

  35. Love Virmonda shawl! My Ravelry name is mejudy2.

  36. Teresa (Knittingdancer)

    September 3, 2013 at 11:09 am

    I fav the Virmonda Shawl.
    knittingdancer on Ravelry

  37. Adelaide100 favored the Spens cowl, although she likes many of the patterns. It’s a beautiful collection.

  38. p4chen on Ravelry

    I am SO desperate to knit with JMF yarns….and congratulations on these beautiful designs. My favorite was Virmonda! WHAT a beautiful shawl!

  39. I love cables, so of course I love the Triermain hat and scarf! Ravelry name = Silvamint.

  40. I have never tried Marlowe yarn, but it is just lovely. The patterns are great also. I think my favorite is Tam Lin. I am partial to rectangular shawls and the lace in this pattern is beautiful. My Rav name is alyceel. Thanks for a chance to win!

  41. Spens fingerless mitts for me! fabrikatek

  42. I favorited Tam Lin. I hope I win so I have a chance to try this amazing yarn. :) I’m keeperofbear.

  43. Tam Lin wrap – this yarn looks amazing

  44. Spens hat and Torridon cowl for me ! avile on rav . thanks !!

  45. warbler01 on Ravelry

    September 3, 2013 at 11:37 am

    The Torridon cowl and hat is one of my favorites, and the peacock color used is beautiful!

  46. Love Tam Lin and also Virmonda!! This yarn sounds yummy!

    girliefriend on Rav

  47. I chose the Brekken Shawl. Simple pattern to really show off the yarn!

    I’m Globalite on Ravelry.

  48. Initially I went for the Brekken Shawl, because hello? It is stunning. But after a moment or two of thought, I decided to favorite the Forsyth Scarf. I don’t have a ton of knitting experience on my needles (crochet a lot) but feel like it is an approachable enough project that I could probably do it, with a little help from my LYS. :) And some beautiful yarn. :)

    I’m indigolarkspur on Ravelry.

    • Meagan, I bet that you could easily accomplish the Brekken shawl, too! As a crocheter, you definitely already know how to yarn over and you understand the principles of increasing if not the exact how to of the knitting versions. Don’t underestimate yourself!

  49. the Triermain scarf is my favorite. Love the cables with a complete purl background

  50. I love the Torriden set–I’m always a sucker for wavy stitch patterns :-)
    I’m VirginiaKnits on Ravelry.

  51. I love tam lin wrap and the torridon cowl. Great patterns, thanks!
    amylmason on ravelry.

  52. Jane from Maryland

    September 3, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Virmonda shawl is gorgeous. Looks like a fun, challenging project, worth the effort in Marlowe. I never win these but this time I really hope I do. That yarn is too luscious!

  53. Wow, that silk content really does make it shine! Looks amazing! I faved the Tam Lin wrap – love the lace pattern. (I am Beach on ravelry)

  54. I favorited the Torridon hat under the username lilicious. I bought some Marlowe last year, and it was so indulgent–I love it!

  55. They are all so GORGEOUS!!! Way to go knitters and designers!! So many are my favorites, but, the Tam Lin in the Summer Fields colorway just stole my heart…swoon…

  56. I love the Torridon hat and cowl. The colors used for the sample, are lovely.

  57. I love so many of the patterns but the first I would love to make is the Tam Lin wrap.

    sisterrobinson on rav.

  58. I love them all but my favorites are the Brekken shawl and the Gean fingerless mitts. And the yarn is absolutely lovely. Thank you. RenCW on Ravelry

  59. I favorited the Virmonda Shawl. The patterns and yarn are gorgeous!

    I’m vernalequinox on Ravelry.

  60. I favorited the Triermain scarf! I’m Silvani on Ravelry. The scarf looks so perfect for the winters around here…

  61. I favorited all the mitt/hat patterns! Perfect time for back to school ~ fall knitting.
    I have my eye on Tam Lin Wrap โค & Brekken Shawl

  62. Susan Lawrenz-Smith

    September 3, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    slawrenzsmith on Ravelry. My favorite is virmonda.

  63. No way I can pick just one! Tam Lin Wrap; Spens Cowl & Fingerless Mitts; Torridon Cowl. And that’s just for starters!

  64. I favourited the Torridon Hat and Cowl
    skywater on Ravelry

  65. I favorited the Gean Hat. My username is radiantstar. Pretty yarn!

  66. Aloha,

    I luv, luv, luv the Marlowe book I own (haven’t tried any of the recipes yet though) and look forward to the new book as I truly enjoy the feel of Marlowe yarn whilst knitting.

    My fave from the new collection has to be the Tam Lin Wrap as the colour and story line just rock!


