We had five intrepid Shepherding Campers this year. They were complete novices, but game for anything, and they learned so much this weekend. They will leave here today knowing how to catch a sheep, trim a hoof, and  give oral medicines. They understand why fencing is the most expensive part of starting a farm, and the kind of work that goes into installing a fence that will keep sheep and goats in and predators out.  [Thanks to Amy and Paul for letting us work on your new fence on Saturday!] \

The thing I always want Shepherding Campers to leave here with is a realistic view of what it takes to raise sheep for wool, the kind of work they can expect to do, the time commitments and the toll it can take on your heart. I also want them to understand what a rewarding life caring for these creatures can be, how gentle the sheep are, how funny (and vexing) the goats can be.

This was a great group of campers. I can assuredly say that Ellen, Dave, Shelly, Alyson and Amy will all make great shepherds, if they decided to go ahead with their plans.