Introducing: Moonshine

UPDATE Many of the Moonshine Patterns are now available as digital downloads on our website! See all the Moonshine patterns you can buy right now!

Can you believe it’s time to introduce our Spring/Summer 2013 yarns and collections already? Me neither! I swear to God, it was just Christmas ten minutes ago. Time marches on, I guess…

I am awfully excited to tell you about our new yarn for Spring called Moonshine. Moonshine is 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca, 20% Silk and it is just a dream to knit with. The colors are lovely as well.Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine, available at Haus of Yarn.

This pic was taken by Haus of Yarn in Nashville, TN.

Moonshine Cover

Moonshine Collection on Ravelry

Designed by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud grew up amongst seamstresses, tailoring and fashion. Her self-published line is celebrated for its extensive sizing and flattering use of figure. She has been published inVogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Twist Collective and several European magazines.

When not designing, writing or teaching online, Ruth can be found practicing her photography skills and cooking up a storm. She lives in the UK with her husband.


Moonshine Carme FRONT DETAIL

Carme Top
Knitter: Sarah Lebel Van Vugt
Model: Emily Karasz


Mathilde Hat
Knitter: Debbie Palmer
Model: Anna Pohl

Eugenia Capelet HERO-Optimized

Eugenia Capelet
Knitter: Jennifer Britton
Model: Lauria Kincaid

Iocaste HERO-Optimized

Iocaste Top
Knitter: Helen Elston
Model: Erin O’Donnell


Amalthea Cowl
Knitter: Jen Elliott
Model: Cris Ferguson

Dione HERO-Optimized

Dione Top
Knitter: Gina Assetta
Model: Emily Karasz

Lysithea HERO-Optimized

Lysithea Scarf
Knitter: Jessica Nelson
Model: Paul Karasz


Elara Kimono
Knitter: Krysta Harty
Model: Anna Pohl

Galatea HERO-Optimized

Galatea Wrap
Knitter: Jennifer Cox
Model: Emily Karasz

Anthe Hero

Anthe Shawl
Knitter: Lisa Stockebrand
Model: Amy Karasz

Calliope Vest HERO

Calliope Vest
Knitter: Marci Levine Bloch
Model: Erin O’Donnell

Calista Laugh

Calista Top
Knitter: Sue Isenhart
Model: Sirra Stone

Moonshine Ida Mitts HERO

Ida Mitts
Knitter: Jennifer Bohlig
Model: Anna Pohl

Pheobe HERO-Optimized

Phoebe Cardigan
Knitter: Deb Boyken
Model: Emily Karasz

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I think I may have buried the headline here! To find a store near you that carries Moonshine and collection of patterns created for it by the amazing Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, go to KFI’s website, click the “find a store” button,  enter your zip code, and select “Juniper Moon Farm” from the drop down list.

We’re so excited about Moonshine that we’re hosting a giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what you would like to knit first from the Moonshine collection and you will be entered to win three skeins of this glorious yarn. We’ll choose 5 winners at random on March 5th. Extra points for pinning on Pinterest and queueing the patterns on Ravelry.

Oh entry per person, blah, blah, blah.


  1. They all look SO beautiful, and I’m thrilled to see the sweater I test-knit made the cover (grin). This yarn was absolutely a delight to work with–incredibly soft and just gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely, is it in the shops yet??? I am heading to St. Simons Island tomorrow, the knit shop there carries your ‘stuff’. I may have to pick up a skein or two… or at least pet it!! haha.

    • Fran, it is arriving in shops now! No guarantees that every shop that stocks JMF yarn will have it yet, but we’re seeing photos of yarn displays!

  3. Is there a link for shops that carry moonshine yarn? Am I just being slow, how can you purchase the patterns?

    • Hi Susan, the yarns are available in LYS. To find a store near you, go to , click on Find a store selling a particular brand, select “Juniper Moon Farm” and put in your zip code. You may wish to give them a call to see if they’ve gotten in their Spring shipment. They also sell the pattern booklets. JMF doesn’t sell the yarn or pattern booklets themselves.

  4. Anthe is speaking to me! And maybe as a scarf instead??

    • Anna, I think Anthe would make a Great scarf! It’s a very simple textured-pattern that I’m sure you could easily adapt into a scarf.

