Love. Love. Love?
Show of hands who’s got a love/hate thing going on with Valentines Day.
Thought so. Who wouldn’t want to revel in hearts and flowers, cupids, chocolates and X’s & O’s right?! It’s a holiday built on unrealistic expectations, what could go wrong?

I decided that since my daughter, Charlie, started kindergarten this year she needed to be indoctrinated and that we needed to make Valentines for the whole class. It’s an all or nothing proposition: you can’t give one, it’s the whole class or zip. There are 21 kids in her class, plus the teacher, plus an aid, minus ‘her’ so 22 cards. I wanted each to be unique.

(I’d like to say at this point that while I tried to psych my child up to do this project  amazingly fun project she announced that she’d like to go to Target and buy Princess cards but all I heard was blah, blah, blah.)

I had big plans for these valentines. Big Plans. We’d experiment with decoupage, collage, trompe l’oeil, stamping (you can make a pretty impressive rose with baby bok choy), water colors, foils, and on and on.
I set it all up… Charlie’s eyes glazed over after 3 minutes, 2 of which she spent getting glitter all over the floor.

So here’s what I learned: Keep it SIMPLE!  We did make 22 unique cards but the best ones were made with Elmer’s, tissue paper and kiddie scissors.

So if you’ve got last minute valentines to whip up for grandfolks, teachers or BFFs here are some charming options where all you need is an hour and those few items mentioned above.

You’ll need:
card stock
tissue paper- your choice of colors
white glue- like Elmer’s
a paint brush

Heart of Roses

Cut a heart from plain white paper, the thickness doesn’t matter.
Tear tissue paper into 1”x1” squares, this doesn’t need to be remotely exact.
Scrunch up the squares into little balls, my daughter loved this bit.
Glue onto the heart.  Work in small areas so you don’t need to keep reapplying the glue it just gets messy.
When the heart is covered center it on the card and glue into place.

Stained Glass Hearts

Cut out tissue paper hearts in varying colors and sizes.
Dip a paint brush in water and very lightly brush the card stock, place a tissue heart on top
so it adheres to the paper.  Layer on as many as you like.  Once you have a design you’re happy with mix white glue with water 50/50 and put a light coat over the top.
Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

Rose Buds

Cut tissue paper into 1” x 4” strips.
Hold a strip and lengthwise and begin to roll the paper into a cone.
As you roll pinch the paper at the bottom so it holds it’s shape while allowing the
other end to open up a bit into “petals.” Afix to card with white glue.
You can make a bouquet but I found they worked best with just one or two flanking a heart or other token.