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Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax from Deadspin. This story is just too weird for me to even wrap my head around.

Conrad Bain, Father on ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, Dies at 89 from The New York Times. Am I the only one who wonders why they spelled “diff’rent” that way in the original show title? Was it supposed to be more urban to leave out that e? And do you think the guy who came up with the title was psyched to see it spelled that way in the Times?

Cash for Hay Driving Thieves to Move Bundles from the Times. I have often wondered why this doesn’t happen more often. Every time I drive by a field full of round bales I think, “look at all that money just sitting there.”

Sudden Death of Show Pony Clouds Image of Elite Pursuit from the Times. I have a lot of feelings about this story but I would like to hear yours first.

The Enduring Fallacy of Astrology and Why Your Sign Actually Isn’t Your Sign from GOOD.

Great Escapes: A Magical Hobbit House from HGTV.

How Lead Caused America’s Violent Crime Epidemic from Forbes.

DNA Links Bloody Handkerchief To French King’s Execution from NPR.

There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written from Smithsonian’s Smart News. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

My reading was a bit limited this week due to lack of internet access. What did I miss?


  1. Hey! Dr. Sams was quoted in the horse article! I did research with him at OSU as my first job out of college. I’m pretty horrified by the things they are doing to horses in the name of competition. I’m also pretty horrified that watching executions used to be entertainment and that people dipped handkerchiefs in the blood as a souvenir. The astrology article was just plain funny.

  2. I love Bill Nye

  3. I can live without reading about the show pony. Stories like that live in my head forever and, yes, I cry when they come to mind, if not for that particular animal but for all of the abused animals and I feel so helpless. Now I will read about the astrology and old whales. One would think that those big ol’ rolls of hay were pretty safe because of the equipment needed to steal them!! I’ll read that one too if I am still awake…

  4. The whale article blows my mind. The horse article is so sad-it also reminds me of the Tennesee Walking horse and how they get them to walk that way. The fact that the trainers and anyone else who “loves” these animals could even condone such treatment is beyond me. But then look what people will do to be the best in their sport. So very sad!

  5. Very cool about the whales! Sad about the pony; when big money is involved, people always seem to turn into monsters. There will be no stopping it unless testing gets a lot more rigorous and consequences more dire for offenders. A culture of drug use is rife in the horse world. It would probably shock you to know how casually people in all kinds of riding disciplines trank their horses. I saw it all the time when I foxhunted. I can’t imagine wanting to ride a horse if that is what it takes to make them sane…but then, I don’ t ride horses anymore since I got my wonderful mule. I don’t miss horses at all and will never have another one.

  6. Regarding the show pony’s death I think the vijdeo and the last paragraph of the article says it all. It takes time and commitment to care for these animals and the animal’s well being must be put before the human’s greed–some have a hard time doing that.

  7. I wish this country would wake up and ban all animal abuse. It’s horrific.

  8. It’s not weekend reading and I bet you’ve read it already, however, I am really being blown away by “As Always, Julia. The letters of Julia Chils & Avis Devoto” edited by Joan Reardon. It really perks me up when I feel off.

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