  5. Phoebe and Carme are my faves and both have been favorited.

  6. Love the Phoebe Cardigan, pinned on Pinterest and queued on Ravelry!

  7. Iocaste Top looks like a great knit!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I can’t wait to cast on both Elara and Carme! I just love Ruth Garcia-Alcantuds designs and am incredibly grateful for her designing with larger women in mind as well! Eeeep! I’m so excited to see Moonshine in person, the colors look just wonderful!!

  9. I like the Anthe shawl, but I think that’s because I’m on a shawl kick right now. They’re all lovely.

  10. I think I would start with the Lysithea scarf. I love the texture!

  11. I am torn between the Calliope vest and the Amalthea cowl.

  12. I’m totally wanting this cowl: Amalthea
    And I love the mitts and the scarf!
    And phoebe cardigan is gorgeous! And the Calliope vest.

  13. I would have to flip a coin between Dione and Elara; that is if you are making me choose:)

  14. Hard to choose of course, but I think I’d start with the Mathilde hat! :)

  15. It is so hard to make a choice but I think that Carme is first choice. Or maybe Anthe. Now I am really sorry that my schedule did not allow me to test knit in this round. But I will not let that happen again–clear the decks!

  16. I would love to do the Phoebe Cardigan and Ida Mitts! Thanks!

  17. I think would make a beautiful shawl. Can’t wait to use this yarn.

  18. OMG – I would sooooo knit a wrap to wear to my daughter’s college graduation this summer! Please randomly pick ME!

  19. The yarn is beautiful! And the Phoebe cardigan is super cute! Love!

  20. I’ve already knit Calliope, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn. Dione is up next!

  21. I would weave a beautiful scarf.

  22. Karin in Seattle

    February 28, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Love Phoebe. But am also thinking about Carme. No, definitely Phoebe. or, . . .

  23. Phoebe!!! But I’m not sure if it’s because I love the sweater or am in love with the skirt….

  24. I would definitely love to knit the Elara Kimono. I just have a thing for kimonos!

  25. Hat, Cowl & Scarf i cannot seem to get out of Winter mode but if i do these now i’ll have them for Christmas next season :-)

    I’m also starting a crochet along with your Herriot tomorrow at my local in Coeur d’Alene. Really looking forward to it.

    I have to say just LOVE everything i touch from JMF :-)

  26. I love the Eugenia cape let and the Ida mitts! They would be the first things I’d knit.
    The colors of Moonshine are beautiful!

  27. Carme, no question. The Capelet, however, is very adorable.

    I can’t wait to try this yarn. It sounds a dream!

  28. I love love love the Phoebe sweater

  29. I would like to make the Anthe shawl or maybe the Dione top.

  30. I’d knit Calliope, but it was hard to choose – they are all so lovely!

  31. Carme top for me please!

  32. shoulder cover and/or fingerless gloves for when I’m at the keyboard saving $$$ with a lower thermostat!

  33. What beautiful yarn. I’d probably make fingerless gloves first, because I’m in that mode…but a sweater or cami would also be great. I love Calista, Phoebe, and Ida!

  34. I would either knit the Iocaste Top or Calliope Vest. I love those two the most!!

  35. I love the Carme top and the yarn looks positively luscious!

  36. sounds great to knit with.

  37. I would knit the WORK + SHELTER lace striped sweater with this gorgeous yarn!

  38. Kimono! I love the assymetrical design and the drape.

  39. I’m thinking the Phoebe cardigan….

  40. This moonshine yarn is getting me drunk with all the pretty colors. Love the pink cardigan…pretty!!!

  41. Oh, Phoebe is so beautiful, so she gets my vote.

  42. Oh my. What lovely yarn. I’ve queued Iocaste and Calista for DDIL (she has a new job in NYC but lives in Miami Beach — easy to figure which is for which place) and Elara for, ummm, maybe my niece or, ummm, maybe time for something for me?

  43. All stunning –my pick is the Almathea cowl.

  44. OMG- that yarn is so beautiful. I’ve been in a knitting slump, and I want to get my hands on it and start something right now! I would love to make a solid wrap, possibly the parachute wrap. All of the colors are so lovely!

  45. Veronica Erdmann

    February 28, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    What a beautiful yarn! I want to hold it and check out the hand.
    It would be so cozy in a neck wrap!

