HOORAY for Half Shares!


We are celebrating the shipping of the 2012 Cormo CSA Shares with very important announcement! Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, we are bringing back Half Shares in our  crazy popular Yarn and Fiber CSAs.

I have received dozens and dozens of emails from former CSA shareholders asking us to bring back the half share option and I’m finally caving. We are offering Half Share in our Colored Flock CSA for the first time ever, as well as bringing back the Half Share for our All Cormo CSA.

For general information about the Juniper Moon Yarn and Fiber CSAs, click here.

In addition to half shares, we are bringing back the Juniper Moon “Year at the Farm” Sock Club. Last year’s Sock Club was a big hit! We’re adding only four spots this year, to keep things manageable, so there are only 20 spaces available total.

And, while they last, the first 40 orders we received for CSA Shares or Sock Club memberships will receive a free 2013 Juniper Moon Farm Calendar! (I may have, um, over-ordered calendars this year.)





  1. Woooohoooo!!

  2. Folks, those Calendars are so worth it!! The quality of the printing is right in line with the quality of the photos and you know how good they are!! I have a standing order for 3 every year and these are for folks who don’t even follow this blog!! Better grab ’em while you can!!

  3. Can I ask a related question? Did October sock club ship? I know it’s the last one I’m due to receive and also being very far away things take a while to reach me!

    • Susan

      November 5, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      Hi Fiona. It did! In fact, I remember shipping yours specifically, so you should receive it any time now.


  4. This is totally awesome and exciting news!

    I wonder, are there photos anywhere of the colourways for last year’s JMFF Year at the Farm Sock Club? I know of course the colours are different every year, and won’t be repeated. But, I’d love to see what everyone got last year!

    • Susan

      November 5, 2012 at 10:45 pm

      Sarah, you are way smarter than we were! We never took pics of the monthly color ways, but maybe a member did?

  5. Sarah, I found all my sock club skeins last night while doing some general cleaning and organizing. I’ll try to remember to take some photos this week.

  6. I have all my sock club skeins and am happy to snap a photo if you still need one!

  7. Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for them! Purely out of curiosity 😉

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