Back in November, I announced that I would be donating all of the money we earned through our Amazon affiliate links to Heifer International, one of my favorite charitable organizations. My heart is near bursting as I tell you that, through your support, we earned nearly $300, enough money to purchase two sheep and three flocks of chickens for families in need.

How you all inspire me! In fact, you’ve inspired me to commit to donating everything we make next year through Amazon’s affiliate program. Imagine the number of sheep we can give in a year!

Thank you. Thank you for all your support in what was an amazing year for the farm, and a very trying one for me personally. Thank you for joining our Yarn and Fiber CSA, and for your overwhelming support for our new project, The Shepherd and The Shearer. Thank you for helping us launch BY HAND Magazine. Thank you for making our commercial lines so successful, and for rewarding the local yarn shops who carry them with your business.

Thank you for your patience and all the kind words, the get well cards I’ve received in the mail, and all the “you can do it!” emails.

When people ask me how I get so much done, my answer is always the same. I have an ever-growing family of supporters who believe in me. You all make me believe I can do anything. 

Thank you for believing and for being a part of something that has become so much more than just a sheep farm.