  46. It’s a tossup between the calliope hat and the matilda vest. Nice work ladies!

  47. I love everything JMF. Seriously, I feel like I live on your farm.
    Knitting with this new yarn: I’m ready to start a new sweater project. Too many patterns to choose from. How to decide?!!

  48. The Phoebe cardigan is just gorgeous. I’d love to knit that in the same ice-pink as the original. Gorgeous!

  49. Nelia Beth Scovill

    February 28, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Wanting to try a sweater for the first time and the Dione pattern is one I’d like to try. Would probably knit it in a blue or purple for me……
    –nelia beth

  50. I would love to knit the vest for my niece!

  51. Oh, Phoebe would be my first choice! It was the first of the patterns to land in my “Favorites” list on Ravelry.

  52. I LOVE the colors! I am a serious lace shawl knitter and would most likely knit Anthe with this yarn. Or, I might knit Calliope since I also love cables. That deep turquoise on the right edge of the pic of yarn hanks looks like a beauty!

  53. I love the Anthe shawl!

  54. I love the Carme and Dionne patterns, and appreicate that they run into the extra curvy levels.

    I have been telling myself that this is the Year of the Sweater.

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  55. I’ve been on a shawl kick of late, so I’d probably start with that lovely shawl :)

  56. Still the shawl, but the email was wrong on my last comment…sorry.

  57. My first, but definitely not my last, knit would be Dione. Lovely patterns, beautiful beautiful beautiful yarn colors.

  58. I love the Anthe shawl but would happily knit just about all of the collection. It looks wonderful.

  59. so lovely! I’d love to knit with this!

  60. Phoebe for Me! What a brilliant application of cables! The neckline is lovely too and that colour! Its all so perfect together. Yup, Phoebe for me!

  61. Oh, pick me, PLEASE! I’d give this lovely fiber to my sweet daughter, the knitting jedi, and ask her to create the Eugenia capelet for me!!!

  62. Three skeins? If I can get them in different colors, I have a Tunisian scarf pattern that I would love to do Moonshine. Otherwise, I have a balaclava design.

  63. the Anthe Shawl

  64. Deborah Fleetwood

    February 28, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    The colors are glorious – definitely the Anthe shawl to start!

  65. I think it is beautiful and I would like to have some. I would make the calliope vest.

  66. So I’m assuming that it wasn’t at all warm enough for some of these garments during the shoot. Kudos to the models for looking so composed!

  67. Ooh, definitely that gorgeous Phoebe cardigan – absolutely lovely…

  68. Luggala from Twist Collective. I think it would be perfect.

  69. OooOooooo! Phoebe would be the first thing I’d knit. So pretty!

  70. Seriously? We have to choose just one? I would start four or five all at once and run happily between them all. Ida, Phoebe, Carme, Anthe and the list goes on…

  71. Amalthea is lovely, but then so is everything I see here. By the way, do you do tours? My knitting friend and I are doing a roadtrip in your area the week of Memorial Day.

  72. This yarn looks so lovely for summer knits! I am digging the Elara kimono

  73. I love Ilara – so pretty and so different!

  74. I love the look of the Carme top. My neice would look wonderful in a red one…

  75. I would start a sweater!

  76. I ALREADY KNIT ONE!!! This yarn is delish! Next would be….ummmmm…..oooo… Dione! So simple and lovely!

  77. Love the phoebe cardigan!!! And as for the colors??? YUM! So rich and delicious and it would be agony to have to choose just one for a project. :)

  78. The Iocaste top is what I’d knit…so cute! Picking a color is the hard part!

  79. The Calliope vest looks wonderful in any shade of blue or green or purple or ….!

  80. Love your site

  81. The Amalthea cowl!!

  82. So Gorgeous! And I love the Phoebe Cardigan – definitely would make that. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I may just leave a hint lying around the house with your website on it :)

  83. This is so lovely! Gonna have to find it at a LYS….

  84. I would like to knit the Ida mitts. They are nice and long, and come in a great range of sizes.

  85. Melissa (SheCrochets)

    February 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    The Anthe Shawl! In my queue. Can’t WAIT to see this in the wild…every color is amazing!

  86. Phoebe cardigan. Maybe in the charcoal? Beautiful. I love how long the sweater is. Sigh.

  87. A lace shawl!

  88. I like the mitts, also the Elara, though not sure if it’s the kind of garment I could carry off. The colors look lovely.