  67. Oooh, how lovely this yarn looks! And what a lovely pattern collection, too! I favorited the Virmonda shawl, the Brekken shawl, and the Triermain scarf. I also want to give a shout out to the Tam Lin wrap because it is named after one of my favorite ballads. :3

    dappercat on Ravelry

  68. I favourited the Spens collection (hat, cowl and fingerless mitts).

    Adia (on Ravelry)

  69. I like the tam lin wrap, also the spens set (favorited the mitts). Elsienidoo on Rav. The yarn looks scrumptious, btw.

  70. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. I love working with worsted weight yarn and I’m partial to rectangular shawls!

    babycakes5 on Ravelry

  71. I love them all, but the Tam Lin wrap is my favorite

    emsknitter on ravelry

  72. I favorited the Tiermain Scarf. I love Cables and I love this scarf. I would probably make the matching hat too. Looks toasty warm for cold Ohio winters.

  73. Oh I fell in love with the Tam Lin Wrap… among others. The colors and patterns are wonderful and you toss in a bonus of a recipe from the farm, wonderful!

    My Ravelry persona is Sissywoo.

  74. Just favorited Tam Lin. It looks super cosy.
    Riadese on Ravelry.

  75. My rav name is chelny. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap and Torridon cowl. I saw that Juniper Moon Farms yarn is available at my LYS. I was excited to see that, as I have been following your website for a couple months now. I hope to buy a share in the future. :)

  76. I love the Tam Lin wrap! Mjfknits on Ravelry.

  77. Beautiful yarn! I’ve just favourited Tam Lin wrap. Rav id: iribeiro

  78. Wow, that was easy! 3 patterns just jumped into my Favorites – Tam Lin Wrap, Brekken shawl, & Virmonda shawl.

  79. OOPS! Forgot to add that su3385 is my Rav name!
    Wow, that was easy! 3 patterns just jumped into my Favorites โ€“ Tam Lin Wrap, Brekken shawl, & Virmonda shawl.

  80. I favorited Brekken, but I’m also in love with the Spens set! I would make one or the other if I won the Nougat (I’m a gray fan too, so that would make me very happy)!

  81. Jane from Maryland

    September 3, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Oops, dreaming of yarn, forgot my Rav name, folk8singer.

  82. Kimberly Petersen

    September 3, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    I’ve favorited a number of the patterns, brekken, Virmonda, Tam Lin – one of my favorite stories! – the Spens collection and the Trierman hat and scarf. As for my favorite of those, it’s a toss up between Brekken and Trierman.

    Kacie223 on Ravelry

  83. I fav’d the Breken. I love that the yarn speaks out loud and promises luxurious warmth. It also looks like an easier knit. My Ravelry name is mamorga.

  84. I have a spare ball of Marlowe that I think will be knit into some Gean mitts. I favorited several, but I’m liking the simplicity of Gean right now.

  85. favorite Brekken and Tam Lin wrap – AND added Tam Lin to my QUEQE! I lurves it! I think I will make it! (rav id: lasdcm)

  86. Oh, so beautiful! These are my faves:
    Virmonda shawl
    Spens hat
    Torridon cowl
    Torridon hat

    bkroll on Ravelry!

  87. kmatazz on ravelry! I LOVE the Tam Lin Wrap and the Torridon Hat and Cowl! I would have ordered them on line the moment I saw them! Just must now be patient until they do go online someday thru you; I do not have a LYS to get them from :-(

  88. Beautiful yarn, Beautiful patterns. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Lovin’ Virmonda. I faved it :). I’m Mariannou

  89. Cathy (Rav name CZJ)

    September 3, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    They are all gorgeous, but I narrowed it down to my 2 favorites: the Tam Lin wrap and the Virmonda shawl.

    Rav id: czj

  90. I favorited the Brekken Shawl. It’s simple, but shows off the beauty of the yarn. Thanks for the opportunity! (Ravname: Camanoah)

  91. OOO- I love the Virmonda, so I favorited that! I’m Laurpud on Rav

  92. I added Tam Lin to my favorites. Lovely color too!

  93. I faved Virmonda. (Go team!) But I expect to fave — and buy — several patterns. They’re lovely! I’m nearlyknitting on Ravelry.

  94. I added Tam Lin and Brekken Shawl to my favorites….love all of the patterns but these are my top two! Ravelry name is cysocki.

  95. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap because I love wraps, I like the designs, and I’m curious how the pattern would knit up in a solid color.

    wrappedup on Ravelry

  96. I love, love, love the Tam Lin wrap! The Brekken shawl is great as well as the Torridon cowl! My rav name is cudamama

  97. I faved the Tam Lin wrap. Beautiful yarn! Greyowl on Ravelry.

  98. Gorgeous looking yarn and patterns! I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap.

    Lindacee on Rav.

