Or should I say, Galentine’s Day? (Does anybody watch Parks & Rec? It started off kind of lame but now I think it’s really well written and hilarious. When Ben wanted to play The Settlers of Catan¬†for his bachelor party, I nearly wet my pants laughing.)

Wow. I can’t believe I just wasted so much time talking about a t.v. show. Moving on.

We are not necessarily big fans of Valentine’s Day around here. We can take it or leave it, to be honest with you. But we do love knitting and yarn, so we’re giving you one of my very favorite patterns, written for one of my very favorite yarns, by one of my very favorite designers!

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), here’s Bramble.


Bramble is a gorgeous cabled wrap, knit is Sabine and shown here in Icicle. (This is one of my favorite colors and most of the yarns in my personal stash are this lovely shade of blue.)

I love this picture of Emily modeling Bramble, because I remember that it was raining when we shot it, and that there is an umbrella being held over Emily’s head just out of the shot. The rest of us got completely drenched and we all ran back into the farmhouse as soon as we were done, laughing all the way.



The pattern for Bramble can be downloaded right here, or by visiting the Sabine link on the free pattern page. (By the way, Lauria worked with our graphic designer on the new layout for our free patterns, and has optimized them for printing at home. No one like a pattern that uses up your entire ink cartridge! They are still lovely but now they are smart as well. Cause that’s how we roll.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope your day is filled with people you love.