Weekend Reading

THE ELEVATOR-RESCUE TEAMS OF MOSCOW from The New Yorker. (via Kitty V.)

How One Man Tried To Slim Down Big Soda From The Inside from NPR.

Today’s Polar Bears Trace Ancestry To … Ireland? from NPR.

In Moscow, Scandals Shake A Storied Ballet from NPR.

Small Farmers Aren’t Cashing In With Wal-Mart from NPR.

Chief of Mardi Gras Indians gets ready for the big day from the BBC.

Making it Hyperlocal: The Story of a (Partially) Homemade Pair of Slippers from GOOD.

The Largest Girl-Led Business in the World Teaches 5 Essential Leadership Skills from GOOD.

In Uruguay, Citizens Trade in Guns for Bikes from GOOD.

How To: Build a DIY, Pop-Up Seed Swapping Station from GOOD.

Since I’m no longer keeping up with the news, I would love your links to great things you’ve read this week.


  1. Susie, I always know I can depend on you to find the most interesting articles! The Russian Elevator article is just amazing. What a picture it paints. Keep sharing! :)

  2. I love the article about building a seed-swapping station. If I had a shop with lots of foot traffic, I’d have one of these in a heartbeat!

  3. I was coming to JMF for a break from work and as I was waiting I said “Oh, it’s the w/e read list (that I will see.) followed by “Already?” time is flying, flying, flying. Looking forward to some amazing stories as always. Feel free to post a pic with this any time you feel like it… haha Happy Weekend every one!

  4. Has anyone read/listened to ” The Witness” or “Unbroken”…..great stories….the latter is a true story by Laura Hillenbrand……I bet both are sure to be movies….LOVED them both…! If not, you wont be disappointed….”Unbroken” is quite a remarkable story…..just crazy what the human spirit will endure. “The Witness” by Nora Roberts is such a fantastic story- very well written…loved them both. These are not quick reads as they are a bit long…but I thought well worth it. Kept me very engaged…..!

    For a lot of short articles…I love reading thru Flipboard at night…loaded with lots of stuff….whatever you choose. Good reads……good articles of all types….!

  5. This story is a pre-valentine story for everyone. It is all about love…..:www.npr.org/2013/02/08/171382156/a-life-defined-not-by-disability-but-love

  6. Loved the ancient hairstyles! Also enjoyed the Wal-Mart story. And the slippers rock.
    Here’s an amazing story I just read about a lost pet — but not the usual kind.

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