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This week’s Spoonflower design contest them is Top 10 Murder Mystery Toile Fabrics! These are so amazing.

‘Knitting Behind Bars’: Inmates Escape Prison Life With Yarn from ABC News. This should be on a t-shirt: “I’m arrested for armed kidnapping and I love knitting.”

These embroidered portraits by Cayce Zavaglia are mind blowing.

I want to learn to sew as well as this woman does. I can’t imagine just whipping this dress up out of a table cloth.

Bicycle Taxidermy made me laugh.

When my friend Cris comes up from South Carolina, she brings me a split case of Blenheim Ginger Ale, half Hot and half Not as Hot. Not only is Blenheim the best ginger ale in the universe, it’s also great for nausea. Hard to find outside the Carolinas but definitely worth hunting for.

Remember last month when I blogged (again) about my cold boobs? Well I neglected to update that post with some important info. When I originally posted about sticking hand warmers in my bra, my dear friend Nancy Pope was concerned that I was going to scorch my delicates with the chemicals they contain, so she sent me a sent of these Hot Snapz. Changed my entire outdoors-in-winter experience! Hot Snapz work by some kind of sciencey magic, they are totally safe for bra use and reusable. I’ve had the set Nancy gave me for four years now and they still work like a charm. Every time I pop a pair in my bra, I think fondly of my good friends the Popes. (Not in a weirdo way. In a sweet way, I swear.)

Speaking of sciencey magic, A small (but glorious) world: The best microscope images of 2012.

Speaking of cold, As an Arctic blast continues to grip the Midwest and Northeast, Chicago firefighters battled the biggest fire the city has seen in years. Go to the slideshow- it’s spectacular. (via my friend Amanda B.)

10 Best Things Jean-Claude Van Damme Has Ever Said

These Chinese New Year’s Cookies are gorgeous!

I have pre-ordered Icelandic Handknits: 25 Heirloom Techniques and Projects and I can’t wait to get it. The shawl on the cover is crying out to be knit in Findley.

My friend Lizzy House is teaching a class in Textile Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art March 29-31. You should go.

Cranford: The Collection is my next BBC dvd series. How does Judi Dench have time to do so many things?

What is inspiring you this week?


  1. I love Cranford!! The first series is better than the “Return to Cranford” series, but both are wonderful.

  2. Cranford is one of my favorites! You are in for a treat. Judi Dench is the hardest working actor ever.

  3. Love the NC ginger ale – they stock at at the restaurant close to my office. Hands down one of the best gingers I’ve had!

  4. I just saved 2 Belgian linen table cloths from my Mom’s steamer trunk of treasures. They were wedding gifts in the 50’s. I have plans to make something from them….and that dress makes me feel like it is possible!!

  5. I was hoping for a “PSYWL” and since you have a.) fast internet and b.) feel better, it’s no surprise to find one!! Can’t wait to get home and look at all the cool, cool links! Thanks!

  6. Hi Susie,

    Did you know Picasso did bicycle taxidermy back in the 1940s? Here is a WSJ article on Picasso’s piece, “Bull’s Head”, from last year:

    Love the blog, and love PSYWL the best!! (OK, in reality it is in a dead heat with your Weekend Reading posts…)

  7. The pix of the warehouse fire reminded me of a very similar fire in the late 70’s on Grand Ave. near where I worked. The ice is breathtaking!

  8. I morn the Blenheim. In protest of not having any, I’m having a Dark and Stormy with Canada Dry. It’s not the same, but it does make things a little bit better.

  9. Watched Cranford last weekend–it is awesome!

  10. I know I’ve gotten the Blenheim at Market Street Wine Shop in downtown Charlottesville. Do they not carry it anymore? Clearly it’s been a while since we got any.

  11. Oh yes.. i love it all. Especially the exquisite Chinese New Year cookies! Love them.

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