The Elephant in the Front Pasture

This morning I was awoken by the most godawful noise coming from the front pasture. I thought to myself, “I don’t remember buying an elephant,” but that’s exactly what it sounded like.

It turned out only to be Luna, our Randall’s Lineback dairy cow. It seems she is in heat, and it is making her rather miserable.

She spends her days mooning (and mooing) around the pasture, searching high and low for the bull that she is sure must be around here somewhere.

In my head I know that this is a biochemical reaction, but it breaks my heart to hear her sounding so forlorn.

If I were in the market for another calf, now would be the time to have Luna impregnated using artificial insemination. There are actually catalogs of semen from various prize winning bulls! Randall Lineback semen is a little harder to find, but it is available.

Since I’m not planning to breed Luna this year, we will all just have to suffer through the next 12 hours.


  1. My Jerseys do the same thing. You should try milking a cow in heat. I like to call it 900 pounds of PMS. I’m sorry to hear you won’t be milking Luna this year. Every year when it’s time to breed my cows, I ask myself if I want another year of milking. Every year I rebreed them. Every year I’m excited when I know they’ve settled. Luna will be fine tomorrow. You’ll be able to mark your calendar by her, though. Prepare for the bugling in your front yard to return in 18-21 days!

  2. A cow is in heat every 3 weeks? For how long?

  3. Back in time our milk cow, Red Cow would start mooooooooing, then she would break out and go on a Red Cow adventure. We were so lucky our real farming neighbors would call and say did you lose your cow cause we found her up in the woods behind the pasture. She had of course found their bull and was trying to get back. We learned so much from these great folks. It was really cool when she had her calf, it was our first. I also paid them in pies for the bull service. One of the reasons I enjoy this special farm is the memories of our farming time:o)

  4. She is just so beautiful.

  5. The mooing with the fog must have been extra interesting!

    She is so beautiful.

  6. Can’t you at least offer her a hot bath and a glass of wine?? Doesn’t seem fair!

  7. Perhaps one of you should moo back so that she feels tended to. PS too funny Marissa.

  8. Jane from Maryland

    January 14, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    Kinda like living with teenage humans…if I remember myself at that age!

  9. Poor Luna : ( Wow. She will go through this every 3 weeks? Lovely picture of her being all pouty though : )

  10. What about bovine Midol??

  11. She is the sweetest and I feel so sorry for her. May she move onward~

  12. I just love Luna. She is beautiful. The comments on this post are pretty good too!

  13. God, if only we could all be so expressive with our emotions. Imagine what you might hear from your front yard in the morning. Sounds like an interesting short story…

  14. Diane Shepherd-in-the-Making

    January 14, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    And we think WE have it tough.

    Imagine, bugling every what? 21 days……


  15. Randall linebacks are my dream stunning.
    I would start keeping track of her heats now so when your ready to AI you know right when to do it and get success the first cycle.

  16. Oh, poor Luna! Poor you!

  17. if you were to inseminate her, would a turkey baster suffice or do you need something bigger?

  18. Well, is there any way you can fake her out? I have heard about what you can do for cats, probably called queens for a reason… anything like that for a cow? Cats I think cycle in and out a whoole lot quicker. And will she do this cycling things till she is bred or just a few months down the road??? So glad you are back and we are talking animals again!!

  19. I swear that is the most beautiful cow I have ever seen. And it’s not just the hormones.

  20. Why aren’t you breeding her this year?

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