One thing that’s been missing so far in these Yarned by You posts is crochet. I’ve been saving up my very favorite ones for a crochet-celebration post! There were many projects to chose from and you’ll be sure to see more in the future. But enough talk. Let’s look at the pretties!

A father’s day present, doodlemuse stitched up this Crochet Ribbed Scarf in Yearling. My favorite tag is “oh-please-work.” Don’t we all have projects like that??

sparker crocheted this absolutely adorable Sleepy owl Hat with Yearling for Wildfibers in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Having only crocheted for a year, frogleg33 tackeled Gathering Leaves in Findley’s Fresca for a friend to use as a wedding shawl!

ihoot whipped up this Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat out of Sabine in colorways Sirius and Sea Glass.

Adding just a touchy of lacy crochet with Findley (colorway Bittersweet) to a neckline really perks up Laura Nelkin’s dress! She wrote a blog post on it here.

Lmstuart made this gorgeous Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap. It reminds me so much of Stippled Ink designed by Caroline Fryar for Findley Dappled; both are in Unical.

Who doesn’t love a handcrocheted basket to keep one’s eggs in? Spaz modified a Round Cushion pattern using Chadwick in Hannah. I bet those eggs feel very snuggled!

It seems that LuckyPenny didn’t have her luck with her after crocheting this gorgeous dress in Sabine based on Persimmon Pullover by Doris Chan (who does crochet at its finest!). I was bummed to read that she didn’t even get a chance to wear it before it was lost. I suppose it’s too much to hope that it will turn up in the darndest place (like under the TV cabinet)?

Pick up a hook and some JMF yarn and get hooking! I want to see what fabulous things you can come up with!

You can Juniper Moon Farm Yarns in a LYS near you by clicking here then clicking “find a store,” inputting your zip code and selecting Juniper Moon Farm as the yarn brand.