  89. Definitely the Phoebe Cardigan… so pretty and flattering!

  90. I would love ro make the Anthe shawl in any of the beautiful colors of Moonshine.

  91. Gorgeous! Calliope for me.

  92. My favorite is Eugenia Capelet, but it’s a tough choice! :-)

  93. My favorite combo yarn is silk and wool an I love some of those deep colors. Yum!

  94. Love the look of the lysithea scarf. It almost looks woven.

  95. Jessica from Asheville

    February 28, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    As soon as I loose the baby weight, I will knit Phoebe.

  96. Ida mitts, definitely.

  97. Cathy (Rav name CZJ)

    February 28, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Phoebe! I feel in love with it as soon as I saw the back view on the front cover!

  98. Definitely adding the Phoebe cardigan to my list! Love the details. I’ve pinned to Pinterest and queued in Ravelry.

  99. I’d knit the Anthe shawl first. I love wraps! But if I somehow developed a seductive figure overnight, then I think Phoebe or Calista would be at the top of my list. 😉

  100. Phoebe, but would need more yarn :-)

  101. I absolutely love phoebe!

  102. Phoebe or the Ida mitts. It looks yummy!

  103. All these patterns are super worthy of close consideration! Nice collection! I think I would just put the yarn out for viewing and let the perfect idea hit me.

  104. Love the new patterns.

  105. I would be knitting up Elara if I could find Juniper Moon Yarns in Canada (hope hope hope!) but instead I’ll hope to win them :) Gorgeous collection of patterns and gorgeous colours of yarn!

  106. Oooh…..I love the Calliope vest and the Dione Top. I would love to knit one of those.

    Such a beautiful color palette too! I loved the blue that I knit with….so many great colors to choose from.

  107. Loving Phoebe and Elara.. and the photography is wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  108. Since, I am 70 yrs young, I would lke the carne top as, I am a petite lady with a small frame , and need something warm, but yet stylist. Plus, I think knitting with moonshine would be a lovely pleasure!

  109. Phoebe looks very interesting.

  110. Phoebe would be my first pick to knit. It’s a beautiful sweater!

  111. Beautiful yarn and great collection of patterns! I would love to knit my sister Iocaste

  112. knittingfool aka lori

    February 28, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    You had me at Carme.

  113. Love the new yarn! I would love to make Phoebe my first sweater!

  114. Phoebe, it’s a little gem.

  115. Gorgeous … love the phoebe pattern!

  116. I love the Anthe shawl pattern – it would be so hard to choose a color for this one, it would be beautiful in any shade!

  117. christina coghill

    March 1, 2013 at 12:05 am

    The galatea wrap, they are all gorgous, but thr galarea wrap i just adore

  118. Elara is my pick although I love each one! Moonshine looks divine!

  119. Carme! So pretty!

    Thank you for the giveaway, what a great prize.

  120. Lysithea, I think.

  121. Can almost feel the softness with my eyes! The Anthe Shawl is my choice.

  122. I love the Elara Kimono, so beautiful and feminine! What a delicate lace pattern. Definitely looking forward to casting on for this pattern!

  123. Would love to knit Phoebe.

  124. I’m pretty much in love with the Phoebe cardigan. Yup. Just having trouble settling on which color…so pretty!

  125. Great patterns- the Anthe shawl would be my first project.

  126. Phoebe first, Calista would be second!

  127. Incredible colors and what a fantastic combination of fibers!

  128. Everything is absolutely beautiful! I love the Carme top best

  129. Woolytanis on Rav

    March 1, 2013 at 6:12 am

    everything is lovely but i fell in love with the Phoebe Cardigan the second i saw the back on the front page :) so would love to make it :)

  130. OHHHH! I love the Carmie top! So much eye candy…congrats!

  131. They are all beautiful, but the Dione, Iocaste, and Galatea are definitely going on my list.

  132. Definitely the Calliope Vest!

  133. What a difficult decision…Carmine, I think, first, followed by Phoebe, followed by …

  134. I really love the color of the yarn in the Calliope pattern. My favorite pattern is Elara. I’ve pinned it to Pinterest and Faved it on Ravelry! :)

  135. The colors are brilliant. Can’t wait to touch/see in real life.

  136. Iocaste or Dione to start, followed by Mathilde, and so on!

  137. paula morrell

    March 1, 2013 at 7:16 am

    I would love to knit the Anthe shawl.

