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When I got home from Texas, amongst the mountain of mail waiting for me was a package from my friend Carole Pivarnik containing a copy of her new book Doggitude. It is a lovely book of watercolor portraits of real dog, each accompanied with an original haiku and a bio of the dog. The combination of elements really captures the  individual personalities of each dog in a very intimate and beautiful way.

Doggitude: What Dogs REALLY Think–In 17 Sassy Syllables

It’s an awesome book- full stop- but it’s made even awesomer by the fact that JMF’s Gnocchi is one of the 17 featured pups.

Isn’t his portrait gorgeous? I’ve seen Gnocchi with this exact look on his face a hundred times. Carole is madly talented.

To read Gnocchi’s haiku and bio you will have to order the book.¬†Believe me, you will be very happy that you did.


  1. I have to wait to order so I can be home when it gets here, plus all the other stuff I am going to order when I order this book from Amazon, ’cause no matter what I order, so long as I got to Amazom via JMF, JMF gets a little kickback , which will then be used to buy some something from Heifer, right??? (Just making sure!! ) Signed, the dinasour. :-)

  2. Susan,
    Tell us again how this works, do I click on buy here and then it goes to Amazon …?

  3. Call me impulsive, but one look at the COVER and I ordered the book. THEN, I went back to your post, saw Gnocchi and was doubly glad that I did. Can’t wait for the book to arrive.

  4. Check out my “nephew” Hoosier on page 72. The portrait captures him perfectly. When I gave the book to my sister Sue and her husband Bill, the late Hoosier’s parents, Bill actually teared up.

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOH he’s so lovely. and she’s so talented. Can’t wait to see the book.

  6. Judy aka lamazeteacher

    January 3, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    I backed this “kickstart” project and already have received the book. It certainly lived up to the descriptions Carole wrote as the project moved along. The portraits are outstanding and the haikku’s amusing. I totally give a thumbs up for this book. It’s great to give as a gift to any dog lover!

  7. Susie and everyone, thank you so much for your very kind words! Wow, I am truly humbled and honored by such glowing praise.

    I admit that if I had to pick a so-called artist’s favorite out of the 36 portraits in the book, it would be Gnocchi’s. It was so much fun to paint his white fur reflecting all that glorious early morning sunshine color. Plus he is just a sweetie…had a great time playing with him when I was there to shoot the reference photos!

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