The Quiet Rise of the Much-Maligned Condo from The Atlantic Cities.

Inside Fast Food Workers’ Historic Fight for Living Wages from The Atlantic Cities.

100 Notable Books of 2012 from The New York Times.

Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality? from the NY Times.

The Hard Life of an N.F.L. Long Shot from The NY Times.

 The Hazards of Growing Up Painlessly from The NY Times Magazine.

The Big Shrink from the NY Times. I love this article about downsizing homes.

Could Cameras Be the Best Weapon Against Climate Change? from GOOD.

Labor, Interrupted: Cesareans, “cascading interventions,” and finding a sense of balance. From Harvard Magazine.

The Man Who Charged Himself With Murder from New York Magazine. “In the fall of 1993, Trevell Coleman, a former rapper part of Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy crew, shot a man and fled. Haunted by the incident, Coleman turns himself in to the police nearly two decades later.”

What are you reading this week?