  138. the Lysithea Scarf in the color of the Mathilde Hat…that color is a-ma-zing! In a dark coat, the scarf would be a gorgeous pop of color.

  139. I lived in Heraklion, Crete for three years and I LOVE the names used in these patterns. Makes me a little homesick! I love all the patterns, but I’d really like to knit the Lysithea scarf for my husband. It looks simple enough to satisfy him but interesting enough to keep me from being bored! I love, love, love Calliope and Phoebe!

  140. I love the Calista top! So many great patterns! Thanks for the chance :-)

  141. I love the Phoebe cardigan:) It would look amazing on my daughter!

  142. I would start with Ida mitts … An early start on Christmas gifts!

  143. The Calliope vest answers my current craving for cables.

  144. Beautiful yarn!
    The wrap Anthe would be my first choice followed closely by Mathilde Hat and Amalthea. I’ve faved all in Ravelry and will be checking my LYS which carries your yarn this weekend.

  145. Hard to choose… Phoebe I think…

  146. roseknits24-7

    March 1, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Beautiful yarn, beautiful projects, beautiful pix!
    And beautiful models!

    My first cast-on would be Iocaste.
    It reminds me of a long-ago favorite vest
    from waaaayback in nineteen*mumblemumble*.
    Following on the heels of Iocaste would be Anthe.
    After all, it’s almost Spring, so I’m even more shawl obsessed than usual.

  147. I think the Carme top. Lovely!

  148. That is beautiful! I especially want to knit the Phoebe cardigan!

  149. I think I’d like to knit the Carme top, also. It’s so lovely and I can picture one of my daughters in it.

  150. I am in love with the Phoebe cardigan….queuing now!!

  151. I love juniper Moon Yarns, so what not to love about Moonshine? I would most likely knit Anthe as lace shawls are my thing.

  152. I am so going to make Carme, but how does this work? How do I get a hold of the pattern? Is it a PDF I can buy? I am new on Ravelry. I singed up to figure out how to get a hold of this pattern, but I still could not figure it out. Help is much appreciated. Lovely pattern’s and the yarn looks fabulous on the web, I am sure it is even better IRL.

  153. Ooh…pretty yarn! I am a shawl knitter so Anthe immediately jumped out at me!

  154. I really like the Phoebe cardigan. I’m watching it snow right now, so I wish I already had one to put on!

  155. Its a tie for me between the Dion top and the Phoebe cardigan! Love it all.

  156. I would knit the lovely Anthe shawl.

  157. I would like to knit Kimono first. It is beautifully patterned and I think it would appropriate for any woman regardless of age or body type. I like the picture as well showing the model actually active in the garment as a real person would be. It helps me to see how it fits on the body and how it would move.

    These are beautiful patterns. The designer uses one color of yarn and this allows the structure of the garment and the stitches used to really stand out. I think it also makes for stylish garments that will hold they beauty and interest for years to come. This is a pattern collection that would be a mainstay in anyone’s collection.

  158. I would loove to knit Elara. It would be my first item with sleeves, but they are short ones. :) off to Fave and Queue on Rav QTWIQ.

  159. Lovely colours! I would definitely start on Phoebe right away!

  160. I love Elara– I’m a sucker for asymmetry.

  161. The intensely-cabled cowl pattern that’s been hot on Ravelry all this week.

  162. The Phoebe cardigan. Yes, lovely!

  163. I love the Carme top.

  164. I love the Carme top and the Mathilde hat. Tough to choose between them!

  165. Jessica Anderson

    March 1, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    Phoebe Cardigan! That pink is perfect!

  166. I love the Dione sweater!

  167. Love Elara, but the entire collection is tempting.

  168. I love them all but would probably knit Iocaste first.

  169. I would love to knit any of these, but most especially Phoebe. After that, it is hard to pick a second.

  170. I would love to knit the Anthe Shawl and the color shown is so lovely.

  171. I would love to make a summer tank out of one of those incredible colors–can’t wait to feel it!

  172. I love the Phoebe Cardigan.

  173. I’d start with Calliope!

  174. This is the frist time I have come across your website . I would like to knit anything with your yarn

  175. I think the Anthe Shawl is stunning!

  176. I am thinking the Calliope vest!

  177. I LOVE the Calliope vest… I’d love to get that on my needles asap! :)

  178. Pamela Fertitta

    March 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Love the Dione top! I would knit it in the pink or green.

