This Weekend in Pictures

DSC_0175Neve and Cini, two of my favorite favorites.





DSC_0063A little sheepy R & R.



DSC_0126Oona + an army of dogs is terrifying.

DSC_0082Cini making sure no one steals the hay.

DSC_0058Happy, happy dog.




  1. LOVE that picture of Oona! Thanks for helping us check in with the herd!

  2. Love these! What a great way to start my week out. Thank you!!

  3. Thought of you and the herd while I was at MD Sheep & Wool.

    Best of hope for the moment when you and the new property meet each other.

  4. Are the animals ensconced at the new farm yet? Hope you’re managing to get some rest during the transition.

  5. Love!! Oona and the dogs is a fabulous picture!

  6. I, too, loved that picture of Oona with the dogs! Looks like maybe you are getting settled. Can’t wait to hear more about your new home, even if it is temporary.

  7. You make my day! :)

  8. Melissa Savoy (SheCrochets)

    May 6, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Oh, WOW! Love the one with Neve and Cini, and the one with Oona and everyone. You’re right – that IS terrifying!

    What gorgeous photos. Thanks for making my day!

  9. Who on earth decided it was a good idea to give Oona an army of dogs? Because you are right, that is a terrifying thought.

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