  99. I favorited the Torridon Cowl. I love the look of the two yarns together! It’s lovely. I’m yarnintercept on Ravelry.

  100. I absolutely had to favorite the Virmonda Shawl and the Tam Lin Wrap. They are both absolutely gorgeous!!

    Sgbooth88 on Ravelry

  101. I favorited Tam Lin wrap.
    craftink on ravelry

  102. I fav’d the Tam Lin Wrap. It is one of my favorite stories. My ravelry id is Rowandre.

  103. I’m going with the Tam Lin wrap for two reasons: the stitch pattern is beautiful, but the colour is my favourite part!

  104. Campingknitter favorited the spend hat and off to favorite a few more :)! Great collection!

  105. Well this looks like fun. Wool + Silk = Amazing. I’d love to give it a shot.

    I’m SugarAngel on Ravelry, and I really love the Virmonda shawl. The geometric shapes got me. I just love the lacy blocks.

  106. Since I am an accessories kind of gal, I like, and plan on making, Triermain scarf and the whole Spens collection. (BTW rav name is Spunkyknitter).

    Lovely yarn, just hard to find int he SF Bay Area.

  107. KittenWithAWhiplash

    September 3, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    I favorited the Tam Lin and they Triermain set. I’m KittenWhiplash on rav.

  108. Virmonda shawl – love the geometric pattern on the back!

    emilysmom on Rav

  109. I faved Tam Lin and would LOVE to make it in the Pacific Rim!

    corglet on Ravelry

  110. That yarn looks stunning! I’m in love with Nougat and Summer Fields! I favorited Tam Lin Wrap on Ravelry, my username is veeeens :)

  111. It was sooooo difficult to choose just one! I flipped a coin numerous times to get it down to one choice.

    Spens Cowl.

    *I am Stardustsoul on Ravelry*

  112. Love both Tam Lin and Virmonda. The geometric lace is so pretty! Willi44 on Ravelry.

  113. Erica Leigh French

    September 3, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    I marked Tam Lin as my favorite – you can guess why by my Ravelry “handle”, which is EmeraldELF.

  114. Since I knit one of the samples of the Forsyth set, it has to be my designated favorite. But if I win the giveaway, I know I will knit one of the shawls–they are lovely. and the yarn is wonderful to work with.

  115. I love the Gean Hat! The weather is cooling and my hat is needing a new slouchy topper!

  116. I favorite the “Virmonda shawl”

    lmecoll on ravelry

  117. I favorited Brekken and Virmonda. This yarn looks wonderful.
    I am debd94 on Ravelry

  118. I’m anno :) and I favorited Tam Lin. :)

  119. Torridon! I love the colors. I’m salenas.

  120. Virmonda shawl! Lovely…..

  121. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. I love the lace pattern.
    Ravelry ID: readnknit

  122. While I love triermain scarf I faved Torridon cowl because it looks like something I could actually finish.
    Rav ID: dctangles

  123. I faved the Tam Lin Wrap, cosy and classy.

    (Rav nym: Thirteen)

  124. lesfisch on Ravelry, I faved Brekken

  125. Marlowe is so beautiful. I love it. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. I hope to knit it soon. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Lochknitsmonster on Rav

  126. I Favorited the Triermain scarf love the cables, and the scarf would be squichy and soft and warm. 100Creations @ ravelry

  127. Love the torriden cowl and hat – on the model it looks lovely.

  128. I’m melann526 on Ravelry. I was having a hard time picking my favorite, until I re-read the post and realized I missed Virmonda the first time. Absolutely gorgeous, and it is even shown in my favorite color.

  129. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. My Ravelry name is maerjo. Thanks for this opportunity!

  130. I faved a few, including Tam Lin. All are just gorgeous.

    NanaMamah on Rav

  131. Judy aka lamazeteacher

    September 4, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Love the Tam Lin and Triermain patterns and they are at the top of my favorites list.
    Of course, I would like to be the lucky one to win but with so many wonderful aunties ahead of me, I’m not going to hold my breath! (But, I lied……I am turning blue!)

  132. Tam Lin wrap! Beautiful! =) (briblume)

  133. Tam Lin (favorite as soon as I saw it in new patterns!!) Vermond and the Spens Cowl. The whole collection is beautiful!

    knitschmidt on Rav

  134. I like them all, but I think Tam Lin is my favourite. And that Nougat colourway is STUNNING!!!

  135. I chose the Triermain scarf.

    SheilaOKeefe on Rav.

