Blaithin progress

Hello again from Blaithin land! This is an exciting post for me for several reasons. The first one can be seen in the two photos sandwiching this post: The sleeves are done! Not only did I successfully live through the knitting of a pair of things again, but they are exactly the same size and shape and everything. (No, I am not a sock knitter — how’d you guess?)

Blaithin progress

Another happy bit is the unique and lovely fabric this yarn is knitting up into. An ideal amount of floofy, underspun bits make a superbly varied texture, made even more perfect by the fact that they are spaced in a most pleasing way, aka: No giant islands of fleeciness in a sea of otherwise orderly stockinette. Hooray!

Blaithin progress

Super high up on the best thing list is finally finishing the body.

Blaithin progress

Don’t get me wrong, this has been a thoroughly pleasant knit so far, but I did start to get just the tiniest bit tired of nothing but knitting in circles for those last six inches or so. When I finally got to the point of attaching the sleeves on Saturday night, I considered throwing an impromptu party, but it was late and I was very tired so I went directly to bed instead. I can’t say for sure, but I may have drifted off to sleep with the sound of distant party blowers dancing in my ears…

sleeves attached!

After a busy Sunday morning and early afternoon, I finally had a chance to jump into the yoke chart. Because I guess I was really afraid I might freak out and destroy the colorwork section, I put in a lifeline before I started. Sometimes I can be a responsible knitter when it really counts.

starting yoke

Oh, before I go any further, I remember someone requesting to see my backside (my goodness!), so here’s that so far. As far as I can tell, I seem to be staying nice and even and not pulling or going too far the other way and being droopy. Now here’s hoping I can stay consistent!

9-15 (3)

I didn’t get very far up the chart that first day, but I am pleased with what little I have so far, and cannot wait to share the rest of the yoke next time! Provided the knitting winds keep blowing my way over the next few weeks of course. Fingers crossed that they do, because I am so in love with doing colorwork right now!

oh boy!


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