THE ELEVATOR-RESCUE TEAMS OF MOSCOW from The New Yorker. (via Kitty V.)

How One Man Tried To Slim Down Big Soda From The Inside from NPR.

Today’s Polar Bears Trace Ancestry To … Ireland? from NPR.

In Moscow, Scandals Shake A Storied Ballet from NPR.

Small Farmers Aren’t Cashing In With Wal-Mart from NPR.

Chief of Mardi Gras Indians gets ready for the big day from the BBC.

Making it Hyperlocal: The Story of a (Partially) Homemade Pair of Slippers from GOOD.

The Largest Girl-Led Business in the World Teaches 5 Essential Leadership Skills from GOOD.

In Uruguay, Citizens Trade in Guns for Bikes from GOOD.

How To: Build a DIY, Pop-Up Seed Swapping Station from GOOD.

Since I’m no longer keeping up with the news, I would love your links to great things you’ve read this week.