  136. faved the torridon cowl:-)
    caroleeann on ravelry

  137. Spens hat. It’s lovely! – Pixiequeen @Ravelry

  138. The Virmonda shawl for me!


  139. I Favorited Virmonda shawl! It is SO pretty!

    Rav name: Elixabeth

  140. Would love to make Tam Lin or Virmonda . . . Teresaknits

  141. I LOVE Virmonda! Gorgeous design and fabulous yarn, what a wonderful combination. Roamingknitter

  142. Tam Lin…love the lace, but the story of Tam Lin clinched it for me!

  143. I really like the Spens Cowl…mmm, silk around the neck. Thanks for the chance :-)

  144. Love the new Marlowe and had a hard time choosing a favorite pattern. I faved Tam Lin because of the lace and the color gradations; I think many times a colored yarn is wasted on a lacey pattern, but not in Tam Lin.

    I had hoped to visit Juniper Moon Farm at Thanksgiving when I visit my family in Palmyra, right next door to you, but I guess since you have moved I will wait for you to come up and visit my LYS Knit in Newtown, Pa, this autumn.

    Thanks for the lovely blog posts and the giveway opp.

  145. ps forgot to tell you, my Ravelry name is painthoss.

  146. It’s the Tam Lin wrap for me. I LOVE the lace pattern, and in an ombre yarn, it’s so delicious!!!!

  147. I choose the Tam Lin Wrap. I really like that pattern and would love to give it a try.
    ravelry name is cbrirish.


  148. Michaela (knitmish on Ravelry)

    September 4, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I love (and have faved) the Virmonda Shawl- always nice to see a worsted weight shawl to wrap oneself in snuggly. The Nougat colourway is beautiful, by the way!!

  149. My favorite is the Tan Lim Wrap!! Gorgeous yarn and patterns!! I am QueenDBW on Ravelry.

    Good luck, all!!

  150. I faved Virmonda shawl I love shawls QTWIQ is my RAV name

  151. Kat (splat on Ravelry)

    September 4, 2013 at 11:11 am

    I favourited both the Torridon hat and cowl, and the Brekken shawl. Loved the chevron pattern in the Torridon set. As for the shawl, well, who can turn down a good cozy worsted?

  152. love ’em all but faved the Spens group; hat, cowl & mitts. any of them would look lovely in Nougat or Pacific Rim!
    kmhs on Rav

  153. They’re all so lovely, but I ended up favoriting Tam Lin, maybe because I just love that ballad (do you know the Anne Briggs version (“Young Tambling”)? Youtube it–positively haunting!)

    Rav ID: loveelamb

  154. an( mypark on ravelry)

    September 4, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Virmonda shawl is my favorite

  155. I fell for Virmonda the moment I scrolled down. This was an easy choice for me!!

    Indulgence on Rav

  156. I love the Tam Lin Wrap!

    lyndeepitiak on Ravelry

  157. I love your yarns, and this one looks beautiful! I favorited the Torridon Cowl and the Tam Lin wrap, which is gorgeous.

  158. I favorited the tam lim wrap. My rav id is pattymatt.

  159. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. It looks lovely in green. My Rav Id is Martine101.

  160. I am loving chevrons so I faved the Torridon cowl and hat. Doesn’t hurt that I love that particular shade of “loch”, of course!!!

    Debbie4 on Rav

  161. Spens fingerless mitts look so warm and cuddly! I would make a pair for my daughter and then one for myself. Possibly even one for the dear, dear grandson.

    GramBam on Ravelry

  162. I love Tam Lin – what a great lace pattern!

  163. I was led to your farm’s website by the fabulous Torridon hat and cowl – LOVE those! – added to my queue! And now in love with your farm – just added a CSA to my cart!

  164. I faved the Tam Lin wrap! misplacedpom

  165. I favorited the Torridon cowl. Absolutely gorgeous pattern for a gorgeous yarn.

    Kerry (aka Ciarrai)

  166. Merry (wahoomerryf on Rav)

    September 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    I favorited Tam Lin wrap. So pretty!
    wahoomerryf on Rav

  167. fav’d triermain–gotta love those cables!!

    rav id=smiling-tortoise


  168. It was hard to choose, but I really like Tam Lin. The yarn colors are beautiful!

    Rav ID: SaraMCrafts

  169. I faved Brekken shawl – I’m loving shawls with long ends.

    SarahCM on Ravelry.

  170. I favored the Spens Hat
    sparky136 on Ravelry

  171. I favorited Tam Lin and the Torridon hat & cowl.

  172. MrsBKnits on Ravelry. I favorited Tam Lin. I love the story behind the name.

  173. I favorited the Triermain scarf and hat. It’s hot here – 90s in fact – but one of these days it’s going to cool down enough that I’ll need a scarf and hat! aernst on Ravelry!