  179. Oh my! That yarn is SO lovely! I’d knit a shawl for my daughter – she wants something amazing to wear to her vocal repertoire performances at college – something beautiful and maybe just a tiny bit dramatic!

  180. Melissa Ravencraft

    March 1, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Ohhh, I would start a sweater for me. I’m always knitting/crocheting for other people, but I think I’d have to use the yarn on me, grin.

  181. Based on my abilities, I would knit Dione first. I would then buy more yarn and attempt Carme. I have decided to only make my clothes from now on and I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with knitting. I love your yarn and I will make sure that I pin it and subscribe to it in every way possible so that I do not have to look far for my next yarn purchase!

  182. Deborah Arndt

    March 1, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    I think I would make a cabled headband and scarf set. I just learned how to do cables.

  183. I would make the Anthea shawl.

  184. The Elara is awfully nice…but the more I look at this, the more I think it’s going to really shine as a Lapse of Reason.

  185. Cheryl Lougen

    March 1, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    The’s amazing front and back !!

  186. LadyBugsyJane

    March 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Oh! Yum! I love your yarns!

  187. This Phoebe cardigan is so pretty-so! pretty! Definitely going to queue and knit it.
    Congrats on this lovely collection… PamD

  188. I love the Phoebe cardigan and the Anthe shawl comes in a close second!

  189. Danielle Porter

    March 1, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Oh my, what to choose, I can’t decide -Anthe Shawl, Carme Top, Amalthea Cowl, Dione Top, Lysithea Scarf, and the Ida Mitts! Just beautiful! Please let me know if and when we can either purchase the e-book, of the patterns. I would definitely buy it!


  190. Bonni Nechemias

    March 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I’m up for the Anthe Shawl in a bright springy color !!:)

  191. I would love to knit the Calista top. Beautiful!

  192. I think I’ll make Caliope in the lovely vivid blue! Alpaca and silk together–yum!

  193. I would make the Phoebe cardigan in Swimming Pool. (Queued on Ravelry, I am lilicious.)

  194. I would make the Calliope Vest. Very nice for working in an office.

  195. The Ida mites are so cute and the Dione top. Oh pick me random generator!

  196. I’d definitely make Elara! It’s beautiful.

  197. I am not one to knit a pattern using the same yarn and color in the pattern picture….but I would totally knit a red Eugenia capelet. LOVE IT!

  198. Lovely I would love to make a shawl or vest out of it

  199. I would LOVE to knit the cover item, Phoebe. The yarn is lovely!

  200. This is just says Springtime. Would be lovely to knit with. Thank you

  201. My hair is growing out after chemo and radiation so I would love to knit the Mathilde hat! I also had a bone marrow transplant last August and am doing well so far!

  202. Lovely patterns! Phoebe is beautiful, but I love the simplicity of Dione, and would do that first.

  203. that calista top!!

  204. The Phoebe cardi – so light and airy, I just LOVE it!

  205. I love the Phoebe cardigan and that is what I would chose to knit first. There are a few others I would like to do also. Very cute patterns.

  206. I love the yarn. I just I wish I had more hours in the day to knit or crochet.

  207. Maryanna Litsey

    March 1, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Beauty! I would knit the Phoebe cardi.

  208. I would make a 3/4sleeve boat neck sweater.

  209. Pick one??? I think I would start with Calliope. I would love to have a vest!

  210. I’d make Carme – that sweater will stunning in almost any color!

  211. Hmmmm, it’s a toss up between the Anthe shawl and the Elara kimono. The new yarns are gorgeous!

  212. Checking out the local shops to find patterns and yarn to knit Phoebe.Love the colors.

  213. I really love the carme top. It would be perfect for spring
    I’m squiggi on ravelry

  214. Hahahaha . . . That’s me happy! So glad to see all the pattern choices. My LYS has a big box of Moonshine in the most exquisite colors (Haus of Yarn, your pic is good, but it can’t come close to how gor.e.geous this stuff us!) that I’m continually plunging into–can’t wait til it gets on the shelves. Is soooo pretty! I have a big knee surgery coming up, but I think my Moonshine and I will be quite content.

  215. Kristina Ruybalid

    March 2, 2013 at 10:02 am

    The phoebe sweater is beautiful! I’d love to make that for my daughter.

