Homesick, in Pictures

I don’t think I’ve ever been away from the farm for this long, and, even though I know it’s a necessary evil, I am quite lonesome for my animals, my barn, and my own bed.

I am feeling pretty terrible today. It’s almost as if my immune system got the memo that I’m starting treatment next week and is trying to kill me before then. Mostly I’m just weak and tired, but looking at these old pictures of the farm made me feel a little better. It’s amazing how healing lambs can be.


  1. Your farm looks so peaceful, so healing. I’d like to see it someday……..Not having a great day myself, so know you are in good company and not alone in your journey to health. Nurture yourself, give yourself permission to feel blah today, and know better days are ahead. Be well……

  2. Awe very cute pictures! I hope all goes well with the start of your treatments! I know you must miss your animal babies!

    The pics cheered me up – home with a very sore back…. So thanks for sharing some cheer!

  3. I hope you get to go home soon. I would be missing that like crazy too.

  4. Just wanted to send a little “auto-immune problems are the pits” solidarity your way. I’ve got a whole host of auto-immune stuff going on, and am currently laid low by a heretofore asymptomatic case of ulcerative colitis. Like you, I could happily go my entire life without discussing my colon and its habits with another living soul, but now it’s the hot topic. I wish I had some great advice or words of wisdom to help you through these tough days, but all I’ve got is sincere sympathy and hopes for lots of better days ahead for the both of us and everyone else hoeing this tough row.

  5. heal and heal. take care~

  6. EVERYthing’s better with your farm pictures, Susan.

    beaming u loads of love
    and all good stuff

  7. Maureen J (mljan)

    November 28, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    You have a whole giant flock of people here, in addition to your flock of animals who are wishing their shepherdess well and home. I’m betting that you’re at the bottom of this process and the rest of the way is up toward remission, strength and health. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping the best results from the tests and treatment next week.

  8. Yes, the farm has amazing healing powers. Why do you think so many of us are here every day for a short respite from life? Sorry you’re so far from the place you love so much, but glad to know you are feeling what we feel every time we stop by the blog. Take care my friend, sending cosmic goodness your way.

  9. I agree. Smiles abound from cute lambie pics!

  10. While you don’t know me, your website has always been an inspiration to me. I love the work you do and the animals you harbor and all the products your produce. Coming from a similar broadcasting background, I’m more than slightly envious of your life on the farm. Please hang in there and get well soon. You mean so much, not only to your farm, but to all of us who care about you and the farm, who silently watch and send our hearts full of joy & hope.

  11. Susie–Sorry to think of you sick and so far from home! I hope that the treatments work and that you’ll soon be back in the pink. And back at the farm. I hope to come back someday; we enjoyed our time there in March immensely.

  12. We’ve never met, but I visit you and your farm every morning with my coffee. I love what you’re doing on the farm and wish you the very best in health and happiness. My husband’s brother went through chemo and the total destruction of his bone marrow and immune system in the past year – very, very hard on him. He is now in total remission, happy, healthy, and back at work. Hang in there – medicinal science is amazing!! Sending you good thoughts and prayers!

  13. I’m apparently in remission, but I have very strong memories of weak and tired months earlier this year. My hemoglobin and iron levels were partly the cause; having a blood transfusion (2 units) and taking megadoses of iron ultimately helped. (And taking biotin along with the iron helped with the hair loss, which lifted my spirits considerably.) Sounds like you’re doing exactly what you should: identifying the problem and finding what your body needs to heal itself. It’s hard to be in the middle of that process; being persistent and optimistic isn’t easy when you’re so darn tired. Reading your blog always lifted my spirits — being in the “presence” of sheep is very calming and reassuring (even if you’re not a shepherd), so I absolutely agree that lambs have healing powers. I wish you a short road to better health.

  14. Our synagogue has a “messengers of peace” healing chant circle on the last Thursday–I’m putting your name in tonight if it’s OK w/you. Can’t hurt, right? I hope the time goes quickly until you can start your treatment & start feeling well again.

    • Susan

      November 29, 2012 at 2:35 pm

      Linda, it absolutely couldn’t hurt and I am very touched that you would think of me. Thank you.

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