  174. Vermonda is great!! Looks like a sit-in-front-of-the-fire shawl.
    My Ravelry is Elmpark.

  175. I favorited Brekken – I can imagine wearing it often.

  176. I love the Vermonda shaw–just right in my colors and in the cold Wyoming winters.
    2harts on ravelry

  177. Tam Lin and the Triermain set are in my favorites…
    Thanks for the great patterns, yarns, and the fun contest!

  178. Beautiful yarn and patterns! I think my favorite is the Tam Lin wrap.
    Woolkitty (on Rav)

  179. I love the Triermain hat and the Spens cowl really all of the Spens set

    lotsofhermies on Rav

  180. I love the Tam Lin Wrap. My ravelry id is mjmknitting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  181. Tam Lin Wrap! Must have it NOW!

  182. Cinmac62 jist added Tam Lin to favs and queue! I think it would be fab in Pacific Rim blues! My favorite hues I have to say… Well done juniper Moon on this one!

  183. I favorited the Brekken and Virmonda shawls. I’m lorritoo on Ravelry.

  184. I favorited the Gean fingerless mitts pattern. They look so fast, and so cozy! I’d definitely want to make several sets – in Marlowe, and in handspun!

    MrsCollinHobbs on Ravelry.

  185. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap. I am babs331 on Rav. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  186. Love & Favorited the ‘Tam Lin Wrap’. Beautiful FO and the Marlowe looks AMAZING! Both exquisite colors!!!! I’m knitsNpurls69 on Ravelry, and learned of this giveaway from my Twitter feed.

  187. I like the Triermain hat and scarf

    Kenyetta on Ravelry

  188. I favorited the Tam Lin shawl and the Virmonda wrap. Such lovely lace patterns.
    I am atreidesb on Ravelry.

  189. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap
    Margoscrochet on Ravelry

  190. Carla (@CLockSox)

    September 5, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Ravelry name :mcdtheta Loved both the Virmonda shawl and the Tam Lin wrap. Both feature beautiful eyelet patters and the way the variegated Marlowe works to enhance the pattern is spectacular! I will be looking for this yarn!

  191. I fav’d the Brekken and the TamLin shawls, beautiful.
    caseya @ ravelry

  192. I have a weakness for shawls! Brekken is my favorite from this collection! Love the new jewel tones, by the way!

  193. triermain scarf is my favorite! I really think i’ll make it for my dad in a grey or dark blue color. pigbook1 is my rav name :-)

  194. I love a good slouchy hat, thus: Gean Hat! Favorited (by me, subpolka)!

    And, my goodness, isn’t that yarn just lovely.

  195. Hi – love love love wool/silk blends and I’m sure I will love this yarn once I meet it in real life…

    I favorited the Torridon Hat, the Torridon Cowl, and the Tam Lin wrap. Over on Ravelry, I am known as dinaknitsinct

    Thanks for the give-away!

  196. I favorited the Virmonda. It’s gorgeous in the Purple Taffy!

  197. I faved the Vermonda shawl- it is a beautiful shawl, made with a beautiful yarn.

    (my rav name is onceler).

  198. I faved Virmonda, Torridon hat, and Torridon cowl. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  199. Oh wow, beautiful! I love the Tam Lin wrap, I will look for that at my local yarn shop. My Rav name is Bloo.

  200. I love the Virmonda Shawl. I favorite it. RavID: rainmomma

  201. Tam Lin wrap is very pretty. I faved it. emount on rav. Thanks for the giveaway.

  202. I faved Triermain Scarf tk …. I don’t knit yet but I’m thinking about using post crochet to get this effect. Love your contest and the yarn is gorgeous!

  203. I love all the patterns and may fav more of them. For now it’s the “Tam Lin Wrap”

    I’m Musheroom on Ravelry

  204. I favorited Forsyth and Tam Lin. I like the blocky colors in the first, and the lace and the story in the second.

    On Rav, I go by Seward. In RL, I usually go by Oh My God What Have You Done Now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  205. Tam Lin Wrap…..Gorgeous….And the story behind it is very romantic

    Nhsarab on Ravelry

  206. I added Torridon Cowl to my favorites.
    ravelry name newwitch

  207. Ravelry name: cablackwood

  208. I added Virmonda shawl. Very pretty. Ravelry name terriknit

  209. I love Virmonda! Just about took my breath away. You know me as femmusic on Rav. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  210. Maureen J (mljan)

    September 6, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    I chose Brekken, Tam Lin, and Virmonda. Other patterns are great, too, if you live in a climate cold enough to wear them.

