Pumpkins and the Pigs Who Love Them

Doesn’t Charley have the most adorable ears in the universe?

Leg wrinkles!





  1. I gave our pumpkin innards to the chickens–they love butternut & delicata squash, but turned up their spoiled little noses at the pumpkin (after picking out the seeds). What gives?

  2. Charlie is adorable. Our baby, Wilfred, didn’t like pumpkin at all.

  3. Ah Universe, why is it that Charley’s leg wrinkles are so cute, and mine…not so much?

  4. Very very adorable. Looks like he could be a Wyeth painting!

  5. Those ears are the cutest in the whole wide universe!

  6. Yes! Charlie is super adorable! There should be a ‘Hug a Pig Day’ just as there is a ‘Hug a Sheep Day’! (Perhaps there is and i am just unaware?) :) Anyway, huge hugs to charming Charlie.

  7. I’ve looked at this post several times and it still cracks me up.
    Thank you for that!

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