‘Drunk Nate Silver’ Sweeps Twitter: Prognosticator Goes Mad With Power from the Huffington Post. Made me laugh until I cried.

Taking a Closer Look at an Odd Pair of Very, Very Old Socks from Threaded, a Smithsonian blog. (Via my friend Vicki. Thanks, Vicki!)

The Food Lab’s Complete Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving, 2012 Edition from Serious Eats.

Is Lying on Twitter a Crime? from the Wall Street Journal.

Why knitting is the new rock’n’roll from The Telegraph.

Can America Embrace Biking the Way Denmark Has? from Slate.

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Password from LifeHacker. Not that I endorse such behavior.

Cross-Court Winner from Slate. Really, really good.

The Heart of the Jack-o’-Lantern from the NY Times. Four ways to cook a pumpkin.

Forest debate out of balance: forest owner from ABC Rural. This article is about Peter Downie, the man who created the Cormo breed of sheep.

The Garbo of Fashion from the NY Times.

Revisiting a Famous Meal, Soup to Nuts: Ross King’s ‘Leonardo and “The Last Supper” ’ from the NY Times.

Date an Entrepreneur from the Knowit blog.

Letitia Baldrige, Etiquette Maven, Is Dead at 86 from the NY Times. This is my Obit of the Week!

40 Things To Say Before You Die from Forbes. Print this out and hang it over your desk!

Stargazing in the Elevator from the NY Times. How to talk to celebrities in elevators.

Murder of an Idealist from GQ. “For six hours on September 11, the American compounds in Benghazi, Libya, stood siege. When the attack was over, J. Christopher Stevens’s body was pulled from the wreckage—the first U.S. ambassador killed by militants in over thirty years. Since then, his death has been politicized and the details of the attack distorted. Sean Flynn straightens out the story of Stevens’s last days in Libya—and reveals the true believer we lost that day.”

This Land Is My Land from Atlanta Magazine. “In the high country of North Georgia, an old bootlegger and a gun merchant feuded for years over a quarter-mile property line. It ended in the worst possible way.”

How Do You Raise a Prodigy? from the New York Times.

What are you reading this weekend?