  211. Maureen J (mljan)

    September 6, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    I forgot to say how gorgeous the yarn is. Nice, nice.

  212. Virmonda Shawl–love the texture that the lace creates!

  213. Ooh – gorgeous looking yarn with such a lovely name.
    My fave is Tam Lin wrap (JulieRR)
    Congrats to all

  214. They are all lovely but my favorite is Tam Lin. Rav name is Carlisa

  215. My favorite is the Spens set! I love the gloves. My ravelry name is foreveratrio.

  216. I love Tam Lin! Gorgeous!

  217. I faved the Forsyth hat and scarf and the Torridon cowl. I’m loving small projects right now. The yarn looks amazing in any of these patterns!

    P.S. Ravelry name is VCFibers

  218. I favorited the Torridon cowl. I love the matching hat too!
    gussek on Ravelry

  219. The Spens hat is my favourite. Your yarn is beautiful, especially the blues in the Pacific Rim.


  220. Victoria Williams

    September 7, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    I picked the Tam Lin Wrap.

  221. Gorgeous yarns and beautiful patterns. I favorite the Torridon cowl as I’m thinking that would make the perfect gift to send to a friend of mine here in Maine! My Ravelry name is jjlrdomom

  222. I picked the Triermain scarf. I love the way it looks.

    Rav name is fayofthewoods

  223. I favorited two that I love the most but they are all so nice!
    My absolute fav of fav’s is Tam lin wrap!! Gorgeous and I *neeeeed* it!
    I also fav-ed Spens fingerless mitt warmers.
    Love this!
    Luv2CUSmile on ravelry

  224. I love the Tam Lin wrap. I love the lace pattern and I think its just the right amount of lace that I can handle as a novice knitter! It would look great in the Nougat colorway also :) These Marlowe patterns are all lovely.

    Alice aka wintersoup on Rav

  225. Spens cowl!


  226. Beautiful patterns! I put Tam Lin Wrap in my favorites.
    asteride on Ravelry

  227. I have favorited Virmonda. My ravelry name is Yadvi.

  228. I got 2 on my favorites – Virmonda and Brekken Shawls; I love them both! Thanks, knittingloulew on Ravlery

  229. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap – love the way the pattern and yarn go together so well! My ravelry name is emilythefirst…

  230. that yarn is beautiful and your patterns are fantastic. My name is on ravelry is salemlost and i favorited the tremain(sp) hat

  231. Those colors; that sheen! Oh, wow.
    Virmonda – babs707

  232. Suzanne Shattuck

    September 9, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    I selected Spens cowl, hat and arm warmer set (although the pattern on rav only showed the hat). These yarns are delicious! Especially the blue…to die for!

    schwip on Rav

  233. Jane from Maryland

    September 9, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Virmonda! True gorgeous! The color and design are perfect together. The drape! Ohhhh.

  234. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap. It’s beautiful!
    My rav name is lishknits :)
    Thank you,

  235. I am obsessed with the Tam Lin wrap that I liked over on Ravelry. My Ravelry name is “absentbree”

  236. Stephanie Risotto

    September 10, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Lovely patterns :) I favored the Virmonda shawl and the Triermain scarf. You can find me on Ravelry as Stephanie1903. The yarn looks spectacular!

  237. Tammy L. Mitchell

    September 10, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Awesome yarn and patterns!
    Rav ID Pazzagatto
    Fave pattern Spens patterns

  238. I couldn’t resist! I had to fav two… Tam Lin and Virmonda are both completely my style and look like a lot of fun to knit!

    (On rav)

  239. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. My Ravelry name is Beckye.

  240. I use trikkijilli as my user name on Ravelry (after my dogs). I loved them all but would make the virmonda shawl first and love the Pacific Rim color way but forgot the name when writing my remarks. All colors are beautiful in this yarn.

  241. I love these new yarns!! The pattern I love the most on Ravelry is the Brekken Shawl. Just gorgeous!! Keep up the good work!

  242. I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap because it’s beautiful and winter is coming up (Of course, all the patterns are all beautiful) ^_^ My ravelry username is dragongirl413. Yay for yarn!

  243. Love the Brekken Shawl and the Tam Lin wrap. These patterns have great texture! (Ravelry user: roni12k)

  244. Spenser fingerless mitts… Love them… Would of course have to make the matching hat.

    Ralvery ID: ziptyacres

  245. I favorited two – the Triermain hat and the Torridon hat. Very pretty!! My Ravelry user name is crazyoldchick!

  246. Love these patterns and your yarn!!! The brekken and the tam Lin are beautiful! Ravelery name is krazydaisy!!

  247. I favorited the Torridon cowl. Just love these yarns!

  248. Tam lim wrap, MaryCay on ravelry

  249. I just love them All !!! It would be too hard to chose and I ‘m just happy with being able to
    Pick up my “sticks” every day !

