UPDATE: It’s here!

Spots in The Shepherd and The Shearer are now available! Thank you so much for your overwhelming support of this project. The response has been fantastic!

We had a little hiccup with the shop software but should be back on track now. Sorry about that. You may need to refresh your page when in the shop but it should work.


  1. Can’t wait to buy it, but check out’s not working because the size selection isn’t working.

  2. Seems to be an error on the order pg. I can choose a gender, but the size button is not highlighted and will not allow me to use it. Anyone else having this issue???

  3. Yeah! I’ve got mine (couldn’t wait for Santa). Can’t wait to watch this unfold over the next 10 months.

  4. Okay, got the order through fine, the important thing, but the size and gender buttons are now missing entirely, so I did not enter one…..just put it through. Figured that would be easy to correct, rather than miss the opportunity to purchase! Very excited!

  5. I got mine (ordered) too!! Had some issues w/ paypal and trying to return to complete my order, when I went back to the check out page, the image was too large for my computer and I couldn’t get to the check out button. Solution – DO OVER and now I have an order number!!! Looking forward to watching my yarn and book come about… How many fleece will this involve? And I am definately interested in ordering the yarn for a second sweater if that comes about, just so ya know!! Thanks! (I am sure we will not know all the names of all the sheep who contribute their fleeces but if we did, we could all name our sweaters after one of the sheep!! haha)

  6. Just put through my order. I am thrilled at the idea behind this project and look forward to following its progress through the next months.

  7. Got mine! Yippee! No glitches for me, after JMF website finished hiccupping. This will be fascinating from start to finish — can’t wait. :) I’m sure the blog will keep us posted as things progress. What a fun project & a GREAT idea all around.

  8. Have placed my order! This project may be well beyond my skill level (though I’ll be practicing till September), so I’m looking forward to the Ravelry group. Kudos to the shepherds, shearers, and designers for putting this project together.

  9. Got my order placed!

  10. The “pin it” button on this page only brings up photos of the By Hand issue and the Juniper Moon Farm tote bag. As I’m reluctant to pin things that don’t have the “pin it” button attached, may I recommend that you put a “pin it” button with the Shepherd and Shearers logo (I’d pick the Charlie’s Angels logo) and the picture of you in your sweater?

  11. I ordered mine yesterday through Paypal. There was no mention of size or anything else. Did I miss something or will we fill in this information later?

    • Susan

      November 22, 2012 at 9:41 am

      Elaine, once we have the patterns in hand, we’ll be able to be more specific on sizing. We’ll send out an email.

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