Good Day, Sunshine!

If you were ever thinking about moving to Texas, do it in December. The weather is positively GLORIOUS here- sunny and 70 degrees. Like California weather.

What more could anyone ask for?

Wait, you want more?!?


How about a picture of a goose eating pumpkin?

Done and done. I’m a big believer in giving the people what they want.

I do need to ask you for a favor today. I need you to cut yourself some slack. I need you to accept compliments with just a “thank you” and not a list of excuses for why you don’t deserve them. I need you to hush the judge-y, mean-girl voice in your head. Today, I need you to treat yourself the way you treat your very best friend.

If you’re having trouble, just think of the goose eating pumpkin. It will hereafter be our symbol for treating ourselves with kindness!

Can you do this for me, please? Can you try? And can you pass that request along to all the people you care about?

I would be most grateful.


  1. Will do, my dear. I’m going to start by taking a nap and skipping my daily run. For some odd reason I was up at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I am a tired girl. I will not feel like a failure for breaking my streak.

  2. I’m very bad at taking compliments. It drives my husband bonkers. I’ll try. That’s all anyone can ask for and all anyone can give.

  3. Judy aka lamazeteacher

    December 4, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Your words make the sun shine brighter in places it’s already shining and make the cloudy day up in Boston look as if the sun is out! What a wonderful favor to ask of us. Heal, heal, heal and get back to JMF.

  4. This is a wonderful idea.

    And you should make sure that YOU are doing the same thing for your own self. Because you are awesome too!

  5. Your timing in such posts is always strangely spooky! X

  6. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I always try to be extra mindful and patient towards others this time of year. Working in retail I see and hear everything. I try not to let it bother me when complete strangers act rude, insensitive and literally insane during this time of year towards me and my co-workers. I know it’s the extra stuff people feel they need to get done during the holidays, creates the angst. I stand back take a deep breath, feel grateful for my life, health and family and friends. And be glad I don’t have them as my neighbor. Happy Holidays Susie! Feel better sooooon!

  7. Thank you so much! I needed (and didn’t realize I needed) to read this today. So much so that it made me cry. In a really good way. I have some serious health issues, too, and often feel guilty for “giving in” and taking some time out. I don’t have time to do this today, but I’m going to anyway. 😉 Also, it’s 53 degrees here in CA today, and the clouds are rollin’ in – Woo-hoo! Winter weather! Thanks again, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. is all about pampering your self in the month of December. it’s the habit she wants us to practice all month long!! I, too, am bad about this sort of thing. I don’t have time, or so I tell myself. And I will also try just to say “thank you” if any compliments come my way and to say ‘you are welcome’ when someone thanks me for doing something for them. (as opposed to saying something like “It’s nothing” becuase it is!) Thanks for the post!

  9. This is the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.
    How did you know I needed to hear these words. I need to print it and hang it on my fridge. Thank you for the blessing. I hope you’ve done the same for yourself

  10. Ohhh this is just the day to have that request made of me. I don’t know if I can, life has been impossible lately, but I will try my best.

  11. This I needed today! Thank you for being YOU!! I don’t think I have ever meet a more compassionate person than you.

    I will make everyday A Goose Eating a Pumpkin day and pray that you will also.

    Love you!

  12. Thanks, you’re right…done.

  13. No problem. Remember to say ” you are welcome” and not “uh-huh” when someone says” Thank you.” I hope you are feeling better.

  14. Thank you for this post :)

  15. I think we should make this photo into a tee shirt. No caption or anything. Waer it with pride, and when people ask, “What’s that?” we’ll all be able to answer, “why, a reminder to be kinder to yourself, and to answer compliments with “thank you” and not excuses!” What a way to get the word out – who could forget a photo of a goose eating pumpkin?

  16. Well, I typically spend more time with my animals than with people…[hummm], so, I’ll accept ALL their sweetness & tail-wagging as the best compliments ever! :)

  17. Seriously, I couldn’t agree more….what was it Julia Child said? …. oh right “never apologize”. Have a wonderful, sun-shiny day :)

  18. Susan – I’ll buy one!

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