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What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Pieces is mine and Amy’s new favorite favorite cookbook of all time ever. The photography is just brilliant and so inspiring. I keep it next to my bed. The best cookbook I’ve purchased in ages.

Spilling the Beans: The Autobiography of One of Television’s Two Fat Ladies Over the holidays I watched the entire Two Fat Ladies tv series and something Clarissa Dickson Wright said in it made me curious about her. So, it turns out that she’s from an insanely wealthy, eccentric British family and drank away her inheritance in 10 insane years (she’s been in recovery for ages now.) It’s light read and very name droppy but in an interesting way.

Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms: The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind I haven’t read this next, but it’s on deck. My sister is currently reading it, and she starts every sentence with “Did you that…”. From Amazon: “…a fascinating chronicle of life’s history told not through the fossil record but through the stories of organisms that have survived, almost unchanged, throughout time. Evolution, it seems, has not completely obliterated its tracks as more advanced organisms have evolved; the history of life on earth is far older—and odder—than many of us realize.”

The Uninvited Guests: A Novel  Everybody and her sister has been raving about this book, and I have to admit that it caught me completely by surprise. The beginning is a little slow but stick with it and it may catch you by surprise, too.

After I read The Uninvited Guests, Amazon apparently thought they had my number and they recommended Miss Buncle’s Book. And maybe they did have my number because I found Miss Buncle’s Book a sweet and delightful read!

 “Barbara Buncle is in a bind. Times are harsh, and Barbara’s bank account has seen better days. Maybe she could sell a novel … if she knew any stories. Stumped for ideas, Barbara draws inspiration from her fellow residents of Silverstream, the little English village she knows inside and out….To her surprise, the novel is a smash.”

As you would expect, all manner of hell breaks loose in Silverstream and hilarity ensues. This is the very definition of light reading but I enjoyed it very much and will be reading more from the Miss Buncle series.

A couple of you have asked how I managed to read so much while getting everything else done. The answer is that 1.) I’m not really doing as much as I used to since I’ve been sick and 2.) I have pretty much given up on keeping up with the news, which really freed up some time for me.

Ever since a Connecticut elementary school was shot up right before Christmas, I just find that I don’t have the heart (or maybe it’s the stomach?) for the news anymore. It was causing me too much pain and I’ve decided to disengage for a while while I figure out how to have a healthier relationship with it.

As a former network news producer and obsessive new consumer, it hasn’t been easy to kick the habit, but I have found myself feeling a lot freer since making the change. We’ll see how it goes…


  1. Last year I gave up news blogs & internet news sites for Lent and found that it greatly improved my life so not gone back. Loosing the TV news might be another life improvement. I have a very long list of books I would like to read . . .

  2. I still don’t know quite how you do it. I only read a tiny slice of news headlines to start with (how else would I hear about it when the Brits find one of their dead kings buried under a parking lot, I ask you) and I can’t even begin to read the things I’d like to from your lists. I have decided you must read in the wee hours when the rest of us succumb to sleep, and you must do it very very VERY fast. All the same, I appreciate having all these great recommendations stored in one place, for that day when I finally DO learn to read faster and give up sleep once and for all. :)

  3. I gave up my TV when it went from analog to digital. I only used rabbit ears for years as I watched enought (too much??) free TV and if I had paid for it (read ‘had cable’), would have been compelled to get my moneys worth by watching more!! And I am not a natural born shopper so it was easier to take the old analog TVs to the recycle center than to buy new ones. I, too, am or rather, was a news junkie but realized it was all the same, you can get a snap shot of whatever on the internet and call it good. I feel powerless on so many issues, why rub my own face in things that don’t affect me or I can’t change anyways? I wish I could say I was doing all this other stuff in my new found time but my work has ramped up that when I get home I feel like a zombie!! I wouldn’t read much if it wasn’t for audio books! Of course, I am listening to whatever the library has to offer, they are a tad bit more than a hardback, more so a paperback. I listen to a book while doing just about everything around the house, so I feel a bit less stressed about work then if I just came home and slept. And I may actually get a few things knitted! Oh, sorry for the ramble. I thank you, Susan, for the recommendations. I wish I could suggest a few for you. Thanks for the post!

  4. A few years ago I realized that I was way to caught up in the news and other people’s drama. Plugged in my Ipod and listen to books in the car after I’ve put on my cruise control and gotten in the right hand lane. Don’t watch the news at home, watch old movies on streaming Netflix, craft, and read in my spare time. I feel much calmer and really don’t miss much. I hope you find the break from the news a good thing for your life and your recovery.

  5. I gave up watching the news years ago. I figure if it’s really important, my mom will call me and warn me. All the little crap that the news folks delight in? Thanks, I can do without. If they would concentrate more on the nice stuff, like the high schoolers that tweet kids they think need a boost, I might go back to watching. Till then, I’ll stick to my knitting and weaving, and cuddling my new lambs.

  6. Somewhere near Osaka in Japan, in fact, maybe no where near Japan but certainly near the Seto Bridge is a Horseshoe Crab Museum!!! It was brilliant!

  7. Oh bother, that should say maybe no where near Osaka, it certainly was in Japan!

  8. Just finished “The Uninvited Guests”, which I really enjoyed – thanks for the recommendation! (Sadly my library does not have “Miss Buncle’s Book”.)

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