Last year, I blogged about cleaning out my handbag and discovering that I had (by actual count) 20 lip balm in my everyday purse. This number did not include the various tubes and stashed in coat pockets or around my house.

Since then, I have discovered that I’m like this with other things too. Have you ever noticed that there are specific things that you just always think you might be out of, so you buy another on, just in case? The classic example of this for me is baking soda/baking powder. If I am planning to do any baking and I’m at the grocery store, I will spend a couple of minutes wondering if I have fresh baking soda or powder at home, and invariably I will decide that it’s better to be safe than sorry and purchase another one of each, just in case. And this is why I currently have three boxes of baking soda and SIX cans of baking powder in my pantry even as I type this.

Windshield wiper fluid. Every time I find myself in an auto parts store or a gas station with a display, I buy a bottle of windshield wiper fluid thinking I should probably have some in the garage. Except I already have six gallons of the stuff.

Flash drives. These are always impulse-bought at Office Depot while I’m standing in the checkout line because, hey!, you can never have too many flash drives, right? Wrong! This technology will be obsolete before I ever need to purchase another one. (I do have a one flash drive on my key chain that I would give up for love or money, cause it’s come in handy loads of times. This is the one I carry everywhere: LaCie iamakey v2 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive )

Extension cords. I do not need to buy another extension cord ever again in my entire life. Indoor, outdoor or otherwise. The same goes for power strips and those adaptor things let you plug three prong cords into two prong outlets.

I want to be clear here that I’m not hoarding any of these things. I have zero attachment to any of them. They are just things that I tend to forget about having already. Am I crazy or do y’all do this too?