  250. Without a doubt, the Torridon Cowl! Love that. :)

    Pdaita on Ravelry

  251. I favorited (yes, that is not a word!) the Spens patterns! Love them. I have to own the pacific rim yarn! My user name on Ravelry is Tracidee.

  252. All of the patterns are lovely but my favorite is the Virmonda shawl. My Ravelry name is mrsbudda

  253. i made the triermain a favorite as hsmomo on ravelry.

  254. The Vemonda shawl, just love the geometrical shapes! My Ravelry name is Cat52

  255. I’ve favored the Tam Lin Wrap. The rectangular shape is so versatile for my warm south TX weather. And a Lacy wrap – perfect! – lilacblooms (ravelry name)

  256. “Favorited” the beautiful Tam Lin wrap, just in time for autumn. My Ravelry name is “StWajda”.

  257. I love them all but I favorited virmonda
    Ravelry name is butterscotch

  258. Torridon cowl is my utmost favorite !

  259. I favorited Torridon cowk and Virmonda shawl on Ravelry, thanks for the patterns and hope to win the yarn! Wallismove.

  260. I love the Tam Lin Wrap!!!! Bellrbi!

  261. I love the Triermain scarf (and added to my favorites) and the color (maple leaf) is gorgeous! Just looking at it reminds me of fall.

    I’m txlady129 on Ravelry.

  262. I love the Torridon and favorited it.
    My Ravelry handle is LeslieLG.
    Fingers crossed.

  263. I added the Tam Lin and the Virmonda wraps to my favorites. My ravelry name is Eeyore8.

  264. I have favored Tam Lin, and my raverly id is purlingknitty. Thanks for the opportunity to try out this beautiful yarn!

  265. I favorited Torridon hat and cowl. This is such a lovely and feminine pattern. It would be unbelievably awesome to win the yarn and pattern. My ravelry handle is Lollipolluza.

  266. I favorite Gean. One of my granddaughters just moved to Scotland from Wyoming(!!) to attend university and would love to wear Gean. My Ravelry name is WyoNana.

  267. I chose the Torrigan hat and cowl. I like the pattern with the yarn choice

  268. I love the Tam Lin. My Ravelry name is ArizonaGrandma

  269. I favorited the Brekken shawl – so adaptable; it can be used as a shawl, cowl or scarf. My ravelry username is neddycat.

  270. I “favorited” two patterns: the Tam Lin wrap and the Torridon hat.

    I love the combination of wool and silk but I don’t think I have ever had a 50/50 blend. Tres cher…. but I sure would like to!

  271. Mmmm silk! I favorited Tam Lin and Virmonda. I am all about the shawls lately and these would just glow in Marlowe!
    Ravelry name: newmoonjlp

  272. I made the Virmonda shawl, Tam lin wrap and the Triermain Scarf, my favorites. My Ravelry name is midge817.

  273. Love the Virmonda Shawl! Would love to win the yarn to make this with!
    I added it to my favorites on Ravelry…my user name is Melamela.

  274. I favorited the Torridon Cowl & Hat, the Tam Lin Wrap, and the Spens Cowl, Hat, and Fingerless Mitts. Love them all. I’m KnitChickKim on Ravelry!

  275. I love the color and texture of the virmonda shawl.
    Rav ID: frewesfarm

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  276. Hi Susan and Juniper Moon Farms!
    I favorited Virmonda shawl and Torridon cowl patterns and would love to make these for Christmas gifts for friends this year!! Keep up the great work and quality. Your yarns, patterns and presentation keep me smiling.

    Audrey Jue
    audreylj on Ravelry

  277. I favorited (is that a word???) Spens Cowl. Love it and the new Marlowe! I made a cowl for myself out of Marlowe last year and it’s really my favorite, go-to, piece! Thank you for the opportunity to knit with it again!

  278. Hi,

    Thanks for this great drawing, the yarn sounds and looks lovely.
    I faved the Tam Lin shawl and the Trierman hat and scarf.
    My ravelry name is pdxlisa.

  279. I love all of them but I can’t wait to make the Gean hat. I love the color and texture.

  280. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap, the Torridon hat and cowl, and the Virmonda shawl. My Ravelry name is silentGstitch. I love the yarn!

  281. Hi,
    Dreaming of yarn and faved the Triermain Scarf and Tam Lin Wrap with the great inspiration story. Ravelry name is ltbomy. Thanks!

