Weekend Reading

The Cost, in Dollars, of Raising a Child from The New York Times. FYI: It’s staggering.

Smoking Out Chimney Problems From The NY Times.

The Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your House from LifeHacker.

Escaping the Shadow of Pompeii from The NY Times.

US woman ‘runs over husband for not voting’ from 9 News. And the follow-up: Daniel Solomon, Man Allegedly Run Over For Not Voting Against Obama, May Be Permanently Disfigured from The Huffington Post.

John McAfee Denies Killing Neighbor, Goes Into Hiding From Belize Police from The Huffington Post. Have you be following this story? Cause it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

A Diary of Camping in New York City from The Atlantic Cities.

The 15 Best Cities For Female Entrepreneurs from Forbes.

Mexico: Risking Life for Truth from The New York Review of Books.

The Man Who Smelled Too Muchfrom LA Weekly. “William Nowell got a windfall and got off the streets. The only problem were his neighbors — and his foul odor.”

The tale of the Smithfield boy, the goat and the tree from the Desert News.

9-Year-Old Boy Steals Nearly $4,000 From Parents To Buy Candy from The Huffington Post.

What’s the best thing you read this week?



  1. Hooray! Weekend Reading! My morning can now be officially hijacked!!! :-)

  2. Always love reading these! I found the first article sad and funny, though. Oh no! We don’t even make enough to raise one child, let alone 3! How many people are going to make that much money during the life of their children? No one I know does, and most are on no forms of government assistance.

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