  216. I am a self taught novice knitter. I have yet to sum up the courage to knit with really nice yarn and there is no local yarn store anywhere near I live for instructions or just encouragement. Gasoline prices are influencing my search and seek activities and cutting into yarn budget. I would love to receive this yarn, but if chosen please pick someone else instead, this beautiful fibre should be in expert hands. I need a “warm” to the touch needle. I have limited range of movement in my fingers and a circulatory issue as well. So knitting is therapeutic on many levels. But my needle selection is limited to big box store availability. I would so love some needle advice. Perhaps I should invest in needles before yarn… ohh I am so confused.

    • Pam, do you use bamboo needles? Even big box stores should have a selection of those. Pick up a pair and try them out! They’re in the general same price range as the metal needles, so it shouldn’t bust the bank too much. If you have RA, that might not help, as the “stickiness” of the bamboo might keep things from sliding smoothly and cause more wear and tear. In which case a wooden needle might be better – slicker, but still warm. Are you on Ravelry? I’m sure you’d be able to get lots of great answers there if you asked in the right forum!

      And I disagree that the yarn should be given to someone else if you win! Knitting with good yarn can really motivate you to knit and it can be a lot less frustrating than knitting with cheap yarn.

  217. I LOVE the featured sweater, Pheobe. It’s exactly what Ive been looking for to make for my son’s wedding in Sept. I’d better get busy! Thanks for the chance.

  218. How does one pick just ONE to knit??? I think the Calista top would make the most sense for me, tho, since we are moving to south Texas this year.

  219. I would love to knit the Mathilde hat! It’s pinned and queued!

  220. Oh I know the perfect hooded cowl thing that I would love to knit for my daughter. Or that last cardigan for myself.

  221. I’m a shawl/small project knitter so I would love to knit the Eugenia cape. I like the mitts, too

  222. I would love to knit the cowl as a birthday present to me. My day is March 3rd, so this drawing would be perfect if I won!

  223. Think I would do the kimono–love the lace

  224. This is a lovely line. I would make the mitts and the shawl.

  225. I think the Ida Mitts would be first on the list – it’s still cold, especially in my office. These would be great!

  226. Phoebe… what an awesome pattern! If it’d fit me normally, that’s what I’d pick! Great looking yarn, and awesome colors… congrats!

  227. Lovely patterns! I’d enjoy starting of with the Dion top; just in time for spring.

  228. I knit and crochet for charity – mostly baby items and chemo hats for cancer patients. This yarn would be put to good use and be very worthy to it’s recipients. I hope I’ll be lucky to win.

  229. I have taken a fondness toward the Calista top. Although the Ida mitts are a close second.

  230. The Galatea is beautiful. So is the yarn! Congrats.

  231. Rose in Montana

    March 2, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    I love the “Anthe” shawl…I would knit it in the teal color. Great collection!! Congrats to all!!

  232. I would knit the cowl first and then the scarf.

  233. Oh how to choose, the Mitties or the aqua Vest. Both stopped me in my tracks. I will pin them both @Lynda Otvos on my “yarn mostly love” board. I am not as good a knitter as I am with a hook but I want to learn better skills and have learned to appreciate fine yarn. You all have some of the finest.

  234. I Facebooked the Mitt pin and Tweeted the Calliope Vest pin. Someday I’d like to pet your sheep…

  235. I would totally knit Elara… in fact, I’m thinking of making it in my share yarn from this past spring… :-)

  236. The Phoebe cardi! Looks so wearable!

  237. Love the Carme top!

  238. Jane from Maryland

    March 3, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Anthe shawl, you are beautiful! Could adapt and knit in more than one color! Gorgeous!

  239. Christina Del Villar

    March 3, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    I love the Phoebe Cardigan, but for instant gratification, I would do the Ida mitts. Coincidentally I was heading over to Green Planet Yarns today! Oh and I’ve posted to pinterest and in rav

  240. I’d do Phoebe first, since I’d get the most wear out of it. I’ve queued up Phoebe, Carme, and Galatea, and I may have to add the Anthe shawl. I would love to feel Moonshine. It sounds fantastic!

  241. Look at all those comments! Thirsty yarnistas yearning for your yarn, because honestly Moonshine looks incredibly delectable.

