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Twice a year- just before my birthday and Christmas- my friend Amy tells me that I am impossible to buy gifts for. This statement never fails to make me laugh because I make a list of things I want and post it on the internet about once a week. I  posit that I am actually the easiest person in the world to shop for.

Nevertheless, Amy inspired me to make a PSYWL specifically for people who are (allegedly) difficult to shop for. Just in case you know anyone (allegedly) like that.



Frye Dorado Riding $457. True story: two years ago, I bought a pair of Frye boots. A way less expensive pair than these. I spent an entire weekend taking them out of the box, trying them on and admiring them. I loved those boots! But I couldn’t keep them because I am just not the kind of person who spends two hundred dollars on boots. But oh Lord how I wish I was!

It would be fun to collect trophies and loving cups, particularly ones like this one that were won for something totally obscure. $40.

How sweet is this dress? And the best part is that it’s made of wool. And awesome. Just like everything else Ibex makes.

I can’t decide if these Twitter journals are cool or narcissistic. Maybe both?

Truffle Pig Chocolates! $7.50. (via Lynnette C.)

I am in love with Wooly Bison’s bags, but this one is particularly wonderful. $185.

This preppy, 100% wool felt laptop case makes me want to go back to school. $100.

Charming notebook. $12.

Lovely beehive note cards. $3.

Young James Herriot $24. The good news is that this one DVD contains the whole series. The bad news is that that the BBC only made three episodes. Which stinks because I in love with Young James Herriot and I miss him already.

I really, really, really hope Santa brings me a Baking Steel because I have always wanted to make restaurant quality pizza at home. $72.

If money were no object, I would love the Logos Decagon infinitely extendable modular tent system. You can configure it in lots of different ways and it would be so great for having friends stay over during our twice-yearly shearing weekends. Approximately $3500 for this configuration. (via my friend Lyn C.)

Okay, your turn. What’s the one thing on your Christmas list that you’d never buy for yourself?


  1. I would have a crazy-expensive pair of boots on my list – if I could find a pair (the ones you show don’t come in my size)! I’ll keep looking.

    Also, I saw a really cute bee hive on Pinterest yesterday. I’m not sure if decorating hives is acceptable, but this is really cute (and shockingly expensive)!

  2. A goat! To go with the hens I finally wore my SO down into letting me get in May!

  3. Signature needles–I have one pair of dpns, and now I don’t want to knit anything that doesn’t use 2.5 mm dpns ever again.

  4. I was whining about having to purchase new cookie sheets and not being able to find ones of good quality when I read an article about these: My husband bought them for me and they are wonderful!

  5. Sad to say I can’t think of anything… I tend to buy what I want. And I can tell you that I want to buy some of those beehive cards and after looking at Marybelle’s link and these cards, I feel so totally boring having only white hives!! and in answer to the question, it is totally acceptable to decorate your hives!! And in some circles, it is recommended. Okay, recommended that the hives in a row don’t look exactly alike, otherwise, the bees could go to the wrong hive. Hey, I am just reporting what I have heard. As previously stated, all my hives are white. And all my bees apparently get along with their neighbors when they drop in unexpectedly… but they bring goodies! nectar and/or pollen… haha

  6. Some Qiviut yarn to weave a scarf, at upwards of $40 an ounce for fiber and $83 for an ounce of lace weight yarn probably not gonna happen.

  7. A flock of sheep! We always had a black one and a white one when I was growing up, but I don’t have room where I live now. Still, I’d try, but I have cranky neighbors.

  8. I bookmarked that SAME laptop case this week!!!!! AAH! I feel really cool :) It’s so cheerful and yellow!

  9. *LIKE*

    wow those ibex products are beautiful
    win lottery (oops don’t play it) — watch for sales (could happen!)

    baking steel makes me want to like pizza more than i do but there’s nothing like a nice crispy thin crust. nom nom!

    those boots are magnificent. i wonder if they’re made in the usa or…not.
    …whatever happened to the fine art of handmade shoes?
    something i’ve really wanted to experience some time.

    here’s to a merry, loving christmas and healthy happy new year.
    spin, cook, garden, write, crochet, go for what sparks your inner live wires.

    hugs, love and prayers for peace + harmony for all

  10. I have that Ibex dress & it is perfect (it’s my “good” dress, but I should wear it more, right? Life is too short to keep your good stuff in the closet). I had a pair of Frye boots in/after college (they must have cost much less then). I used to wear them a lot, but for some reason I gave them away when I moved one time. I’ve kicked myself for that a time or two over the years–they still make the same style, but now they cost $327.95!!! (just checked it on Amazon). Yikes.

  11. Id love a yurt. I also covet all the fine bags and satchels you post to tempt us. I also need some brilliantly made fabric scissors but probably would never buy them for myself.

  12. Nordstrom has a pair of pj’s–flannel with giraffes –that are just too expensive when I don’t really need more pajamas. Yesterday my bf presented them to me for christmas. You have to understand how much I like pajamas and warm things to know how excited I was.

  13. I have this woodpecker door knocker on my wishlist.
    We rent our apartment, so we couldn’t even put it up, but it’s so cute!

  14. I would like one day to stay home from work, where I truly wouldn’t feel guilty about it and then try to make up for it by doing tons of errand and otherwise justifying the day off.

  15. heres something probably you would like

  16. I would like to point out that the Ibex dress is called “The Amy Dress”.

  17. These:

    Or if my feet were just a little bit bigger, any of these (scroll down):

    I’d buy the smokejumper boots for myself, because White’s are the best work boots ever. My Wyoming Arapahoe cowboy BIL swears by White’s packers.

    The dress boots are harder to justify.

  18. Buy the boots. Keep the boots. Love that you will look rockin’ in said boots, which is worth the money, if only because it is something you never do. Two months from now, you’ll never remember what you spent the money on instead of the boots.

  19. I totally agree with Lisa. I did something similar one time. I did feel guilty for a couple of weeks. Then the item was part of who I was and I was delighted every time I wore it. I was like a magic boost for me, because every time I put it on someone told me I looked great or asked me what I had done that was different. Honestly, it was worth it.

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