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This week I wanted to look at the weaving that people have done with JMF. I haven’t woven myself, but I an enamored of what other people create on their looms!

Blendab1 wove the following two scarves using JMF hand-dyed farm yarn.


Mababer wove this on her Harp loom. The gray yarn is Findley. I love the subtle, grounded color she created.

sheepyme wove this “Lady of Shawlette” using Findley. She wrote in her comments notes that it was a saved “project gone wrong.” Sounds like there’s a good story behind that!

My favorite piece of JMF yarn weaving is DebbiRYarn’s Henderson Tartan. It is just gorgeous! All but the green yarn is Findley.

Debbi had this to say about JMF yarn: “Zephyr has always been a weaver’s stand-by. It was a weaving yarn before it was a knitting yarn. However, I like the Findley as well or better for weaving.” She’s hoping that her boss Tammy, of Yarnivore in San Antonio, TX will carry some more colors. How about it, Tammy? Debbi said that she’d be weaving with more Findley and I want to see what else she creates!

There is a dearth of JMF weaving patterns on Ravelry! I would love to see more! So, what have YOU woven with JMF?


  1. Thanks for posting my shawl! I love findley!

  2. wowza! such talented folks and such beautiful projects.

  3. Wow, You totally made my day with this! I was beyond shocked to see my two scarves!! I am smiling ear to ear!

    I can’t wait till I have the skills of the other weavers, most amazing pieces.

  4. Been wanting a loom for the longest time……beautiful work!

  5. AMAZING! That tartan piece is absolutely stunning.

  6. Maybe this will push me to finally warp MY Findley! Or some of my other JMF yarns…..

  7. Wow! These are beautiful and inspire me to learn how to use my new loom!

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