If you were ever thinking about moving to Texas, do it in December. The weather is positively GLORIOUS here- sunny and 70 degrees. Like California weather.

What more could anyone ask for?

Wait, you want more?!?


How about a picture of a goose eating pumpkin?

Done and done. I’m a big believer in giving the people what they want.

I do need to ask you for a favor today. I need you to cut yourself some slack. I need you to accept compliments with just a “thank you” and not a list of excuses for why you don’t deserve them. I need you to hush the judge-y, mean-girl voice in your head. Today, I need you to treat yourself the way you treat your very best friend.

If you’re having trouble, just think of the goose eating pumpkin. It will hereafter be our symbol for treating ourselves with kindness!

Can you do this for me, please? Can you try? And can you pass that request along to all the people you care about?

I would be most grateful.