Way back a million years ago (last June), I ran into this lovely woman named Elizabeth Green Musselman at the TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio. Elizabeth designs knitting patterns under the name Dark Matter Knits and she and I kind of clicked, so I gave her a skein of the then brand-new, not-even-available in stores Herriot to play around with. Then I forgot all about it.

Until this week when I received a lovely email from Elizabeth, along with a gift copy of a pattern for the hat you see above designed in Herriot. It’s called Navasota*.

I was struck by two things when I got that email. The first thing was that I am going to knit the hell out of that hat! I’m not the hugest fan of hat knitting, to be perfectly honest with you, but I fell for Navasota hard and fast. It is simply lovely and charming and I would like one in each of Herriot’s ten natural colors, please.

But even more than I loved the hat, I was completely caught off guard by the gesture Elizabeth made in sending me  that email and a copy of her patten. It was such a gracious and thoughtful thing to do, in a week in which I was pretty hard up for grace.

It was a tiny thing, really. But it was a tiny thing that made all the difference. Thank you, Elizabeth. For the pattern and for the inspiration.

If you would like your very own copy of the pattern for Navasota, you can purchase it on Ravelry for $5.  For a 20% discount on the pattern, use as your coupon code (in all lowercase letters) the last name of the author of the book Elizabeth is reading in the photo above when you check out on Ravelry.


*Navasota is a town in Texas, where Elizabeth and I are both from.