Last Spring I posted here about how easy it to propagate rosemary from cuttings. Today we’re going to use the same techniques with lavender.

My mom always has a few vases of lavender going on her bathroom window sill.

Sometimes they even bloom!

┬áIt’s just as easy to propagate lavender from cuttings, although lavender needs more time to develop a root structure due to it’s less rigid stems. It’s important to change the water whenever it becomes dark, about once a week, to prevent your roots from rotting. I would also advise you to strip away any leaves that fall below the water surface; this keep your water fresher longer.

Once you have developed a strong root system, transplant the lavender to a pot filled with potting soil or (when it warms up!) directly into your garden.

If you want more information on growing lavender, I found this book really helpful:

The Lavender Lover’s Handbook: The 100 Most Beautiful and Fragrant Varieties for Growing, Crafting, and Cooking.