America’s Most Cutthroat Christmas Tree Market? Gotta Be Manhattan from the Atlantic Cities. Don’t know why but this article tickled me to bits.

The Deadly Fun ‘Sport’ of Russian Train Surfing from the Atlantic Cities. Don’t try this at home anywhere.

Do Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shooters? Actually, No. From Mother Jones.

Do Armed Citizens Stop Mass Shootings? A history of intervention attempts. From Slate. [Not editorializing here; just sharing what I’ve read this week.]

Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered from Wired. Amy and Maddie’s worst nightmare.

Commenting on a Death Gets a Puppet in Trouble from The New York Times. I’ll be honest; I haven’t even read this! But the headline made me giggle for days.

Good Name Is Restored in Terrain Known for Tea from The NY Times. This is brilliant!

Ancient Bones That Tell a Story of Compassion from The NY Times. Very interesting.

Prison Could Be Productive from The NY Times Room for Debate section. I really like these features that give all sides of an issue.

Holidays Without God from The NY Times Room for Debate section.

The Human Cost of Cheap Clothing from The NY Times Room for Debate section.

Snow Fall:The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek from The NY Times (via my friend Bill)

Facebook Responds to Anger Over Proposed Instagram Changes from The NY Times. Way to complain, y’all! It looks like it may have worked.

NOTES ON DISTRACTION from The New Yorker. I am totally guilty of this.

The Best Astronomy Images of 2012 from Slate. Not reading, strictly speaking, but you must see these.

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year from GOOD. Don’t know about you, but I needed this this week.

‘Zooborns’ Baby Animal Photos Are Adorable ‘By The Numbers’ from The Huffington Post

Why Has it Been 26 Years Since Time Magazine Named a Woman as Person of the Year? from GOOD. Um, yeah Time Magazine. Why IS that?!?

Alex Moulton, Creator of Quirky Small-Wheeled Bike, Dies at 92 from The NY Times.