This is not a blog post.

No post today because my computer crashed last night. Taking all the nicely organized and ready to edit photos from this weekend’s photo shoot with it. I’ve been on the phone with the lovely people from Apple for hours already and it looks like we’e in for a long night of reinstalling my operating system, etc.

So no blog post for you. Be grateful; it would be chock full of swear words anyway.


  1. Apple used to be wholely reliable, but lately I am hearing a lot of stories about failed OS. Good luck with the recovery.

  2. this *is* a comment for you 😉

    oh lord. a nightmare! sending u streams of patience mixed with love + hugs and a nice yummy treat (you pick). hope u’r techie is REALLY a genius and everything is operating successfully swiftly.

    had a similar but not as bad experience with ALL my apple devices within 1 month.


  3. yes karen, apples going through some brown spots me thinks.
    not good when u’r an apple person, huh?

  4. Oh no no no no no no no no!!! Majorly hoping for a miraculously speedy fix tonight!


  6. I’m so sorry! This week has been one bumpy ride :( I hope they helped you recover everything, I know how much hard work everyone put into the photoshoot. Sending you positive energy and thoughts!

  7. There was a batch of bad hard drives from Toshiba that made it into Apple’s laptops in 2009, not sure if that includes your system or not, but it did mine. I’ve swapped out hard drives before it died on me, but I’ve used online backup software since a previous hard drive gave up the ghost while I was in college leaving me without a computer, as a computer science major. If you’re interested, check out Backblaze (not trying to advertise for them, so I won’t include a link). Completely a set-it-and-forget-it thing that’s kinda like having data insurance!

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