Today in Dogs

Lucy Goosey doing what she does best; ignoring me.

Gnocchi and Sabine

In addition to being half siblings, these two are best friends.

Cini is far too busy making sure no one steals this enormous bale of hay to clown around.

Gnocchi, on the job.

Still no internet at the farm. I am going absolutely bananas without it Thank God for the public library!

P.S. Check out Amy’s blog post for more behind-the-scences pics from the photo shoot.


  1. Dog Gone cute pictures!

  2. LOVE pups
    big hugs
    hope your internet goes back online SOON

    omg i would be going crazy too
    and the public library here is full of (dare i say it outloud?) transients so i’d be afraid i’d catch some lice or something gross. ok i said it. does that make me horrible?

    i hope not.
    love and hugs from my munchkin in her football jersey that says “Love Hound” and me to YOU.

    i hope youre feeling well(er)

    rona and “K” the dog

  3. So nice of you to note the public library! julie

  4. Dianer Shepherd-in-the-Making

    January 8, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Hello, doggies!!!!!!!!!!!

    And score one for the public library instead of Starbucks!

    From me and The Feline Four Minus One (Barney in a Box)

  5. Sabine’s smile always makes me happy!

  6. love these pictures~ after a hard day at school this is a fine reward

  7. Loving the hello doggy pics – especially the Gnocchi & Sabine!! 😀 They’re so smiley.
    Also, Lucy’s pic looks a bit like the dog version of “Christina’s World”.

  8. Gnocchi looks like a pro! He’s learned from the best!
    I hope he still is a little goofy and not so serious. Life is short :-)
    I miss your dogs, especially Lucy whom followed me everywhere when I visited last year. Thank you for sharing Susan!

  9. Aw! Beautiful dogs. I love the smiles on Gnocchi and Sabine. Definitely bffs as you say!

  10. Thanks for the photos, though seeing Gnocchi almost brings me to tears, since I think he was the puppy I almost bought from you. Now that I know LGDs are like potato chips (can’t have just one), I really wish he was here with us. What a sweet face he has!

    I love it when my animals look like they can’t be bothered. We have a ewe lamb who looks like she can barely be patient with us and our slow-to-get-the-hay-out ways. The quirky ones are always my favorites.

    I hope you get your computer back soon.

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