What’s the most embarrassing thing on your iPod?

I’ll be putting up a real post later, when I’m back from the doctor’s office this afternoon, but in the meantime, I’m curious. What’s the most embarrassing song or album on your iPod?

I ask because I just accidentally hit the spacebar on my MacBook, FILLING the coffee house I’m sitting in with the dulcet sounds of Fernando by ABBA. Don’t get me wrong- Fernando is absolutely the best song about the Mexican revolution written by a 1970s Swedish pop band. I will stand by that.

But it was still a little mortifying.

I will also cop to having an entire Barry Manilow playlist, and a whole lot of 90s music.

How about you? True confession time.


  1. I was actually with Lotta Anderson (Jansdotter) and her friend from Sweden and had just gotten my new iPhone.. i kept accidentally playing music on it and would look around stupidly wondering where that music was coming from before sheepishly realizing it was from me.. so as we are leaving a nightclub and jumping into a cab, my phone starts playing Little River Band and apologize and then wonder aloud why it always ends up being something lame like LRB or Abba… Both of them yelled very loudly “ABBA is not lame” – lesson learned, do not insult the Swedes! lol

  2. The Leann Rimes songs from Coyote Ugly. In amongst all my hard rock, prog rock, and rock operas is a country singer singing “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.”

  3. I love Barry Manilow …. back in jr high I loved his music and it still picks me up today. Just have to be careful who I tell!!

  4. I’ve got some Hannah Montana that I run to. It’s got a good beat, what can I say?

  5. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day. I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve totally blocked out, but I’ll confess that I have the Rembrandts original album, the one with the Friends TV theme show. Pretty awful.

    What I hate to think about is the even worse stuff that would sneak up on me if I put my whole library on shuffle. Yikes.

  6. I too am a Barry Manilow fan. But I think I have music from every genre except RAP in various playlists, including a whole list of children’s songs that I was using for some music classes for Kindergarten a few years back. That might be embarrassing if that started playing in the middle of a coffee house :)

  7. Pretty much every Backstreet Boys, ‘Nsync, and Britney Spears song ever recorded. I graduated from high school in 2003, so it’s not super shocking, but the fact that I still break out in song when I hear any of them makes in a little more embarrasing!

  8. We Built This City by Jefferson Starship. Oh. My. God.

  9. Probably the Birdie Song from when I used to use my ipod for kids parties – really need to edit some of the stuff on there…..

    my kids are now in their 20’s 😉

  10. It’s raining men. I know it’s cheesy but I think it’s funny.

  11. We Are Who We Are by Ke$ha… I always get strange looks when I play in public… I just say, hey what’s wrong with Ke$ha?

  12. Ricky Martin, La Vida Loca. It peps me up when I’ve been driving for hours.

  13. sadly, it’s Luther. His voice has always moved me. Something else has recently moved me beyond measure – your HERRIOT. I wrote about it on my blog over the weekend – I am a follower!! (blows) lol

  14. The Isley Brothers and Chaka Khan from the 80’s. I love those songs with a good beat and a good story!!

  15. Probably one of the worst on my iPod would have to be Loggins’ & Messina’s “The House at Pooh Corner”, a song my five year old loves, but that I must admit to having put on my playlist long before he was even a twinkle in my eye!

  16. it’s not what is on my iPod that is embarassing, it’s when I plug it into my computer and you see how often I have listened to “Believe” by Sol Driven Train. I can’t help it if it’s at the begining of the album (by the same name) and I frequently only get to listen to part of it and when I go back, I start at the beginning!! Of course, this is the group, when I saw them a few weeks back, I told the lead singer that if I was younger, I would be a groupie for the band!!

  17. As a 42-year-old former Goth girl who STILL listens to lots of Bauhaus, it is extremely difficult for me to admit this, but once in a while (always alone in my car) I need a good dose of…. George Michael’s Freedom. There. I’ve said it. No judging please.

  18. The Partridge Family! I was a big David Cassidy fan back in the 1970s. Every now and then, I need to hear a little cheese-pop when I’m in a nostalgic mood.

  19. Neil Diamond. Oh, and the Beach Boys, although I’m not really embarassed about them. “Help Me Rhonda” was my son’s favorite song as a toddler–he sang it all the time, much to the delight of passers by.

  20. Hmm, I may be a poor judge of what’s the most embarrassing, and I’ll certainly date myself…but here are a few random selections that might qualify:
    Play that funky music by Wild Cherry
    Sad Songs Say So Much by Elton John
    The Carpenters Christmas album
    The Christopher Cross album by Christopher Cross
    Previously I might have listed John Denver but since Amber is a fan he must totally be cool
    Zombie Jamboree by Rockapella
    the Freeze Frame album by the J. Geils Band
    Allll the Glee
    the Make it Big album by Wham

    and possibly most embarrassing, I saw the sign by Ace of Base

  21. not only do i have a sizeable collection of barry manilow albums on my ipod but i also have the cover version of ‘could it be magic?’ by that 90’s boy band take that.

    i can’t believe i just confessed that for the whole internet to see. i think i win.

  22. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham! I am a sucker for ’80’s music these days. There’s been a lot of time spent in ’80’s dance parties around my kitchen lately. Our most recent playlist has included a lot of Run DMC.

  23. Well, I don’t even have an ipod. Technically I do own one, but I can’t figure out how to get anything on it. So, I think that is probably the most embarassing/pathetic :)

    I’m hoping cell service will come soon and I can just get an iPhone and figure it all out at once.

  24. I’m not really embarrassed by it, but I have two albums of Irish folk music by Mary O’Hara, and I listen to them year round.

  25. Chickadeeworkshop

    November 26, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Pit Bull’s hip hop of “I know you want me, you know I wantcha.” I’m 61. Not only would I be embarrassed if it started playing loudly in public, but if my very uptight 70 yr old husband was with me, he suddenly would NOT be within 20 ft. of me. What can I say??? I like dance music when I clean or bake.

  26. Ray Stevens I love his silliness. The scary thing is I will walk around doing his song with facial expressions and voices forgetting I may be around total strangers.

  27. On the advice of counsel, I invoke my fifth amendment rights against self incrimination and respectfully decline to answer.

    (Oh, alright. The worst is probably New Edition. But I suppose it’s a matter of opinion. Thank god I haven’t digitized all my CDs yet.)

  28. Oh my gosh, what half of you think is “embarrassing” I’d call CLASSIC!!!

    You people know nothing about embarrassing. You should be ashamed of your good taste.

    (Except, of course, for Muffin and her Take That. We’ll talk later, girlfriend.)

  29. I’m with Jellenp … all CLASSICS, and nothing to be embarrassed about, including Take That.

    I worked in a music store for about 8 years over the late 90s/early 2000s, and proudly collected all my 8os music on CD (’cause they were my formative years). My iPhone 80s playlist alone has over 500 songs. I got the Legend movie soundtrack on there, ya’ll.

    NO SHAME!!!

  30. Melissa (SheCrochets)

    November 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    The entire “Evening with John Denver” may have found its way onto my playlist recently. But I’m not embarrassed about that. Then again, the only ones who know it’s there are me & my daughter.

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