Introducing Herriot Heathers

It may feel like summer outside but cooler days will be here before you know it. That means it’s time to introduce you to our new Fall/Winter yarns and design collections!

First up is Herriot Heathers, an extension of our very popular 100% Baby Alpaca Herriot yarn! Herriot was originally only available in 10 all natural colors; Herriot Heathers comes in 10 lovely, gently heathered shades. Otherwise, though, it’s all Herriot!

Herriot Heathers Color Card


This season we’re very excited to be releasing patterns in a different way. In the past we’ve released each collection as booklets jam-packed with with patterns. However, you have been clamoring to be able to buy individual pattern from the collection and this season, you can. We’re releasing all these patterns as printed leaflets, available at your LYS.

And you will want to buy these patterns! The collection was designed by one of my favorite people in the world, Alison Green. Seriously, if there is one person in the world who I wish I lived in my town, it’s Alison. She is fun, and funny and full of so much joie de vivre. Just knowing I’m going to see her puts a smile on my face. Plus, she’s a brilliant designer who is going places. If I sound like a total fangirl, it’s because I am!

Here’s a more formal bio:

Alison Green (formerly Alison Green Will) is a knit designer, knitting teacher and technical editor living in Haverhill, MA. Her designs have been published in Twist Collective, Interweave Knits, Knitty, and she has designed for yarn companies such as Classic Elite and SweetGeorgia Yarns. You can find her independently published patterns on Ravelry or her website,

Alison Green headshot

The Haverhill collection celebrates the landmarks near and in designer Alison Green’s town. It features both cablework and colorwork to show off Herriot Heathers’ crisp stitch definition and smooth drape.


WHITTIER by Alison Green

 Whittier pullover
An Audrey Hepburn-inspired classic pullover that would be perfect for the office but equally lovely dressed down with jeans.

Knit by: Deb Boyken
Modeled by: Janelle Mills
Yarn: Herriot
#1001 Black River Stone
#1008 Fall Aster
#1007 Mountains Majesty

 WALNUT SQUARE by Alison Green

Walnut Square fingerless mitts and slouchy hat
A single cable travelling up the slightly slouchy hat and fingerless mitts make this set a stylish pair and a fun knit.

Knit by: Sarah Lebel Van Vugt
Modeled by: Annie Kerins
Yarn: Herriot
#1005 Stone Blue

MERRIMACK by Alison Green

Merrimack cardigan
Lovely but simple cable and slipped stitch panels add a beautiful detail to this cozy hooded cardigan. The back and front panels travel up the hood for a unified design with an original yet easy to work construction.

Knit by: Lyn Carriveau
Modeled by: Lauria Kincaid
Yarn: Herriot
#1006 Moss

PENTUCKET by Alison Green

Pentucket hat and cowl
An unusual stitch pattern using stranded colorwork and cables makes this set unique and fun to knit. Never tried stranded colorwork and cables simultaneously before? It’s easier than you think! We’ll be doing a Knit-a-Long of this pattern in September!

Knit and Modeled by the designer: Alison Green
Yarn: Herriot
#1000 Oatmeal
#1002 Pansy

KENOZA by Alison Green

Kenoza raglan
This top-down raglan pullover features a gorgeous cable along the front and sleeves, with elegant seed stitch edges.

Knit by: Michelle Hutcheson
Modeled by: Lily Steven
Yarn: Herriot
#1007 Mountains Majesty

WINNEKENNI by Alsion Green

Winnekenni beret
This charming beret features an elegant cable and lace pattern that can be easily memorized, with crown decreases cleverly hidden in the stitch pattern.

Sample Knit by: Alison Green
Test Knit by: Sara Byron
Modeled by: Lauria Kincaid
Yarn: Herriot
#1004 Cranberry

SALTONSTALL by Alison Green

Saltonstall cardigan
This cozy A-line cardigan employs a reversible cable for the attached scarf and cuffs. It’s the perfect garment to wrap yourself in to keep off the chill.

Knit by: Lisa Stockebrand
Modeled by: Jeanne Lucas
Yarn: Herriot
#1009 Iceplant Green

Essex by Alison Green

Essex pullover
Featuring seamless construction and simple colorwork at the borders and yoke, this picot-edged pullover would make a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting.

Knit by: Jen Kelley
Modeled by: Alexis Di Gregorio
Yarn: Herriot
#1000 Oatmeal
#1003 Dark Harbor
#1009 Iceplant Green


Please help us spread the word about the Haverhill Collection by pinning your faves on Pinterest! The patterns are all available on Ravelry now. You can also see more pictures of each individual patterns by clicking on the photo to be taken to the pattern page on Ravelry.

Herriot Heathers are already arriving in some local yarn stores with their patterns.To find a LYS near you that is stocking Herriot Heathers as well as The Haverhill Collection, click here. Be sure to click on “Find stores selling a particular brand” and select “Juniper Moon Farm” from the list before entering your location.


  1. So many lovelies! Well done, Alison!

  2. EXCITEMENT!!! Such lovely stuff!

  3. Beautiful patterns in names I am familiar with! Haverhill is only 7 miles up the road from me! Love her stuff! The new heathers are fabulous as well! Excited to grab some and cast on!

  4. I’m so glad the Herriot Heathers collection is now public! I’ve been cooing over a skein of Dark Harbor for at least a month and my husband is getting worried.

    The Pentucket KAL is going to be so much fun!

  5. Beautiful patterns! I have a suggestion/request though–it is SO helpful when the size info on the pattern says (referring to the accompanying photo): shown in size XS WITH ## INCHES OF POS/NEG EASE. Without that, if I don’t know Lauria it is of limited value to know that she’s wearing a size XS. Thanks for the gorgeous designs!

    • Hi Linda, we do put which size is being modeled in with the patterns (and on the Ravelry page). We don’t often put how much ease is being modeled though. For the record, my tracts of land are rather expansive, although I do otherwise have a small frame! I tried on many of the sweaters during the trunk shows and for many of them I would make the extra small size, but add some additional bust shaping to fit. I firmly believe in everyone doing their own modifications to suit their bodies!

  6. Dear Susan,
    Is the farm gone forever? Seems like everything in the blog lately is focused on the yarns, patterns and the details of what people are doing with the yarns and patterns. I understand that you have to promote the product, but the whole reason I started reading your blog was the farm (when it was still in New York and Martha’s Vineyard), the goats and the sheep. I know I’m not walking in your shoes and I never could but I watched the little videos of the antics of the baby goats, read about and watched how you cared for your flock and moved to Virginia with you. The highs and the heartbreaks were all there in your blog and I laughed and cried along with you. I admire the way you’ve built up your yarn business and realize that things must change when you’re moving forward, but I really miss the days of seeing the farm and how all your “critters” are doing. I miss Charlie and the chickens. Are we going to see some of that again soon? Thanks for reading this. Best regards, Mary

    • Hi Mary, all the travel this summer, as well as getting some medical treatment (routine for her condition, but still necessary) and looking for the perfect forever farm has meant that Susie’s been away from her animals for awhile now, which is why there is less animal content. But she’s headed back to be with them later this week and can’t wait! I know how much she misses them, so I know she’s really excited to see them again. I’m sure that she’ll be toting her new camera along to take lots of pictures!

  7. SO EXITING!!! These patterns are SO gorgeous – Alison did an amazing job!!! And the new Herriot colours are just stunning, too. :)

  8. I love the name Herriot Heathers, from the books?

  9. I grew up in Haverhill/Merrimac- I love seeing these beautiful patterns with such familiar names. How about Hannah Dustin- does she get a knit too?

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