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I had planned today’s post for this blog as well as one for the BY HAND blog, but then I went to doctor’s office and got my first round of injections for the myriad of autoimmune diseases I’ve been carting around, and the rest of the day kind of fell apart. Right now, I feel like I fell out of the┬ánausea tree and hit every branch on my way down.

While I sip on flat ginger ale and wish for death, y’all should head over to my friend Joel’s blog. He just got back from a photography trip to Africa. Joel’s photos are amazing when he’s just hanging out in his backyard, so you know he’s going to have amazing stuff from Africa.

Be sure to keep checking back in on his blog, ’cause he is adding new pictures from his trip every day.



  1. hope they gave you fair warning!! And thanks for reminding me about Joel. he is amazing with that camera! Feel better and hope it gets better as the tx goes on!

  2. gorgeous pics

    sending u big hugs and lots of love
    i hope you will feel well VERY soon


  3. Did they give you Zofran or another anti nausea? Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Feel better soon. I second the zofran.

  5. Melissa (SheCrochets)

    December 26, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    As others have said, I hope you feel better soon. In the long run, I hope the treatment accomplishes what it’s supposed to.

  6. Oh Susan, I hope you start feeling better very very soon. I will continue to send positive vibes towards your way. ((Hugs))

  7. Thank you Susan! You’re the best, love you!

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