    I’d love to make Calliope my first piece of hand knit clothing that isn’t an accessory. I absolutely adore cables and would be less nervous about attempting a sleeveless item.

  242. lindaran on Ravelry

    March 3, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Phoebe, without a doubt. She is gorgeous!
    I’ve queued it on Ravelry, too.

  243. I love the Calliope vest! It’s so classy!

  244. Cheryl Scaccio

    March 4, 2013 at 3:37 am

    This a perfect fiber combination and the colors are to die for!

  245. I would love to knit the phoebe… it’s so flattering !

  246. all qued , all pinned. Very exciting collection , might I add :)

  247. I knew I needed to knit the Phoebe cardigan as soon as i saw your post. In the robin’s egg blue. Oh my!

  248. Oh, the Dione top!

  249. I adore Calliope! I’m a real fan of fitted vests!

  250. I love Eugenia. Just a little something to keep the shoulders warm in the summer.

  251. Oh, I love Elara! It is beautiful…

  252. Oh wow what gorgeous yummy yarns!! And the patterns are so wonderful! I guess I’d pick the Mathilde Hat, I knit for charity and I just love that pattern :) But Anthe and Calliope are amazing too heh

  253. The Calliope Vest is lovely! (I’m going to dream about those sweet cables tonight!!)

  254. Definitely the phoebe cardi.

  255. chris belgarde

    March 5, 2013 at 12:06 am

    I’m honestly in love with Calista!

  256. Oh, the Phoebe cardigan for sure. In that color, too!

  257. I love the Anthe shawl! :) Where I live it’s rarely cold enough for a coat, but a cozy shawl is just perfect!

  258. That yarn is beautiful, and so are the garments made with it!

  259. I love the Mathilde hat and the Pheobe Cardigan! So hard to choose!

  260. farofthewoods

    March 5, 2013 at 1:59 am

    I love Phoebe, very lovely.

  261. I would love to make the Mathilde hat, the Amalthea cowl, or the Ida mitts, because I can’t pick just 1!!!

  262. Oh I would be completely intimidated as I’ve never knit a sweater before, but I totally want to knit that phoebe cardigan

  263. Oh, the Eugenia Capelet is super cute!

  264. I’d have to cast on the mitts first because I’d be to excited to wait.
    Gorgeous all.

  265. The Mitts as I really need a pair!

  266. I would knit the Calliope Vest, the cables are just too beautiful to resist.

  267. I rather like the Anthe Shawl, I really love my shawls and this one looks like a lovely knit.

  268. StaceyKnitsIt

    March 5, 2013 at 9:31 am

    I’d love to knit the Mathilde Hat. Love that Teal colored yarn too!

  269. Gorgeous! I love the Phoebe cardigan. Perfect for spring.

  270. That is a hard choice. The Anthe shawl would probably be the first one for me.

  271. hope I’m not too late-this is my favorite blend of yarns. Hope I win.

  272. I like several, but First would be the Ida mitts, to keep my hands warm while I knit the rest.

  273. My first – would be Calliope Vest. Love cables – love vests.

  274. The Anthe shawl is really gorgeous. I think that would be my first choice of things to knit

  275. I’d start with the Amalthea Cowl but they’re all gorgeous.
    wahoomerryf on Rav

  276. Phoebe cardigan would be lovely in any color.
    alcbrooks on Ravelry

  277. What fun! I would love to knit the Anthe Shawl

  278. You want me to choose? Ugh. I have to create a list here.. so priorities….

    First, Calista – because it’s almost summer
    Second, Phoebe – but only because by the time I finish it it would be summer
    Third, Elara Kimono because its frigging awesome

  279. Choices!! #1 would be Anthe but several of the others are great also.

  280. I love the Ida mitts. thanks!

  281. ida mitts are my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  282. fantasic give awayy. i like the iocaste top the bestest. thanks for the chancce to win.

  283. It would have to be the shawl. That yarn just looks like it needs to be something to snuggle with. It’s gorgeous!

  284. I would knit the Anthe Shawl. It’s so hard to chose. I like all of them. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Purplefrog5 on Ravelry

  285. I would make a cowl.

  286. Love the Eugenia capelet, although as a relatively new knitter the Ida mitts might be more my speed. 😉 I’m MamaLemon on Ravelry!

  287. I would love to knit Phoebe and Elara. Simply stunning and so elegant.

    It’s a truly beautiful collection

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