  282. Love the Tam Lin pattern! Fingers crossed my lys will have copies!
    ravelry: ancientwings

  283. I faved the tam lin wrap. I am Kathy Smith

  284. Tam Lin is absolutely my favorite (and would be stunning in either of the colors in the contest). I’m CraftyLyss on Ravelry.

  285. Oooh, lovely stuff! I favorited the Tam Lin wrap (love the inspiration). adronzek on ravelry.

  286. I favorited several, but my most favorite is Tam Lin! lilblueeyes on ravelry

  287. Cynthia Dix Porter

    September 10, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    I favorited the Tam Lin Wrap. Ravelry id is Aylaeri.

  288. Like so many others I favorited the Tam Lin wrap…it’s be so pretty in the Pacific Rim! I’m mermaidblue on Ravelry.

  289. I favorited Tam Lin wrap. Absolutely gorgeous. Ravelry name HankInKnots.

  290. I favorited the Brekken Shawl for its simplicity and femininity. I would love to come to your farm some day! I live in Charlottesville so I’m close by.

  291. I favorited the Tam Lin wrap and the Brekken shawl. Both are fabulous! My revelry name is Knitopus.

  292. I added Brekken shawl to my favorites (asimplehomestd)

  293. I favorited Tam Lin wrap. I can’t wait to make it! Rav name is one800mary

  294. My favorite is the Tam Lin Wrap. The hard part will be deciding who is most worthy of this gem :) (TowerRanch on Rav)

  295. I adore the Triermain hat and scarf, so I faved them both. So beautiful!!

  296. oops- my ravelry name is kmamaford!

  297. Love, love, love Tam Lin! And I Rav out as sparkley.

  298. Brekken shawl for sure! I would love to make this out of the yarn your offering! It’s gorgeous!

  299. My rav name is brat58

  300. I love the tam lyn wrap. Rav name roxy64

  301. I favourited Triermain hat . Love the rustic look of it, especially knit in the yarn used! Username is hunnybeans

  302. Nifty patterns and lovely colorways! I favored the yarn and several patterns on Ravelry, where I am KiniaCat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, I believe I am most intrigued by the Tam Lin Wrap. Spiffiness.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

  303. I like the Tam-Lin wrap, reminds me of spring-summer and fall, no winter at all!

  304. I am in love with the Virmonda shawl. It is gorgeous and such a beautiful color!
    Ravelry name: Jazzyjklo

  305. I favorited the Brekken Shawl – lovely!

  306. I love the trier an scarf. What a great way to show off this beautiful yarn (and my knitting skill). Rav name is sgentry.

  307. I favorited the Virmoda shawl, It is a beautiful lace pattern. AriesKnitWit on Ravelry.

  308. I love the Marlowe yarn! I favorited the Tam Lin wrap. It’s just gorgeous! Ravelry name: littleleaflane

  309. I love the Tam Lin Wrap and favorited that on Ravelry. My Ravelry name is Vecere.

  310. Love Tam Lim! Rav name betshsu

  311. Tam Lin would be so elegant in Nougat! Mudlarque on Ravelry

  312. Favorite is the Spens hat. Would look wonderful in the Pacific Rim colorway. knitdoc on rav.

  313. Hi, I faved Torridon, but love most of the patterns! The yarn is gorgeous! My name is PeriWinkle59. Thanks!

  314. My name is Akann17 and I loved the Tam Lin Wrap!

  315. I loved so many of the patterns shown but I especially was drawn to favorite the tam lin wrap! What a beautiful wrap and color way of that lovely yarn…amazing!!

  316. Forgot to add my ravelry info to above comment…so excited about the gorgeous yarn and patterns. I favorited the tam lin wrap

    New2knit2011 on ravelry

  317. Virmonda is my favorite, followed by Tam Lin. My ravelry name is smr55

  318. I favorite both the Vironda and Brekken shawls.
    Ravelry name is RobynLouiseL

  319. Diana Leffingwell

    September 11, 2013 at 2:34 am

    I favorited the Virmonda shawl and will make it as soon as I can find the pattern. I live in a rural area and have no yarn shops or stores in this area. Next time I go to the city I’ll try and find it. my ravelry name is dmleffingwell.

  320. I favored the Triermain scarf. I love all of the pieces but my Ravelry queue is already longer than a lifetimes worth of knitting!!

  321. I would LOVE to win!! I would like to win!! a BIRTHDAY surprise!! (61 today!!)

    faves: Tamlin, Torridon cowl, Virmonda!! LOVELY LACE!!

    Sasse at Ravelry!

  322. Faved the Triermain scarf, interestingly cabled. Ravelry name is nmattern.

  323. I faved the Triermain scarf because I just love the cabling on it. It looks so warm and cozy!

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