At this stage, you would think it would be nearly impossible for a yarn to turn my head. I am completely spoiled by our glorious Cormo share yarn every year, and I am really, really proud of our commercial yarns.

So when a giant box of yarn arrives from the mill, I rarely ever gasp. I almost never get a lump in my throat and have tears in my eyes. But the latest box of yarn to cross my doorstop brought out my full inner kittenhead.

This yarn is gorgeous, even if you don’t know anything about it’s origins. Even if you don’t know that I started the colored flock as a surprise to cheer my sister up when she was going through a rough patch.

Even if you don’t know Roquefort, who once got into a fight with an ornamental concrete rooster. (Roquefort is still holding a grudge.)

Even if you didn’t watch our very first colored lambs being born on the Lambcam this year.

Even if you haven’t watch those lambs grow into healthy, robust sheep.

Even if you never had the pleasure of meeting Miss Leo.

Even if you don’t know any of this, the 2102 Colored Flock yarn is completely covetable.

But when you do know all those things? Well, it positively glows.

We do have a few spaces left in our 2013 Colored Flock CSA, although I suspect they will go fast now that the 2012 Shareholders have received their yarn. Judging from this thread on Ravelry, and the emails I’ve been getting, they can totally see it glowing.